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issue no 36 | July 2011

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sets. However, there are a couple of secrets about what employees want from training and development opportunities. Employees appreciate the chance to develop knowledge and skills and organizations need to customize the job training employees receive to workplace needs, norms, and culture. Internal job training and employee development bring a special plus wherein Management Development Programmes make a significant mark for employee growth as well as retention. Companies have realized that they may have over-invested in training senior managers and top level managers and under-invested in the frontline. MDPs are extremely important, in today’s times. The only constant today is change and if employees have to succeed in a constantly changing environment, then management training is very important. Learning and development has come a long way in organizational context. From a humble apprenticeship to classroom and outdoor-activity based learning, to assessment centres and centres of excellence and online virtual classrooms. However, the excitement in the industry today is palpable and shows signs of scaling greater heights of business impact.


Pradyumna Kulkarni

OUTPERFORMING THROUGH MDP Pradyumna Kulkarni is currently working at Samudra Electronic

System Pvt. Ltd. He is an EnTC engineer with an MBA in operations management.

He shares a passion for travelling and interacting with people across cultures. His job role allows him to explore various facets of human resource management, a field in which he holds great interest.

and the best people to bring about such improvements are the technical staff. For this to happen, the technical staff needs to understand what management wants from them. For e.g. a technical staff from an electronics company may be excellent in placing the components on the circuit board but does he think of solutions which can reduce the component count, thus reducing the cost of the product? A Managerial Development Programme (MDP) is very useful to induce such thinking by opening his ‘thinking box’. It makes him aware of how and where he can effectively contribute. He feels valued, enjoys work and becomes more productive. It also makes it easier for the management to implement new decisions, with minimum resistance from the staff. Thus, MDP is very important strategically. With shared vision and goal congruence achieved as a result of such a programme, the company can surely outperform itself and its competitors.

Only few soldiers out of thousands become legends. They win battles for their kingdom, showing admirable courage and lightning fast thinking. Their distinguishing qualities are – they share the vision of their sovereign and they have the right attitude and gear to act. Every army seeks such warriors! Technical staff is the crux of operations in any organization. They are highly skilled in their work and know the company’s products/services very closely. After sufficient experience and proven excellence, technical staffs are usually promoted to a managerial level. Now his role changes from a doer to a supervisor, who has to get the work done efficiently. When a person with little or no managerial training is promoted, he won’t be able to bring any significant improvement in work since his perspective and knowledge would remain the same, despite his new role.

In this competitive era, small but continuous improvements (Kaizen) in a company are necessary for its survival/sustenance

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