Beautique Med Spa August 2018

AUGUST 2018 the Beauty BOOK

We turn to natural, approved treatments to give your skin a boost. Because of this, we produce amazing results in a variety of treatment areas. For example, treatments like Kybella use a natural ingredient that already occurs in your body to permanently get rid of unwanted fat under your chin. I inject this isolated ingredient into the top layer of skin, and it gets rid of that unwanted layer under your chin. After the cells are destroyed, the body eliminates them. The little vacuum cleaners of your body, called macrophages, destroy debris and your body recycles it out. Fat is hereditary, but the destruction is permanent. Isn’t that incredible? For other clients, we want to make more of something instead of take it away. That’s the case with collagen. Do you know about the power of collagen to make your skin look younger? It’s the glue that holds our bodies together — you find it doing everything from helping your ligaments move and protecting your organs to keeping your skin strong. In fact, gram for gram, collagen fibrils are stronger than steel! It’s true! That’s why we often recommend treatments like facials and light therapy, because they help your body make more collagen, essentially shedding old cells and replacing them with new cells. It gives your skin a fresh, brighter look. It all depends on you. We consult with each client to determine what their goals are and how we can help them live healthy, beautiful lives with the services we provide. Be on the lookout for additional treatments that we will add to Beautique Medical Spa — I enjoy innovation and I’m always keeping an eye out for what’s next. When I started Beautique Medical Spa in 2002, I was excited to provide people with services that are targeted and customized to their skin. It’s the combination of art and science that I enjoy — I combine chemicals already found in our bodies with targeted and careful application, and the results speak for themselves!

Give Your Skin a Boost

Our bodies are amazing, aren’t they? They have the ability to naturally filter out unwanted toxins, repair and heal themselves, and produce hormones that keep us energized and looking young. I notice these things every day I see clients who are looking and feeling their best.

As you age, some of those processes slow down, and your appearances change. It might be due to a lack of certain hormones or sun exposure that you had when you were younger. Collagen breaks down and you don’t have as much elastin. Smoking damages collagen, and when collagen is super damaged, it makes it difficult to see the youthful you that was once there. Even being dehydrated and drinking too much coffee can have an impact on your skin. It’s part of life. The good news is your team of experts at Beautique Medical Spa is here to help reverse those negative affects. We have services and tools that are customized to each kind of skin type and condition to find the right one for you. Many of our treatments also use what’s already in your body to help you return to health.

-Dr. Sanchez OWNER, MEDICAL DIRECTOR | 956-664-1234

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