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Most of our core values here at AZCOMP come with a cool origin story. Often these stories come from the world of surfing, something our owner Lance Foster is passionate about. It gives our values a unique flavor and makes them different from those at every other company. However, the core value I want to write about this month, our seventh, doesn’t require much explanation at all. It states simply, “We Do the Right Thing.” The core value itself may not win any awards for creativity, but I think the way we approach it does. Like all of our core values, it isn’t empty talk, and it’s not limited to what we do at the office. I think that every last person who works here takes the mandate to do the right thing for our customers seriously. In our personal lives, on the other hand, I think we can sometimes forget just how much of a difference it can make when you do the right thing, whether that involves helping out a loved one or a complete stranger. Showing a little empathy and kindness goes a long way, especially during this time of the year. I recently saw a story on “CBS Sunday Morning” where somebody didn’t just do the right thing, they literally went the extra mile to do it. From the second the story was over, I knew I needed to share it. It shows that doing the right thing benefits the person doing the deed as well as the recipient. The story is about two people named Anita Hughes and Jason Wright. Anita, who rarely leaves her house for anything other than errands and church, decided to take a journey from her home in Cleveland to North Carolina for a gospel concert. For her, this was an unprecedented trip. She reached the concert without any problem, but her return trip wasn’t so smooth. She was so lost that she couldn’t even tell what state she was in, let alone how to get

back to Cleveland. In a panic, she decided to stop at a 7-Eleven store and ask for directions. That’s where Jason Wright lived up to his name and did the right thing. “Can somebody please tell me how to get to Cleveland?” Anita remembers asking. Jason, who happened to be a customer when Anita came in, noticed her distress and pointed her in the right direction. After being lost for so long, though, Anita was still scared. She asked that Jason show her the way. And that’s exactly what he did. “I’m going in the complete opposite direction,” Jason says. “I live to the south, and I’m driving north so far out of my way.” In fact, he drove 35 miles just to make sure Anita got back on the right track. It would’ve been easy for him to do what was convenient. After all, he was the only person to offer directions in the first place. Instead, he did what he knew was right. Anita sums it up best. “He was so nice,” she says with a smile a mile wide. “Just a little bit of affection can change your whole situation.” But it wasn’t just Anita who ended up getting something out of their interaction. The two are now good friends who talk on the phone nearly every day. When CBS reunited them for the story, they immediately embraced. “All of us are brothers and sisters,” Jason notes, “and we really do have a responsibility to help one another get home.” The connection that developed from a simple act of kindness proves just how important doing the right thing can be. During the holidays, we’re all busy. Don’t let the chaos distract you from doing the right thing. You never know just what an impact it might have. –Neili Holmes

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