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Meet Ben Hutchinson! Our Musical and Motivated Attorney

D espite my father working for the Unita County Sheriff’s Department and my mentor being a local judge, I figured I was headed for a career in music, not law. I grew up in Evanston, Wyoming, and Judge Mealy and my father gave me an inside view of the legal system. Little did I know just how big their influence would be on me. Judge Mealy was a big jazz fan, and he would round up local high school musicians from the area and create a Dixieland jazz group. I loved playing in that group, and it fostered an appreciation for music in me. When I was in college at Utah State University, I eventually landed on music for my major, but out of pure interest, I took a few political science and sociology courses. I switched my major to law and constitution studies, and I eventually graduated from University of Arkansas Little Rock William H. Bowen School of Law. My time there taught me how to learn and focus on various perspectives, challenging me to think like a lawyer at a young age. The judge I had looked up to for so many years was a juvenile justice, and ironically, I, too, I was hooked.

found myself pulling toward family law. Luckily, I knew a guy.

of fear and anxiety, especially when you throw kids into the mix, but knowing that I have the expertise and resources to create some peace in their lives motivates me to continue. It’s never easy, but closure is possible. In the future, I’d love to delve more into estate planning. I’ve dabbled in it a bit, and in my experience with helping people prepare for lives after divorce, I know I can help people prepare for the future in other ways. When I’m not investing my time and energy into other people’s futures, I’m enjoying my time off with my wife and kiddos. As the parents of a newborn, we have little time for much else, but we do enjoy traveling to various states in the western U.S., visiting local fairs and doing various activities. Elena and I have been married since 2012, and since Rosie arrived in 2013, we’ve loved being parents. We’re excited to see what Calvin will bring to our family. As for my professional life, I’m glad I’ve found a career where I get to help people. I hope to never see you in the office, but if I do, I can guarantee that we will help you.

Kevin Jensen is actually my cousin, and he’s only a few years younger than my father. Being the oldest grandchild, he was always closer with some of the adults in my family. He and my dad were good friends, and I grew up calling him Uncle Kevin. During my time in law school, Kevin and I talked about the possibility of me joining him at the firm. Since then, I’ve had a great experience with Kevin and the team here at the office. Practicing family law is a strange mixture of emotional, stressful, and gratifying experiences. As a husband and father to two young kids, being a divorce attorney can be a bit of a conundrum, but this only makes me want to be a better husband. I’ve learned to designate family time and work time separately, giving me ample time to devote to my wife, Elena, and our two kids, 5-year-old Rosie and Calvin, our infant. As emotional and distressing as it can be, I’ve also seen how much this profession can help people. We are introduced to people who are going through one of the hardest things they will ever experience, and we can physically see the stress piling on their shoulders. There’s a lot

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