ElQuator World for Bangladesh


To have pure Renewable Energy for the EV Charger, we used Compressed Air System to generate and supply the power to our charging post. Our system will compress the air into a smaller size using 300 bars pressure. We take the atmospheric air and then physically force it into a smaller volume, the molecules take up less space and the air is compressed. We compressed all types of air such as Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide & other gases which the “ingredients” in the air will not change when it’s compressed. Compressed Air System is a new way to produce electricity. When the molecules are compressed in a smaller space, they don’t necessarily want to be, and they will spread apart as quickly as possible the first second they can. That’s what causes pressure. Atmospheric air has one bar of pressure but can be forced up to over 300 PSI of pressure when compressed into a smaller state. Once the air is released, the pressure will spin the turbines and generators to produce power. Exactly how pressurized compressed air becomes is determined by science. Three scientific laws explained how compressed air works. Collectively, three laws explain that pressure, volume, and temperature are proportional. The way we produced energy is evolving. By having the Compressed Air System in our EV Charger, charging the car will be as fast as we never imagined before. Compressed Air System able to produces green, renewable and sustainable energy. By having it in the EV Charger, we could justify saving the CO2 index will be lowered as well as promising that the electric car is green. The world can continue the progress to having more electric vehicles on the roads and charged with the pure source of Renewable Energy.

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