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January 2020

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Screens That Divide Us

Being More Present in 2020

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I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. My family enjoyed an amazing Thanksgiving and Christmas together, with good food and great company. I love sharing the holidays with my husband and our boys. We made a lot of lovely new memories. As we start a new year, my husband and I have been talking about ways to be more present in our lives. Recently, we realized we both spend way too much time on our phones. We’ll be in the same room together, but we’re on our devices, off in our own digital worlds. That’s not really spending quality time with the people you’re with. I know so many of us struggle with a dependence on technology. It’s one thing to watch TV after work, but having a phone in our pocket with access to the internet means we can be glued to our devices literally all day. While I’m not anti-technology, or even anti-social media necessarily, I think we all, myself included, spend too much time looking at our screens. Social media is a great way to keep in touch with friends and family members who live far away. Unfortunately, like with all the technology that was supposed to make our lives better, we end up getting pretty addicted to it. I realized that when I get on Facebook, I’m not even posting or commenting; I’m just scrolling, aimlessly looking for something I never find. What I do find are people’s frustrations. Everyone’s mad about something, be it something in the news or something in their personal lives. A lot of times, they’re frustrated about something I never would have heard about if I hadn’t seen their post on Facebook. I get on Facebook to unwind, but I just get wound up about something else! We have our own struggles and issues, and I don’t think we need to be absorbing other people’s frustrations, too.

My other big social media struggle is Pinterest. I love going on Pinterest to see all the neat projects and pin things to my board. But then I realized that everything I pinned made me want to go out and buy more stuff. I already have everything I need! I don’t need to buy more stuff just because I saw it on Pinterest. The reality is that we don’t need Facebook or social media to keep us connected. We can look up and talk to the people around us. It’s important to make real conversations and not dive back into social media looking for some satisfaction that isn’t there. My New Year’s resolution is to be more present in my own life. I won’t be quitting cold turkey and cutting technology out of my life completely, but my family is taking steps to reduce our dependence on our devices. There will be no more phones at the dinner table; when I’m a passenger in the car, I’ll keep my phone in my pocket and look out the window or talk to the people I’m with; and we’ll be replacing our screens with more relaxing hobbies. I’d almost forgotten how nice it is to read a real paper book! Technology and social media are great in small doses, but they’re no replacement for making memories while spending quality time with your family. –Dr. Valerie Sperry Sabal General Dentistry • 361-729-1333 • 1

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