Issue 118

Issue 118

Mar 2021 - May 2021


With Passion

Deepsea Prawn-Fishing at The Grassroots’ Club




Chairman’s Message Mr Toh Sze Wei, PBM, Corporate Affairs Committee 1


Editor’s Message Miss Ng Liza


Welcome to Our New Members


Deepsea Prawn-Fishing at The Grassroots’ Club



SPOTLIGHT: Mr Simon Leong Kai Chong, PBM, President, The Grassroots’ Club

Chairman Ng Liza Editorial Team

8 How to Speak to Anyone

Members Tan Kow Wah Frankie Ker

Vice Chairman Grace Tang

Secretariat Steven Chia Ethan Seet

Design & Editorial Words Worth Media


Members’ Privileges

190 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8 Singapore 568046 T: 6554 2350 F: 6554 2347

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Grassroots with passion • 1

Message from Corporate Affairs Committee Chairman


Concierge / General Enquiries

6554 2350

Booking of Multi-Purpose Hall / Banquet Hall / Auditorium / Dance Studio / Meeting Rooms / Atrium

6550 2121 / 6550 2115

Dear Members,

6550 2114 / 6550 2120


The Grassroots’ Club was established to enable Grassroots Leaders (GRLs) to reach out to the community to build a stronger and more cohesive grassroots network. For a successful club to serve

Club Events

6554 2350



6550 2128


6550 2128

Member Room

6550 2128

our members’ social, educational, recreational and developmental needs, we need to develop and retain a pool of satisfied and motivated employees, who are our most significant assets. Our committee assists our Management Committee (MC) to handle affairs associated with members, legal matters, staff and corporate systems. Some of the key roles include to review and handle matters concerning Constitution, By-Laws and members’ code of conducts; and to review and recommend staff policies and benefits to develop, engage and retain our employees. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my fellow MC members for their continuous support. After Singapore’s worst recession in 2020 since independence due to COVID-19 pandemic and the roll-up nation-wide vaccination programme, I hope that 2021 will be a better year for everyone and our Club. Wishing everyone the best of health!

Swimming Pool

6550 2128

Activity Room

6550 2128

Mahjong Room Booking 6554 2350

Table Tennis

6554 2350


Common Folks 11am to 10pm daily

9237 6650

Muslim Delights 11am to 7pm daily, closed on Mondays Eternal Garden 11am to 2.30pm & 6pm to 10pm daily

9001 9401

6970 0002


Sparkz KTV 3pm to 11pm daily

6458 5026

Fish@Ang Mo Kio 10am to 5am daily

9839 2715


Pat’s Schoolhouse 7am to 7pm, Mon-Fri

6459 2382

Mr Toh Sze Wei, PBM Chairman, Corporate Affairs Committee

Brighton’s Montessori 7am to 7pm, Mon-Fri

Honorary Secretary The Grassroots’ Club

6455 8830


Soul Fit 8am to 10pm, Mon-Sat

92354789 / 91699306

2 • Grassroots with passion

Message Editor’s


In the blink of an eye, it is March now. We hope everyone had a wonderful and restful Chinese New Year celebration! The Grassroots’ Club (TGC) is happy to announce that Eternal Garden Restaurant by Qian Xi Group has officially opened at the Club. Members are entitled to additional discounts. Please call 6970 0002 to find out more! No one could have ever imagined that fishing for Boston lobsters or mud crabs can happen right here at TGC. Turn to page 4 to feel the thrill of deepsea prawn fishing at TGC!

CHANGI BEACH CLUB No. 2 Andover Road Singapore 509984 Tel: 6546 5215 l Fax: 6545 6883 ORCHID COUNTRY CLUB 1 Orchid Club Road Singapore 769162 Tel: 6755 9811 l Fax: 6755 8874 THE ARENA COUNTRY CLUB 511 Upper Jurong Road Singapore 638366 Tel: 6897 9997 l Fax: 6897 8778 THE MALACCA CLUB New Townhouse: No. 18, 5th Floor Jalan Syed Abdul Aziz, 75000 Melaka Tel: 06-282 4940 / 284 2488 / 283 3518 Fax: 06-284 8303 Rotunda: Jalan Kampung Hailam, Tanjung Kling, 76400 Melaka Tel: 06-351 1543 / 351 1544 Fax: 06-351 6309 For detailed privileges at our reciprocal clubs, please visit membership/membership-privileges/

In this issue of SPOTLIGHT on page 6, we are very honoured to interview the President of The Grassroots’ Club, Mr Simon Leong Kai Chong, PBM, who gave us valuable insight on his aspirations for the Club.

Have you heard of impromptu speaking? Is it a useful skill to have? Turn to page 8 to find out!

Calling all grassroots leader golfers to join TGC Golf Interest Group! Turn to page 12 to find out more. The Golf Interest Group will be having a Golf Clinic on 26 March 2021 at the Orchid Country Club. Hope to see you there! See page 10 for TGC’s comprehensive Members’ Privileges in Food & Beverage, Apparel and Accessories, Beauty and Spa, Healthcare Products and Services, and Recreation. Like us on Facebook and subscribe to TGC WhatsApp to get the latest exclusive news, updates, deals and discounts at your fingertips.

Take care and see you at TGC!

Miss Ng Liza Editor Chairman, Marketing and Communications Committee Honorary Assistant Secretary The Grassroots’ Club

Scan for more details

Grassroots with passion • 3

To Our New Members Welcome

Anson Neo Ser Keong Chan Andi Andy

Nurruddeen Al Mustaqeem Bin Abdul Rahim Priya Singh Quah Kai Sheng Reiko Tan Jing Zhi Revathi D/O Chandra Kumar Swee Peng Wei Tin Horng Ping Toh Guan Ru Valerie Tan Mei Xian Wong Siow Kheng Leopard Yeo Ming Rong Gary

Deborah Lim Ah Moy Eunice Lim Jia Ying Goh Jin Quan Ho Teng Kit, PBM Jasmine Lim Jie Xin Kee Yok Hee Lim Jing Wen Amanda Lim Joo Bock, PBM Lum Yi Chyi Muruganandam Vinoth Mannan

Level 1 Pat’s Schoolhouse Tel: 6459 2382 10% discount off monthly fees @ TGC Common Folks Tel: 9237 6650 10% discount on a la carte menu Muslim Delights Tel: 9633 0261 10% discount on a la carte menu Soul Fit Tel: 9235 4789 20% discount on all classes Fish@Ang Mo Kio Tel: 9839 2715 40% discount off all non-promotional items (excluding F&B) Level 2 Brighton Montessori Tel: 6455 8830 10% discount off monthly fees @ TGC Level 3 Pat’s Schoolhouse Tel: 6459 2382 10% discount off monthly fees @ TGC Eternal Garden Tel: 6970 0002 Please call to enquire about discounts Level 4 Sparkz KTV Tel: 6458 5026


20% discount except for beer during Happy Hour

4 • Grassroots with passion

Deepsea Prawn-Fishing

at The Grassroots’ Club

C alling all TGC club members who are also prawn-fishing hobbyists – whether seasoned or novice! You can now enjoy the satisfaction of reeling in Boston lobsters or mud crabs within the premises of TGC. Conveniently located right under the Yio Chu Kang MRT track just outside the main Clubhouse, it is hard to miss the three big ponds of Fish@Ang Mo Kio. Throngs of prawning enthusiasts come here daily to dangle their lines and wait patiently for that tug. Fish@Ang Mo Kio is the only outlet in Singapore with both fresh and seawater ponds. Here, you can experience the thrill of landing a wide range of crustaceans all at once – from Boston lobsters and Asian green lobsters, to big head prawns and yabbies, as well as mud crabs and even flower crabs when they are in season. All Things Fishy The three ponds each measuring about 10 metres by 5 metres attract dozens of fishing enthusiasts on weekdays, and a sizable following on weekends. For the young anglers, there is a longkang pond for them to experience kampong-style fishing of chasing longkang fishes (canal fishes) – such as guppies, goldfishes, baby koi, prawns, tiger barb, red fish andmollies. They can do this for a fee of $12 an hour and $7 for an additional hour (net provided). Or, the kids can congregate at the feeding pond to feed the fishes with fish food sold at $2 a pack.

Prawn-fishing theme parties for kids are also popular and Fish@Ang Mo Kio gets a few bookings every month.

Meanwhile, for some relaxing foot therapy, one can head for the Fish Spa ($15 an hour).

Grassroots with passion • 5

Says one of the owners, Patrix, “We offer a comprehensive range of activities to cater to different customers. Many come here for this old- school leisure to destress from their tough day at work.”

Landing a good catch is just half the fun… being able to eat your fresh catch completes it! Indeed, there is nothing like barbequing your own catch and savouring the delicious grilled seafood while the balmy breeze blows. Another plus: On a hot day, the MRT track offers shelter from the sun. Besides complimentary use of barbeque grill for all Fish@Ang Mo Kio customers, salt, chilli sauce and paper plates are also provided without charge for a fuss-free meal.

And the party goes on even when night approaches. Prawn-fishing devotees are often found camped out around the ponds till the wee hours, when the outlet finally closes. Born Out Of Passion Besides Fish@Ang Mio Kio which Patrix opened in November 2019, he also owns Fish@Bugis+ – which is run on a similar concept except that it is indoor prawn-fishing at Bugis+ making it Singapore’s only indoor air-conditioned fishing and pawning joint when it first opened in 2015. Says Patrix, “This business stems from my own passion for prawn- fishing, so we make our fees affordable so as to expand the community of fishing enthusiasts. I believe we are the cheapest in Singapore.”

It costs just $18 for an hour of fishing, $29 for two hours, and $36 for three hours.

Tip: If you are interested in a particular shellfish, go on the day that they replenish that stock.

On Wednesday, for example, the ponds get stocked with giant mud crabs, Thursday is Boston lobsters day, while Friday and Saturday is when a trio of expensive crustaceans – mud crabs, Asia lobsters and Boston lobsters – get added to the ponds. And every day from 4p.m., saltwater tiger prawns are piled in.

For a unique fishing experience, Fish@Ang Mo Kio is your go-to place. Head on down for that perfect fishing trip – either alone or with your beloved family and friends.

Fish@AMK Address: 190 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8, Singapore 568046 Opening hours: Weekday 10–4a.m., Weekends, PH & school holidays 9–4a.m. Fees: $18/hour, $29/two hours, $36/three hours. $800 (min spend) for children’s party

6 • Grassroots with passion

It was the privilege of the team at Grassroots with Passion to be granted an interview with our Club President, Mr Simon Leong, PBM, despite his busy schedule. Mr Leong gave us an insight on some of his aspirations for The Grassroots’ Club. SPOTLIGHT Mr Simon Leong Kai Chong, PBM, President, The Grassroots’ Club

Grassroots with passion • 7

1 In which year were you invited to be in The Grassroots’ Club (TGC) Management Committee? I started serving on the TGC Management Committee in 2012. I was then appointed Honorary Secretary in 2014 and Club President in 2018. 2 What are the significant changes at The Grassroots’ Club that you have seen since the first day when you started to be in the Management Committee? The significant changes would probably be the major upgrading of the Club House, especially the addition of escalators and the renovation of the Health Centre. We continuously look for new facilities for members to enjoy, such as the prawn- fishing opened at the end of 2019 and the upcoming alfresco dining. 3 What was the main challenge then for these changes to take place? The main challenge of TGC’s upgrading project was to maintain an intricate balance between cost and results. Many hours were spent on brainstorming, meetings and discussions to draw up design concepts and to ensure that we got the best value for the money spent on the upgrading. 4 What is your vision and goal for The Grassroots’ Club? My vision for TGC is to further develop it into a Club that all Grassroots Leaders (GRLs) can identify with and will feel proud to be a member. My primary goal would be to increase the Club’s membership and to further improve on the Club’s facilities for members to enjoy. 5 As the President of TGC, what is the most memorable thing that had happened? There were a few memorable events during my term as President. I still remember the TGC 20th Anniversary celebration held in late 2018, the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in 2019 which I first chaired, the Chinese New Year dinners and our first online AGM held last year due to COVID-19. However, the one that left the deepest impression is leading the Management Committee and the Management through this pandemic period, and making sure that the Club remains relevant.

6 Lastly, what message would you like to convey to the Club Members? I would like to reassure members that the Club will continue to function (as per SMM guidelines) during this current pandemic. I hope that members continue to abide by the safe management measures, stay safe and be socially responsible so that we we can get through this difficult time as a nation soon. My committee and I look forward to welcome all members back to our first event after the pandemic. I wish everyone the best of health!

8 • Grassroots with passion

How to Speak

to Anyone

By Mohammad Nasir The writer is an educator with 10 years of experience in the field. He is also a TetraMap© Certified Facilitator, a certified Personal Trainer and has been serving the Singapore Scout Association as a Scout Leader for the past 8 years. He has been a Toastmaster since 2014 and has supported the Grassroots Toastmasters Club since then.

INTRODUCTION We know the power of habit. It’s a shortcut to becoming better in what we do. We can make changes that become habits. But we have to be conscious to create habits that serve us for the better. I was keen in finding out how experts are able to think quickly on their feet and speak effectively. Impromptu speaking is a great skill to have, both for personal and professional reasons. Just imagine the difference you can make with such a skill. What habits can lead to being able to speak effectively to just anyone? Once, a senior colleague asked me if a particular project that I had implemented yielded any positive impact. Obviously, it did! But I was stumbling for words trying to explain evidences which were clearly observed. For impromptu speaking, you can only prepare so much in real life. There are just too many possible social scenarios to be prepared for! I did some research and found wisdom in two texts that I read.

Grassroots with passion • 9

But don’t analyse till you’re paralysed! Just do it! That’s the key! What pulls the earlier ideas together is the ‘Power of Habit.’ Instil within us the mindset to grab any opportunity to practise. TRUST YOUR GUT ‘BLINK’ relates to how we have innate intuition to decide certain outcomes on-the-spot promptly. It means, at times, we don’t have to think much.

PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT First, the Cambridge Handbook of Expertise and Expert Performance highlights how ‘Practice makes perfect’. But it’s the kind of practice that matters! Second, ‘BLINK: The Power of Thinking without Thinking’ by Malcolm Gladwell taught me that our ability to gauge what is really important in a very narrow time period can be quite effective! Here’s an example from ‘BLINK’ : An USfiredepartmentcommanderwas interviewed about an experience he had. A fire had broken out in the kitchen of a house with a basement. The commander and his men charged into the house. As they tried to douse the flames, the fire didn’t die. The commander realised instantly that something was wrong. He immediately shouted for his men to evacuate. And as they did, the floor they had been standing on collapsed! The commander thought his decision was due to some extra sensory perception (ESP) he possessed but in retrospect, he evaluated that the fire was hot,

Have you ever felt that instant inspiration when faced with a speaking situation?

I’ve experienced thoughts popping up from within during conversations and often it’s better to let that take over and just speak, as opposed to consciously filtering what I want to say. WHY IS IT BETTER? The answer is within this quote from ‘BLINK’ . “We’re not helpless in the face of our first impressions. Thoughts may bubble up from the unconscious – from behind a locked door inside of our brain – but just because something is outside of our awareness, doesn’t mean it’s outside of our control”. In conclusion, from the HANDBOOK I quote: “Becoming an expert in almost anything requires literally years of work. People will do this only if they have some initial success, enjoy the work, and are supported by the social climate. Expert Performance is not solely a cognitive affair”. Withthat, ifwehaveasupport systemoracommunity of practice behind whatever expertise we pursue, we’re definitely on the right track to setting the correct conditions and getting enough practice to become adept practitioners of impromptu speaking. And if you can strike a conversation with just about anyone, you’ll be able to develop better relationships with those who matter.

even when doused with water. More so, it was quiet – making him realise that the flames were coming from the basement, hence leading him to his life- saving decision. HOW CAN WE APPLY WHAT I LEARNED? Ten years of deliberate practice as suggested in the HANDBOOK is daunting – 10 long years before achieving an unguaranteed level of proficiency! However, it’s a start! It strengthened my resolve to participate in speaking on any available platform for practice. Deliberate reflection on my speeches and gathering feedback would further enhance my practice to lead to expertise. This links to the findings in the HANDBOOK when even ‘BLINK’ admits that “being able to act intelligently and instinctively in the moment is possible only after a long, rigorous period of education and experience.” There is no shortcut to becoming an expert – in anything . But we may never develop expert performance if we don’t know how to go about it. Deliberate practice is the solution.

10 • Grassroots with passion

Members’ Privileges

THE ROYAL ALBATROSS Complimentary Double Boiled Cabbage Soup with Bamboo Fungus & Mushroom with minimum spend of $50 in a single receipt during Birthday Month Promotion valid till 30 September 2021 Address: 30 Raffles Ave #01-04, Singapore 039803 Contact: 6854 5245


CRYSTAL TIME 20% discount off the following range of watches at the selected stores: • LUMINOX & ARBUTUS VivoCity #01-k30


TANGS Tang Plaza Level 3 OG Orchard Point Level 1

• CLAUDE BERNARD VivoCity #01-k30

PICADILLY CUSTOM TAILORS Exclusive 20% discount* off regular items

OG Orchard Point Level 1


VivoCity #01-k30 TANGS Tang Plaza Level 3

*Valid TGC Membership card / Valid Grassroots Leader card with “The Grassroots’ Club” identification must be presented, before getting a quotation and tailoring 14 Scotts Road #02-85, Far East Plaza, S(228213) Email: Contact: 6734 9990 OPTIQUE ICU $10 off every $100 spent for prescription spectacles and sunglasses. As an initiative to build awareness of the importance of eye-screening • FREE IOP (Intraocular Pressure) screening for Glaucoma • Diabetic Eye-screening using the latest AI program (Eyris) at $18 only 30 Sembawang Dr, #02-02 Sun Plaza, S(757713) | Contact: 6555 1583


25% off frames & sunglasses 15% off ophthalmic lenses 5% off contact lenses (With minimum purchase of 6 months’ supply) Complimentary eye health check (Prior appointment is required) Visit for outlets address details


• •

OG Orchard Point Level 1 Promotion valid till 31 August 2021

OETEO Exclusive 20% discount* off regular items with coupon code TGC20 on Promotion valid till 30 April 2021 *No minimum spending required Limited to 1 time use per customer Not applicable for Little Sprout Box and discounted items. This coupon is not applicable in conjunction with other coupons Free local shipping for orders above S$60

Grassroots with passion • 11



10% off First Visit (Consultation & Treatment and 1 Free Treatment session)

HALLMARK PHYSIOTHERAPY • Consultation & Treatment – First visit at special rate of $140, Subsequent visits at $130 • Consultation only – 20% discount on your first visit and 10% discount on subsequent visits Promotion valid till 1 October 2021 320 Thomson Road, S(307663) Email: Contact: 6258 8707 LUMINOUS DENTAL GROUP Special rates for TGC members For more details, visit membership/merchant-privileges-for- grassroots-leaders/


20% off Single Treatment session

• 30% off Package of 10 sessions Promotion valid till 30 June 2021 545 Orchard Road Far East Shopping Centre #10-05 S(238882) Email: Contact: 6610 6562

KENKO REFLEXOLOGY & SPA 15% discount on a-la-carte services at all Kenko Wellness Spa outlets: Foot Reflexology Shoulder and Head Massage Body Massage & Spa Treatments Promotion valid till 30 September 2021 Visit for outlets’ address details

THE EAQLIA STUDIO (FITNESS & BEAUTY) • $10 per class • 10% off Beauty Package Promotion valid till 30 September 2021 Contact: 8222 8829

ESSENTIALLY OILS • 10% off total bill with

promocode “PTGC10OFF” on • Special gift* worth $15 during Birthday month with minimum purchase of $50 Promotion valid till 31 March 2022. Terms and Conditions apply

RYDERS SINGAPORE (WAKEBOARDING) $50 off for 3 hours booking (Usual: $390)

Promotion includes wakeboarding equipment, coaching, and mineral water, ice and ice box. Promotion valid till 30 April 2021 Visit Email:


BOATS, BOATS AND BOATS SERVICES (PRIVATE YACHT CHARTER) 12% off listed rates for Private Yacht Charter

Promotion valid till 31 April 2021 Visit Email: or Contact: 6861 6965

D’HAVEN (ICE SKATING LESSONS) 10% off group lesson packages Promotion valid till 30 November 2021 Email:

12 • Grassroots with passion


To Promote Bonding and Build a Community of 'GRL Golfers'

Golf Tournaments and Overseas Trips

Monthly Golf Clinics & Practices



About The Coach :

More than


y ears of teaching


Head Coach for Youth Golf Program

with St .

Gabriel ’ s Secondar y


” AAA ”

member of the Singapore

Professional Golfers ’

Association ( SPGA )


Member of the National Registr y of


( NROC )




8 th in the SPGA order of merit


Competed in the Prudential Causewa y

Troph y






Tournament winner for SPGA Golf

series ,



in Laguna

National Golf and CC


Competed in the Barcla y s Singapore



at Sentosa Golf Club

Competed in the Handa Classic



Orchid Countr y



Grassroots with passion • 13

10% discount for TGC members for all service engagements

The Grassrootsʼ Club online 10:30am

The Grassroots’ Club (TGC) is now onWhatsApp! Come join us to get the latest updates and news at the tips of your ngers!

Here are the simple steps to subscribe to TGCWhatsApp 1) Save the number 9150 7989 to your contact list under the name TGC 2) Send us a WhatsApp message with your name, number and “Subscribe” E.G: John Tan, 98765432, Subscribe 3) Alternatively, you can scan the QR code at the bottom right to start the registration. 4) Do allow us some time to process your request. 5) We will send you a conrmation message once it has been done

To unsubscribe, you may delete our contact and send us an “Unsubscribe” message

This is a no reply and free of charge service

In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act, TGC places emphasis in protecting your personal data.

For queries or requests concerning your personal information, please email us at

The Management



Club of Choice for

FACILITIES FORMEMBERS Member Room, a quiet place for members Grassroots Leaders

to gather and network with fellow like- minded members. Comes equipped with a complimentary hot beverage dispenser.

Member Room


Activity Room, a fun-filled room with various activities for members and their guests to relax and unwind. • 3 Mahjong Rooms (Automatic Tables) • 2 Electronic Dart Boards • 2 Pool Tables • Carom Board • Table Games • Electronic Massage Chair Spa Pool & Steam Room Swimming Pool through private access to Yio Chu Kang swimming complex Gym Parking

PA Staff & Youth Membership (below 35 years old) 1 Year - $60 1 Year - $40 2 Years - $60 3 Years - $90 5 Years - $150 Prices above apply for family nucleus Family Membership Spouse / Children (above 12 and below 21 years old) 1 Year - $120 2 Years - $200 3 Years - $240 5 Years - $300* *Entitled to complimentary welcome gift (Subject to availability)

Activity Room

Spa Pool & Steam Room

Swimming Pool

Gym Room




Pat’s Schoolhouse (Level 1)

Yio Chu Kang Sports Hall

• 10% discount off monthly fees @ TGC

Brighton Montessori (Level 2) Pat’s Schoolhouse (Level 3)

Yio Chu Kang Stadium


Fish@Ang Mo Kio (Level 1)

• 40% discount off all

non-promotional items (excluding F&B)

Yio Chu Kang ActiveSG Gym

Sparkz KTV (Level 4)

• 20% discount except for beer during Happy Hour

Yio Chu Kang

Food & Beverage

Common Folk (Level 1)

• 10% discount on a la carte menu

Muslim Delights (Level 1) Eternal Garden (Level 3)

• Please call to enquire

Health & Fitness

• 20% discount on all classes

Soul Fit (Level 1)

Nanyang Polytechnic

FOR MORE INFORMATION, please call 6554 2350 or email to

190 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8 Singapore 568046

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