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APRIL 2019



We like to think of things a little differently here at Marshall Orthodontics. Since 2016, we’ve worked to bring everyone in the community together through newfound confidence in their smiles. A lot of good things can start with a smile, from a chance encounter on the street with a lost love to a new burst of self-esteem that can carry you through a tough time. It may seem a little philosophical for a small business like ours, but these ideas give our work purpose and allow us to give the best possible care to our group of dedicated patients — most of whom we’ve grown to call friends. Whatever you’re struggling with, we’ve found that the key to happiness for a lot of our patients is the confidence gained from a great smile.

even help them more than they knew. From my childhood through my teen years and up until college, I bounced around from interest to interest until my dad finally suggested looking into the field of orthodontics. So, I did just that. Now, here we are; I’ve been practicing in my field for nearly seven years and couldn’t be happier with the team of dedicated professionals I’ve surrounded myself with. When I worked my way up to opening my own practice right here in Simpsonville, I knew I wanted to lend deeper meaning to what we do here. That’s why I took the time to implement our mission statement and work hard to live by it every day. It seems simple enough, but I think having

smile and into realms of self-love and real confidence. That’s why our staff is dedicated to displaying our values and giving you the highest quality of care. We want to help you take care of your basic health so that every component of your health falls into its rightful place. Our mission is simple: In everything we do, our purpose is to positively impact and transform the lives of our patients. We are able to fulfill this in two simple ways: creating beautiful smiles that make people feel great about themselves and building others up at every opportunity. Our ultimate service is to provide individualized care to patients of all ages by providing top-notch braces, Invisalign, early age treatments, and surgical procedures. If that sounds like something you may need in your life, feel free to contact your friends at Marshall Orthodontics today at 864-336-2965.

“Since 2016, we’ve worked to bring everyone in the community together through newfound confidence in their smiles.”

Personally, my journey in orthodontics wasn’t always set in stone. However, no matter what I wanted to do at any given time, one thing has remained a constant in my life: It wasn’t going to be about the money. Whatever I chose to do, I wanted it to be a real service to people that would help them in a very practical way — maybe

a solid standard that you live by helps put even the most mundane of tasks into the right perspective. For instance, I knew our office should naturally revolve around fulfilling a very human need, like giving patients the best ortho care possible, but I also knew that I wanted to make people’s lives better in general , going beyond the

– Dr. William Marshall

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