City Lights March

March, 2017

DeSoto City Lights A Publication of the City of DeSoto Community Relations Department DeSoto Fireϔighters Receive Life Saving Award A group of DeSoto firefighters were recognized at a recent City Council meeƟng for  their efforts in saving the life of Tim McDarby who had experienced a heart aƩack.    DeSoto Fire Rescue was recently awarded $243,000  through FEMA's Assistance to  Firefighter's Grant.  These funds allowed them to purchase new equipment  including four Life Pak Cardiac Monitors and four Lucas 2 Chest Compression  Devices.  The very first emergency call that was received following installaƟon and  training on use of the new equipment was for Mr. McDarby.  Firefighter/ paramedics immediately employed the new equipment upon arriving on scene,  ulƟmately reviving Mr. McDarby.  “If we don’t get a paƟent back within a couple of minutes, the outcome is usually  not good,” said DeSoto Fire Captain Bryan Southard, during his presentaƟon to the  City Council.  “The Lucas devise allows us to conƟnue compressions indefinitely  and Mr. McDarby was revived aŌer nineteen minutes, suffering no long‐term deficits.” 

During the award presentaƟon, Mr. McDarby told the City Council his doctor said “I don’t know how you  made it, but here you are!”  Mr. McDarby and  his family and friends pictured here were 

obviously very appreciaƟve and happy to take  part in presenƟng the Life Saving Awards.   Those honored include; Firefighter Alvin  Skelton, Firefighter Kennedy Mullens,  Firefighter Brandon Kennedy, Firefighter  Weston White and Captain Bryan Whitacre.  The Lucas devices have been installed on all  four of DeSoto’s ambulances allowing exisƟng 

equipment to be moved to the fire apparatus.  Since all DeSoto Fire personnel serve in the dual capacity of  firefighter and cerƟfied paramedic, the installaƟon of cardiac monitors to our fire apparatus upgrades them  to Paramedic Engine status.  This allows the personnel on an engine to provide the same cardiac monitoring  as the ambulances.  Transport to the hospital conƟnues to be accomplished by ambulances.  The Lucas devices have been shown to substanƟally increase survivability in a cardiac event. “They replace  manual compressions allowing safer and more efficient use of manpower,” said DeSoto Fire Chief Jerry  Duffield.   

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