ElQuator World for Bangladesh


The idea behind our Vertical Windmill System is, we come up with a very light windmill with the same m2 wing area as a traditional windmill. We use natural elements to spin our shafts to drive our generators and pumps. We fill up our storage by the moving shafts. For each windmill there is a special designed storage system. If there is no wind, the power from storage drives the shafts and energy will be produced Unlike the traditional windmill that use high knot wind to move the blades that rotate the shafts, our Vertical Windmill System is more useable in any areas and runs well regardless of any wind direction. It is suitable to be placed on tall building and as such, we design the tower to be high not only to stores the whole system in it but also to place the windmill on top of it Inside the tower, you could find our Vertical Windmill System operational components comprises of generator, smart energy system, motor and controller box. All this component is the ‘heart’ that makes the Vertical Windmill System alive The base of Vertical Windmill System are two gear box with ratio 1:5, control box build on Raspberry P I-3 and ESP 32, one wind turbine generator and one energy system generator It hold Smart Energy System made from LithiUm Ion Polymer 18650 Batteries controlled by ESP 32 and Interface board, both are our own design. The output come from pure sine wave inverter with makes load at the design rate

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