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Micro Hydro System is also known as a stand-alone hydro system. The unit can stand on its own and able to produce any amount of energy as it designed for, but it is not wise to run any system on 100% full performance. It will only be run on 75% performance 24 hours a day but will be put full 100% performance when needed. The Micro Hydro System is simple as described in Wikipedia as pump hydro. There is mathematics in this that needs to be abided. Power in and power out minus lost in transmission is the well-known factor. Also, to use small power to gain larger power. To make it simple in this resume, we use from 22% to 28% of the total power produced to have the 100% outcome from the main generator. We drop the water from a minimum height of 15 meters and at an angle of 32 degrees. The water run along a pipe size dimensioned to the specifications for the outcome. The pipes have small impellers along with it to produce DC power to storage. When the water hits the main Pelton turbine, the turbine will rotate. The rotations go to the generator that produces AC power into either a synchronizer or controller, transformer and then to the grid. The synchronizer or controller use to make sure the HZ, AMP, and voltage are the required specifications. The water reaches in the upper reservoir after leaving the main turbine Pelton. From here it will be guided to the 4 + 2 meter Kaplan gate system, before sending it back to the reservoir at 15 meters up. The Kaplan gate system is only for the power to return to the pump systems. It is when 22% to 28% of the power produced is used back to push the water back into the reservoir for the next cycle. It also acts as the backup system when needed if there is a break down to the system. Micro Hydro system, on the other hand, has a lot of components. The main parts of the system are the AC generators and AC pumps, metal pipes in a various dimension and length; Pelton, Francis and Kaplan Turbine are all known in the hydro system. Size of the pipes matches the head and water speed. Control unit is custom made depends to project. H beam and ankle iron are 80% of the system's structure.

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