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SOMETHING WONDERFUL WANDSWORTH Your ceremony will be one of the most notable and special occasions in your life. Choosing the perfect venue for your special day will be an important decision and we are delighted that you are considering choosing to host your Something Wonderful with us at the Wandsworth Registration Service. The London Borough of Wandsworth boasts a wide collection of iconic venues. The historic Grade II listed Wandsworth Town Hall is known for its original art deco with the iconic Grand Marble Hall and staircase having been featured in a number of films and tv shows. With a choice of five ceremony rooms of differing sizes and styles there really is something for everyone. We are specialists in providing a variety of ceremonies including; • Marriage & Civil Partnership Ceremonies • Naming & Renaming Ceremonies • Renewal of Vows Ceremonies • Commitment Ceremonies • Civil Partnership to Marriage Conversion Ceremonies • Private and Group Citizenship Ceremonies

Our role is to support you as you start the process of planning your special day. This guide was created with you in mind - you will find everything you need to arrange a ceremony ensuring your day is truly one to remember. The team at Wandsworth Register Office wish you all the very best on your special day. We look forward to supporting you in creating your #somethingwonderfulwandsworth.

Follow us on Instagram @somethingwonderfulwandsworth remember to share your journey with us using #somethingwonderfulwandsworth If you require further information, please visit us at Wandsworth Register Office or telephone us on 020 8871 6120. Alternatively, you can also find information on our website at www.wandsworth.gov.uk/weddings or email us at registeroffice@wandsworth.gov.uk

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Same-sex couples can get married in a religious building if it has been registered for the marriage of same-sex couples. An authorised person, such as a religious minister, must attend the ceremony and sign the ‘marriage schedule’ or ‘marriage document’. What is a Civil Partnership? A civil partnership is a ceremony performed by a civil partnership registrar – the partnership is formed through the signing of a civil partnership schedule, whilst there is no legal requirement for declaratory vows to be made, we can curate your ceremony to give you an opportunity to create that wonderful moment with your own personal vows where requested. The Three Steps Whether you dream of a more intimate ceremony with your closest friends and family or a grand affair in an exclusive hire venue; perhaps you are still deciding between a civil marriage or partnership – wherever stage you are in your journey, please remember there are three important steps to arranging your Something Wonderful in Wandsworth. 1. Choose and book your venue 2. Book registrars to conduct your ceremony 3. Book and give notice of intention to marry or form a civil partnership You may choose to formally pledge your love and commitment to one another with an elaborate celebration or a more traditional-style ceremony with readings, live music or personal vows. Perhaps your Something Wonderful Wandsworth is an intimate and personalised arrangement with just two witnesses. Whatever you have planned, we have a tailor-made ceremony pack to assist you.

MARRIAGES - Three Steps to Something Wonderful in Wandsworth

You have finally told your friends and family, posted the perfect ring selfie, discussed the budget, picked the date and planned your engagement party. So, what’s next? Whether you choose to have 5 or 500 guests one of the most important decisions you will need to make for your special day is whether you will have a marriage or a civil partnership. What is a Marriage? A civil marriage is a non-religious ceremony performed by two registration officers – the marriage is legally contracted by verbally making declaratory vows in the presence of your witnesses. Whilst these vows are a legal requirement you do have the option to enhance your ceremony with the use of personal vows. A religious marriage can take place at any registered religious building.

Alexandra Room, Elizabeth Room



1. Choose and book your perfect venue No matter where you live you can have a civil ceremony in the London Borough of Wandsworth. We are proud to have a wide range of venues across the borough approved for ceremonies ranging from simple ceremonies to larger scale celebrations. Signings A signing is only available to couples entering into a civil partnership. The couple and their witnesses will meet a civil partnership registrar and sign the documents that form a civil partnership. There are no ceremonial aspects to this option. Simple Ceremonies A simple ceremony can be booked for both marriages and civil partnerships. They are generally held in The Elizabeth Room at the Town Hall but can be hosted in all of our ceremony spaces - including the Mayor’s Parlour. The couple and their two witnesses will meet a registrar who will guide them through a simple ceremony and oversee the signing of the document that records the marriage or civil partnership. Enhanced Ceremonies at Wandsworth Town Hall Wandsworth Town Hall is home to a collection of stunning ceremony rooms with original art deco features:

Ceremony at another venue Outside of the Town Hall - the dedicated ceremony space for Wandsworth Register Office - ceremonies can only be conducted at approved venues such as a licensed premises or a registered religious building. More information on this can be found at www.wandsworth.gov.uk/weddings. 2. Book Registrars to conduct your perfect ceremony For a marriage or civil partnership to be solemnised registrars must be in attendance. Where you have booked a civil partnership signing, a register office ceremony or a ceremony at the Town Hall, your registrar is booked as part of the package. For ceremonies taking place at other venues, you must book the venue in addition to the attendance of a registrar. Ceremony Bookings can be made in two ways. Visit our website to book a registrar to conduct your ceremony www.wandsworth.gov.uk/weddings Alternatively, call our customer service team 0208 871 6120. 3. Book and give notice of intention to marry or form a Civil Partnership Giving notice of intention to marry or form a civil partnership, is a legal preliminary that is required to take place in advance of your chosen ceremony date. All couples give notice in person at the appropriate Register Office for the legal notice to be completed. Notices are specific to a venue and are valid for 12 months from the date given. If you decide to change your venue, fresh notices will need to be taken and notice fees paid again.

You must give notice, a minimum of 28 days prior to your chosen ceremony date. Depending on your immigration status in the UK this may be increased to 70 days if referred to the Home Office. You must ensure that you give enough time between giving notice and the date of your ceremony to allow for any complications that may arise. We recommend that your notice appointment is set for a date no later than 3 - 6 months prior to your big day. To book your appointment to give notice to marry or form a civil partnership visit our website where you will also find more information on what documents you will need to provide. www.wandsworth.gov.uk/weddings Or call our customer service team 0208 871 6120. Documents to remember As with all legal events, you must produce evidence of your: • Full name • Nationality • Age • Previous civil or religious union • Proof of residential address • Change of name We are unable to accept photocopied or printed documentation. Please ensure that you attend your appointment with original documentation. Acceptable documents are listed on our website, or can be discussed when booking your appointment. Please note that we are unable to take notice in situations where we are presented with incorrect documentation.

• The Elizabeth Room; • The Victoria Room; • The Alexandra Room; • The Grand Chamber; • The Mayor’s Parlour.

At this venue we can offer a bespoke ceremony giving you an opportunity to personalise your big day. You can choose from various music to be played, readings to be included and personal vows you may want to exchange.




If you are planning a marriage in a religious building in the London Borough of Wandsworth you should seek their permission directly. For Church of England or Wales, you need to speak with the minister of religion in order to make arrangements and complete legal preliminaries, which will usually take the form of Banns. Depending on your legal status in the UK you may be advised to complete civil preliminaries together at your local register office . To marry in a church of another denomination such as Roman Catholic, Pentecostal or Methodist or in a licensed religious building such as a temple, synagogue, mosque or meeting house you will need to discuss booking arrangements with the priest or religious leader. In all the above cases you will need to give notice of marriage at your local register office. Some churches or religious buildings may not have an authorised person available to register your marriage – where this occurs please contact the Register Office in the district the ceremony is due to take place to arrange for a registrar to attend.

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ON THE DAY To ensure that your Something Wonderful in Wandsworth goes smoothly, here is a mini guide to what you can expect on the day. Don’t forget, your registrar will be on hand to answer any last minute questions you have! Perfect Timing Whether you are getting married or entering a civil partnership at the Town Hall or another venue in the borough, you and your partner must arrive no less than 20 minutes before your ceremony start time. The 20-minute window is set aside for your mandatory pre- ceremony interview with your registrars. Your guests should be encouraged to arrive no later than 15 minutes before the start of the ceremony. This ensures everyone has time to settle in and be ready for your entrance. It is important that you arrive in good time for your ceremony. The registrars will have other ceremonies to attend throughout the day and cannot allow the lateness of one to impact upon another. If you are delayed due to unforeseen circumstances, we will make every effort to accommodate your ceremony. Please ensure that you have read our ceremony terms and conditions. They can be found on our website www.wandsworth.gov.uk/weddings Pre-ceremony Interview Before your ceremony can begin you must have a pre-ceremony interview with your registrars. We need to confirm that the information you gave when giving notice is still current and correct. Providing your details have not changed since giving notice, you will

not need to bring any additional documents. The interview is done privately away from your guests. If you wish to not see each other before your ceremony we can interview you separately. Your Witnesses Choosing a witness for your big day can be as important as picking a best man or maid of honour but there are a few things you need to remember when deciding who has that honour: 1. You will need two witnesses to sign your marriage schedule and they must understand English 2. Your witness can be anyone you choose - a friend, family member or someone you have just met! Please note that it is your responsibility to arrange witnesses for your ceremony as we are unable to provide them for you. If either you or your partner requires an interpreter, that person must also act as one of your witnesses.

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Your Ceremony Before the big day you will be asked to complete a ceremony pack - giving you opportunity to curate your special day - we have included below a suggested order of service: • Entrance Welcome and Introduction (mandatory) • Reading (optional) • Declaratory Vows (mandatory) • Reading (optional) • Contracting Vows (mandatory) • Exchange of Rings and Promises (optional) • Reading (optional) • Signing your Schedule (mandatory) • Close of Ceremony (mandatory) Your Marriage or Civil Partnership Certificate Receiving a copy of their marriage or civil partnership certificate is something that many of our couples look forward to - not just as a memento but also proof of their big day! You are able to order additional certificates at the time of your booking. Any pre-ordered certificates will be ready for collection within 3-5 working days or alternatively posted to an address of your choice. If your marriage or civil partnership took place in a religious ceremony as long as the record has been deposited with us by the minister of religion, you can order your certificate directly on our website.

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Whether you wish to reaffirm your vows to each other or declare your commitment before your friends and family, renewal of vows ceremonies are a unique way of celebrating your love, marking a special anniversary and remaking promises to one another. No matter the inspiration or how long you have been together, these symbolic ceremonies are ideal for couples at any stage of their union. We encourage you to personalise your renewal of vows ceremony through promises, readings and musical arrangements that have special meaning to you. Our registrars will help you build the ceremony that reflects the two of you.

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CIVIL PARTNERSHIP TO MARRIAGE CONVERSION CEREMONIES Since December 2014 same-sex couples who had previously formed a civil partnership in England or Wales have the option to convert their existing civil partnership to a marriage. A conversion from civil partnership to marriage can be handled as an administrative process. There is no requirement for a ceremony. However, if you wish, converting your partnership into a marriage can be marked in front of your guests with a ceremony. As with all ceremonies in the London Borough of Wandsworth, they can be held at the Town Hall or one of our stunning venues. Opting for a ceremony ensures that in addition to you signing the conversion documentation in the presence of your guests, you also have the ability of ensuring that this significant change in status is truly celebrated.

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Your citizenship ceremony is the final step in the process of becoming a British citizen. Any person over the age of 18 who has applied for and been granted British Citizenship will be required to attend a citizenship ceremony where they will make vows of allegiance to the Head of State, its heirs and successors. At the completion of your Citizenship Ceremony, you will be presented with your Certi cate of Naturalisation giving you the opportunity to apply for your British passport. Private Ceremonies As standard, you are invited to attend a group citizenship ceremony but you also have the option to arrange a private ceremony instead. As part of your private citizenship ceremony, you can be surrounded by those family and friends who have supported you throughout your journey. In addition to this, you will have a wider choice of dates and times to choose. Private citizenship ceremonies can take place in person or virtually. If you need to complete your citizenship journey quickly, a private ceremony can often be arranged faster than waiting for the next group ceremony. Group Ceremonies Group ceremonies are usually held at the Town Hall in Wandsworth at a set date and time alongside a cohort of other citizens. As a group you will be welcomed into the wider community by a dignitary such as The Mayor.




life, renaming ceremonies in the London Borough of Wandsworth give a unique opportunity for your loved ones to publicly declare their love, care and support. Each ceremony is individually tailored to your needs, and you are encouraged to personalise the ceremony content through promises, readings and music that have special meaning for you.

These events are purely ceremonial and provide an opportunity to welcome a new arrival to a family, an adoption or mark a transition to a new name and stage of your life. Naming and renaming ceremonies can be arranged by anyone, from any cultural background and with any spiritual or religious belief. There is no age limit to a naming ceremony and more than one person may be named at the same time. Naming Ceremonies A naming ceremony is an occasion for parents, family and friends to pledge their love and commitment to a child. It is an opportunity to celebrate the birth of a new baby. Supporting adults, grandparents and older siblings are able to make a pledge of commitment and individual promises to the child. You can also choose to enhance your ceremony with the addition of poems or readings. Renaming Ceremonies Recognising a new name through a ceremony can be one of the most powerful ways to move from one stage of life to another. Renaming ceremonies bring together family and friends to mark the beginning of your new chapter. Whether the change in name is as a result of an adoption, welcoming step siblings into a family or an adult transitioning to a new stage in

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HELP ARRANGING CEREMONIES IN DIFFICULT TIMES If you find that your current circumstances do not allow for a ceremony in the traditional sense, we may be able to help. Whether you need for your ceremony to be expedited or your circumstances mean a venue licensed for civil ceremonies is out of your reach alternative arrangements may be possible. Please contact the Superintendent Registrar to discuss options that may work for your circumstances.

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Battersea Barge Nine Elms Lane, London, SW8 5BP Tel: 020 7498 0004 The Bedford 77 Bedford Hill, Balham, SW12 9HD Tel: 020 3976 8007 Dukes Head 8 Lower Richmond Road, Putney, SW15 1JN Tel: 020 8788 2552 Le Gothique

Booking your ceremony at the Town Hall gives you the choice of five ceremony rooms of differing sizes and styles it is the perfect setting for your #somethingwonderfulwandsworth: The Elizabeth Room is a popular choice for those wanting to create an intimate moment amongst their chosen guests. With comfy burgundy leather sofas and original art deco features it provides a perfect setting for your something wonderful. The Victoria Room’s rich red theme and magnificent original art deco conference table provide a fine setting for your ceremony. Our light and luxurious Alexandra Room is a perfect marriage of modern and art deco, in keeping with the building’s history. With a mix of original period pieces and bespoke made furnishings, it makes a serene and sophisticated setting for your special occasion. The impressive Grand Chamber is the largest of our ceremony rooms and is a prestigious setting for a Wandsworth wedding. The beautiful oak-panelled Mayor’s Parlour is not only the personal office for his worshipful, the Mayor of Wandsworth but also provides the most wonderful backdrop for an intimate wedding, celebrated with your closest family and friends The Town Hall, Wandsworth High Street, London SW18 2PU Tel: 0208 871 6120 Email: registeroffice@wandsworth.gov.uk

Royal Victoria Patriotic Building, John Archer Way (off Windmill Road), SW18 3SX Tel: 020 8870 6567 London House 7-9 Battersea Square, London, SW11 3RA Tel: 020 7592 8545 Pestana Chelsea Bridge Hotel 354 Queenstown Road, London, SW18 8AE Tel: 020 7062 8000 Roehampton Club Roehampton Lane, London, SW15 5LR Tel: 020 7135 1844/963 Tara Theatre 356 Garratt Lane, Earlsfield, London, SW18 4ES Tel: 020 8333 4457 Thames Rowing Club Embankment, Putney, SW15 1LB Tel: 07760 614907 Winchester House 10 Lower Richmond Road, London, SW15 1JN Tel: 020 8780 3500


Wandsworth Town Hall is the perfect location for you to start your something wonderful in the presence of your closest family and friends. Originally opened in 1937 by Queen Mary, one of the main features of this grand and iconic building is its use of rare and luxurious materials - most prominently seen in the magnificent Grand Marble Hall which features a stone staircase, marble tiled flooring, ornate chandeliers and exuberantly detailed carvings and motifs giving this space its unique and distinctive feel. Home to a collection of rooms and spaces including the marble hall and courtyard - with its highly ornate and elaborate water fountain - the original style-moderne features of this grand Grade II listed building have been retained and are quite the monument to art deco styling - symbolising the luxury, glamour, sleek sophistication and anti-traditional elegance of the art deco period.

Backyard Cinema Capital Studios, Ram Quarter, 13 Wandsworth Plain, London SW18 1ET Battersea Arts Centre Lavender Hill, Battersea, London, SW11 5TN Tel: 020 7326 8211


LE GOTHIQUE (Licensed for Civil Ceremonies)

The Royal Victoria Patriotic Building is a fairy-tale castle that has been home to Le Gothique for nearly 40 years. Andrew Justin has created a dream wedding venue at his iconic Wandsworth restaurant. The Gothic splendour, award winning gardens and fine dining experience all come together to create an outstanding occasion to remember. But such grandeur comes at a very affordable price. With no venue hire you only pay for what you eat and drink. A sumptuous 3 course meal with aperitif, champagne toast and wine comes to just £99 per head. Seated wedding receptions on the lawned garden cater for up to 150. With 250 for buffets. The internal mezzanine floor restaurant, Gothic Bar and “Secret Garden” have been host to some 2,500 wedding receptions since 1987. Sicilian chef de cuisine, Michel Guzzo brings his Mediterannean sunshine to every wedding celebration. Every couple is offered to a sample wedding

meal in a “try before you buy” experience that allows them to taste in advance of their wedding day. The triple award winning garden can be covered, heated and lit and combines with an internal dance floor and Gothic Bar to create the perfect wedding venue. Free secure off-street parking, free PA, for plug in and play sounds, plus free projector and screen are just some of the “extras” included free of charge into every wedding package. Try to make an appointment to view a piece of history on your own doorstep as soon as possible. Le Gothque is a family, owned and run, independent business, that offers its own personal touch to every bride and groom. Le Gothique, The Royal Victoria Patriotic Building, John Archer Way, Wandsworth Common, London SW18 3SX Tel: 0208 870 6567 / 07850 057604 Email: marklegothique@aol.com Web: www.legothique.co.uk



(Licensed for Civil Ceremonies) Explore this grade two-listed suite next in the heart of Wandsworth Town. Made up of two large interconnecting function rooms - the Civic Suite is the perfect blank canvas to accommodate large weddings and events. Alongside the large Civic Hall is an interconnecting banquet suite for additional guests or segregated weddings. The Civic Suite is a dry hire venue, that can accommodate up to 500 people with a separate bar and full kitchen facilities. The Civic Hall is a large, versatile room perfect for those large

and unique weddings with sprung Maplewood floor and a high suspended ceiling. The Civic Hall also boasts its own raised stage, with full length red velvet curtains and small backstage area. There’s plenty of space of dancing, eating and sitting with state of the art lighting for added atmosphere. The Civic Hall is your perfect blank canvas, to dress in any way you can imagine. Ideal for events, ceremonies and receptions. Tel: 0203 9590015 Email: events@enablelc.org


BATTERSEA PARK WEDDINGS (Licensed for Civil Ceremonies) Battersea Park have three iconic dry-hire venues within 200 acres of gorgeous greenspace! There are various venue packages available to cater for your dream wedding, be it a ceremony only, a ceremony and reception, or just a reception! Host a large ceremony at The Bandstand, or an intimate celebration in the Grade II listed Pump House Gallery, with the terrace at the gallery big enough to house a marquee for 150 guests seated, and 200 guests standing. The indoor spaces are available for a variety of requirements such as a cocktail bar, children’s area, or photobooth space; you really do have the flexibility to make it your own! ‘A beautiful retreat within the city that feels like it is in the countryside.’ Evening Standard Their Bowling Green is the perfect area for large, laid-back festival style

occasions, with plenty of space to accommodate the ever-popular food trucks and tipi tents. With plenty of open space for garden games and photos, it’s the perfect place to keep everyone entertained! For seated dinners at the Bowling Green they can host up to 400 people, and for standing receptions, over 500 guests. Music is permitted until 12.30am, with carriages at 1am. There is no corkage fee, and you will be allocated a dedicated Wedding Coordinator to support and co-ordinate logistics in the lead up to your wedding; they are also there on the day to ensure everything runs smoothly! ‘Number 1 Outdoor Wedding Venue in London’ Hitched UK. Get in touch with one of their wedding coordinators, the Senior Wedding and Events Coordinator to book your visit and receive their brochure! Tel: 0203 9590015 Email: events@enablelc.org


(Licensed for Civil Ceremonies) This stunning Grade ll listed Georgian mansion amidst landscaped gardens makes a magical setting for your wedding. Close to Richmond Park in Roehampton, SW15 Grove House is offered on a dry hire basis exclusively to couples. Grove House has three beautiful rooms in which your celebrations can take place and can offer ceremonies and weddings for up to 150 guests, increasing to 200 for the evening celebrations. Working with their list of accredited suppliers and dedicated on site events team, we can accommodate a variety of weddings. The team, with their years of experience are on hand to help plan your perfect day and ensure you and your guests will leave with memories that everyone will be talking about for years to come. For more information or to make an enquiry at Grove House contact 0208 3923505 or email grovehouse@roehampton.ac.uk Web: www.grovehouseroehampton.co.uk GROVE HOUSE

(Licensed for Civil Ceremonies) London Rowing Club on the Embankment in Putney offers glorious panoramic views of the River Thames with Bishop’s Park just across the water. This idyllic peaceful location is perfect for any event. They are licensed to hold civil ceremonies for up to 100 guests with a choice of banqueting suites to accommodate the more intimate gathering. Ideal for weddings, dinners of up to 100 guests or drinks receptions of 200, the Long Room overlooking the River Thames is the perfect celebration venue. They would love to host you, please email the team at events@londonrc.org.uk. Web: www.londonrc.org.uk LONDON ROWING CLUB




Welcome to The Roundhouse, a truly stunning venue, in the heart of South West London that feels like home from home. The venue prides itself on being the central hub of the community, always serving the very best food and drink with top class service in a relaxed atmosphere. The Roundhouse is so much more than just a pub, they are a reassuringly established institution. It’s not just Wandsworth’s best local, it’s also the perfect place to host your wedding celebration, whether it be an intimate get together or a formal function. The Roundhouse team are happy to take all of the stress out of organisation and can easily cater for large groups of drinkers and sit down dining experiences for up to 60 guests. Please get in contact with their friendly team and they will create the perfect experience for you and your day. 2 North Side Wandsworth Common, London SW18 2SS Tel: 020 7326 8580 Email: info@theroundhousewandsworth.com Web: www.theroundhousewandsworth.com

(Licensed for Civil Ceremonies) The Battersea Barge is a permanently moored 1930’s Dutch Grain Barge nestled on the Thames in the heart of Nine Elms. She offers stunning views of the Battersea Power Station & the City skyline (Canary Wharf, The Shard, etc.). With 3 spacious light and airy levels, the Barge offers a selection of indoor & outdoor decks for your special day. Hosting ceremonies & receptions for up to 150 guests with smaller decks for more intimate numbers, she offers in-house or your own external catering. Moored within a landscaped setting, she is near Battersea Power (Northern line) & Vauxhall Tube Stations. Let them put the wind in your sail and help Captain a truly memorable day. Battersea Barge, Nine Elms Lane, London SW11 8PZ Tel: 020 7582 1066 Email: ahoy@batterseabarge.com Web: www.batterseabarge.com


With panoramic views over the river Thames & situated at the foot of London’s iconic Battersea Power Station, Fiume is the ultimate location for a glamorous wedding reception with an amazing backdrop. Natural daylight floods in with floor to ceiling windows and a cosy romantic atmosphere at night, the modern interiors & alfresco piazza make an ideal space for an unforgettable day. Fiume is available to exclusively hire for wedding receptions, offering a corner of Southern Italian sunshine in Southwest London. The space can accommodate spectacular riverside wedding breakfasts for up to 100 guests or finish off your special day at Fiume with drinks & dancing basking under the lights of this London landmark. Fiume, Circus West, Battersea Power Station, SW8 5BN Tel: 020 3904 9010 (opt 2) Email: fiumeevents@danddlondon.com Web: www.fiume-restaurant.co.uk IG: @fiume.london



(Licensed for Civil Ceremonies) This grand Victorian building perfectly blends traditional and contemporary design. With a wedding ceremony licence for various areas of the venue and a range of truly unique private hire spaces, they can cater for every aspect of your very special day. The contemporary Belvedere Conservatory acts as the perfect place for your celebration for up to 120 guests for a seated dining and 160 for a standing reception. With its own bar, restrooms and designated garden space, guests can enjoy their big day in style. If you are hosting a smaller intimate wedding, then the Trinity Room on our 1st floor is perfect with its own bar and toilet facilities for up to 45 seated and 60 standing. With their own designated Wedding and Events planners to support you every step of the way and a great range of packages to choose from, it is time to contact them to arrange a visit. The County Arms, 345 Trinity Road, London SW18 3SH Tel: 020 8874 8532 Email: countyarmsevents@youngs.co.uk Web: www.countyarms.co.uk


Set in 15 acres of picturesque parkland, with views of the world-famous Pagoda Tower in Royal Botanical Kew Gardens, Old Deer Park is a private members club on the outskirts of Richmond, Surrey. The venue has four fabulous private function rooms as well as plenty of outdoor space making it ideal for a relaxed wedding. They can accommodate 160 day guests, with the capacity for an additional 40 for your evening reception. The dedicated team are on hand to offer help and advice and ensure that your day runs smoothly. Whether you’re planning a formal sit-down dinner or a relaxed BBQ – they will provide you with a fantastic wedding package, including delicious food and drink.

The venue has plenty of onsite parking as well as excellent transport links. Old Deer Park Sports Ground, 187 Kew Road, Richmond, Surrey TW9 2AZ Tel: 020 8332 6696 Email: enquiries@olddeerpark.co.uk Web: www.olddeerpark.co.uk/wedding-venue



If you’re looking for a wedding reception venue in London, offering a sense of occasion and intimacy, they don’t come any more special than Twickenham Stadium. With a varied selection of suites, Twickenham is suited to both smaller intimate wedding receptions and larger receptions for up to 850 guests. The England Changing Rooms and pitch side are available to hire for drinks and photographs, an experience that is guaranteed to leave lasting memories. The stadium also benefits from an onsite Marriott Hotel with six pitch-facing suites and 2000 complimentary car parking spaces. Twickenham offer award winning in-house catering and to look after you on your big day, a personal co-ordinator is provided to help the planning and ensure everything is simply perfect. Rugby House, 200 Whitton Road, Twickenham TW2 7BA Tel: 020 8744 9997



If you are a laid-back couple planning a modern, stylish and joyful celebration then The Chamberlins are the photographers for you. With a creative, documentary approach to their work, Will and Celle always aim to authentically capture the romantic spirit of your day and do so in a natural and fun way. Email: hello@thechamberlins.co

For catering as special as your big day, look no further than Parties to Go. Their experienced, family-run team work with you to ensure everything is just as you want it, from your menu to delivery. Which leaves you both free to concentrate on the important part – enjoying yourselves. To find out more about their services visit www.partiestogo.co.uk or give Carole a call on 020 8947 5337 or 07971 141733 .

Web: www.thechamberlins.co IG: @wearethechamberlins

Email: conferences&events@rfu.com Web: www.twickenhamstadium.com



Paola is a well-established LGBTQ+ friendly London wedding photographer, based in Wimbledon, where she lives with her lovely family. Her style is relaxed, documentary and warm. What she likes most is capturing your big day’s magical energy. Her friendly, non -judgemental personality will allow you to relax and enjoy your beautiful day. She proudly supports inclusion, diversity and sustainability. Love is Love Always is her motto! Tel: 07966 191977 Email: hello@paoladepaola.com Web: www.paoladepaola.com IG: @paoladepaolaphotos

Leigh Mcara Photography


The Marten String Quartet pride themselves on making your wedding or event a beautiful, unique and memorable experience. Drawing on years of professional experience, this accomplished group are one of the top string quartets specialising in music for weddings and events. With a wide repertoire from classical, jazz, through to contemporary pop, The Marten String Quartet can capture the atmosphere you are looking for to enhance your special day. They have played for high profile clients including Madonna, NBC Universal (Downton Abbey), Warner Bros (Harry Potter) & Prince Philip in prestigious venues such as Hampton Court Palace, Kensington Palace & Claridge’s Hotel. Local venues include Winchester House, The London Rowing club & The Roehampton club. Sally Alexander: 07973 791689 MARTEN STRING QUARTET

By Pam Wrigley Winner UK Best Wedding Hair Stylist Winner Make-up Specialist of the Year Relax, you’re in good hands. Beautiful Hair: textured & relaxed, or smooth & sleek. Beautiful Make-up: natural, glamorous or idealimaging.uk.com WEDDING MAKE-UP AND HAIR



After months and months of planning, your wedding day goes by in the blink of an eye, and you want to remember everything. Carla is all about making sure the little details of your big day are remembered forever. Natural relaxed wedding photography that’s about focusing on the moment and not posing. Carla Thomas Photography Tel: 07940 596060

Michael captures candid, colourful and heartfelt images by being as unobtrusive as possible. He won’t stage or direct moments, and promises not to take you away from your guests (or delicious canapés!) for an hour-long photoshoot. He’ll arrange any formal family photos you’d like, and focus on all the fun and unique moments for the rest of the day. Tel: 07951 784625 Email: michael@michaelmaurerphotography.com Web: www.michaelmaurerweddings.com

somewhere in-between. Get in touch for a chat!

Pam Wrigley, creating beautiful wedding hair & make-up in London & Home Counties for over 25 yrs. Mob: 07720 300062 Email: pam@weddingmakeupandhair.com Web: www.weddingmakeupandhair.com IG: WeddingMakeupandHair

Email: sallyjalexander@yahoo.co.uk Web: www.martenstringquartet.com IG: @martenstringquartet

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Leigh Mcara Photography



We are doing our bit - the print company we use to produce this brochure is FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified and is a Carbon Balanced Publication Printer. All the inks are vegetable based and the paper used is FSC certified to help ensure our forests are alive for generations to come. Wandsworth Registration Service would like to thank Carla Thomas Photography, Michael Maurer Photography, Leigh Mcara Photography and The Chamberlins Wedding photography, for their kind permission to use their work throughout the guide. Front cover: Leigh Mcara Photography

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The Chamberlins Wedding photography


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