Ringler Fee Deferral Advantage


Creation of a supplemental retirement fund FEE DEFERRAL ALLOWS FOR:


Structuring your fees is a smart and secure way to leverage the money you earn today for better use tomorrow. In today’s fluctuating economy, fee deferral can provide you with either a hedge against risk or even a unique growth opportunity. At Ringler, we believe you should have options when deciding how to defer your fees. That’s why we created the Ringler Choice Attorney Fee Deferral Solution. Ringler Choice provides a variety of fixed and variable attorney fee deferral solutions. Our Settlement Consultants can help you choose a solution that is right for you. Tax Benefits Deferring fees may reduce your taxable income today By deferring income until later in life, you may be able to take advantage of a potentially lower tax rate. Taxes will not be incurred until you actually receive the annuity payments.

Substantial tax- deferral advantages Protection against inflation with potential cost of living adjustments Potential avoidance of the Alternative Minimum Tax Setting up payments to cover future expenses such as college education or mortgage payments A low-risk foundation for a diversified investment portfolio The ability to borrow funds after fees have been deferred in the event a short term need arises.

Flexibility Customize your payout according to your needs

What will you need in the future? Supplemental retirement income, payments for business overhead, your children’s college tuition, a second home, annual vacations... If you can dream it, we can help you achieve it.

Hassle-Free Planning With Long-Term Rewards The receipt of an annuity does not require a financial planner The annuity gives you freedom to put money aside and prevent the dissipation of large case payouts. The process is simple and the financial freedom that a fee structure can provide will pay off in the end.

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