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Socially Secure Social Media Reminders for Parents

Social media has

and could even affect job interviews or future relationships. It’s still possible for you to foster a sense of privacy in the digital age, but it’s important to respect what your child deems private information. After all, it’s their future. Consider these rules before you share. 1. ASK YOUR CHILD’S PERMISSION. If they can speak, then they can speak for themselves. Children love to see photos of themselves, but they may also be aware of what they are and aren’t comfortable with, even at a young age. 2. LIMIT THE NUDITY. Everyone loves a beach day, but think twice before posting swimsuit or skinny-dipping pictures. Opt to post safer photos, like the family posing prior to fun in the sun. 3. CHECK YOUR SETTINGS. Your privacy settings may be exposing your family to more people than you know, and if you feel the need to share every minute of your child’s day her a leadership position over 220 missionaries from across the world. It was her job to help them with problem solving and training, and it sparked an interest in helping others. Emily offers a 10-step program that provides an outline to help her clients thrive after a divorce. These steps, and her empowering techniques, focus on moving forward without dwelling on the past. She also hosts her own podcast and YouTube channel, offers referrals to therapists, and serves as a resource for faith leaders to refer parishioners to. Despite the emotions that come with her services, Emily says her gratification comes from hearing how she has helped others. Recently, a client who was working through a stressful divorce where trust and infidelity were affecting her child called Emily to let her know that one of Emily’s podcasts had made a profound impact on her. This woman was too scared to listen at first, but when she listened, she began bawling. The information was exactly what this client needed to hear.

online, making these settings airtight will protect your children and their reputations.

been making the world smaller than ever.

The distance among cross-country relatives and friends shrinks with each post or Skype call. And instant updates from loved ones are particularly valuable during the holidays. That Christmas morning video call means Grandma and Grandpa get to see their grandkids in their new holiday outfits, but so can online predators. According to digital and safety experts, half of the photos filtered onto the darknet are stolen from parents’ social media accounts. If these predators are privy to your photos, they’re also able to snag your location and other sensitive information, putting you and your children at physical risk as well. On a less disturbing note, social media content is permanent. Even after you delete a post or a photo, it leaves a digital footprint that could follow your child throughout their education

Consider some of these safe alternatives to regular public posting: 1. TINYBEANS.COM is a secure photo-sharing website for parents of babies and young children. The digital photo album app allows you to share photos with only the people you choose. 2. CREATE A SEPARATE, SECURE GROUP ON FACEBOOK. Family, friends, or coworkers in closed groups can still fawn over their little ones in a personal, safe setting. Despite the dangers your digital life can elicit, you don’t have to avoid the digital world completely. Social media is still a great tool for families to stay connected, as long as you take precautions. Go ahead and brag about your kids online — just be safe and considerate of your child’s wishes. For the sake of her eldest daughter, Emily and her current husband now have a great relationship with her ex and his spouse. Emily and her husband have another daughter and two sons together, and they’re currently expecting a fourth child! As a family, she says they are “fearless goers,” who enjoy traveling, hosting parties, hiking, and being together. We’re proud to partner with Emily to offer our clients a holistic approach to their healing after a divorce. Clients of the Law Offices of Kevin Jensen who are interested in Emily’s services can receive 20 percent off their first three sessions. To learn more about Emily and her divorce coaching, email her at or visit her Facebook page.

After her divorce, Emily Sanchez couldn’t find the resources she needed. She wasn’t depressed, but she was unsure of how to manage the sadness she felt over the loss of her marriage and becoming a single mother to a 1-year-old baby girl. So, Emily took action. She enrolled in Robbins- Madanes training, and the lifelong pianist and musician is now a board-certified life coach with a specialty in helping others after a divorce. Emily’s first experience with coaching came from her missionary work in college. During her mission, she served as the assistant to the president, giving Meet Emily Sanchez Our Partnership With a Dedicated Divorce Coach


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