M id A tlantic Real Estate Journal — Owners, Developers & Managers — Industry Leaders — December 23, 2016 - January 12, 2017 — 3B I ndustry L eaders By Bob Kilroy, Jewel Electric Supply Co. A New Years resolution, benefiting you and the environment


anuary is a time of new beginnings, a time when we set new personal goals as well as new business goals. Why n o t m a k e Green a com- mo n g o a l ? Resolve that this year you will make an effort to save energy both in your personal and business life. Upgrading your lighting to LED’s can be an easy way of filling your New Year’s reso- lution to save energy and be Greener. LED’s available in a variety of styles, shapes and colors have many benefits to both you and the environment. LEDs are light emitting diodes that give off far more light per unit of electricity than the traditional fluores- cent or incandescent lamps. Isn’t it time for your business to make the move? •LED lamps are more efficient LEDs operate much more ef- ficiently consuming far less en- ergy than that of the incandes- cent and compact fluorescent style lamps. LEDs save up to 70% of the energy cost over the incandescent lamp which uses most of its consumed energy to produce heat. •LED lights last longer LED lights are reaching new highs. Not so long ago it was typical to see LEDs with a lifespan of thirty to fifty thousand hours. Today we are seeing some products achieving up to one hundred thousand hours. Compare that to average rated life of the incandescent lamp of two thousand hours or its succes- sor, the compact fluorescent which had a rated life of ten thousand hours. When considering replace- ment cost you must consider the number of replacement lamps necessary to achieve the life hour rating of the LED; at least five (5) compact fluo- rescents or twenty-five (25) incandescent for each LED. •LED lamps are easily controlled Because LEDs are instant on and off and there is no warm up time, the LED product line is user friendly with controls ranging from dimmers, dim- ming systems, motion controls and an vast array of day-light harvesting devices. The use of lighting controls enhances J Bob Kilroy

the energy savings by adding as much as an additional fifty (50) to seventy-five (75) per- cent savings on utility cost to their bottom line. •LED light bulbs operate quieter and cooler Incandescent lights produce more heat than they do light and the compact fluorescents while producing less heat are often associated with annoy- ing ballast hum. LEDs burn cooler and operate in silence, requiring less air-conditioning and creating a more pleasing environment. •LED bulbs are more adaptable

LEDs can be adapted to the space, directing the light to the area it is required. In fact what was once a weakness; pin- pointing the light beam is now one of its strengths. LEDs can be used to increase the amount of light in a space, accent an area by highlighting the color pallet or just maintain the sta- tus quo while saving energy. •LEDs allow for a variety of colors LED lighting is not limited to one shade of light or one color like the incandescent was. LEDs produce light in a wide color spectrum by simply changing the semi-

conductor materials being used. Different colors can be achieved and are measured in Kelvin degrees ranging from the warm (3000K) to the cool white (6000K). •Ease of replacement Because LEDs are available in a large variety of shapes, styles and colors it makes re- placing the existing style and color of lighting almost seam- less. Often these replacements produce a better and more ef- ficient light source, noticeable more on the utility bill than to the eye. •LEDs are environmen- tally friendly

Because LEDs can save up to 70% of a company’s energy they accordingly reduce the company carbon footprint. A large portion of disposal cost are eliminated, hazardous ma- terials created by the mercury content of the CFLs are no longer being sent to landfills and less resources to gener- ate power are consumed; all of which is good for the business and the environment. •LEDs have a future With LED quality improv- ing, prices for LEDs dropping and the National Energy Act encouraging and incentivizing continued on page 14B

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