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issue no 36 | July 2011


Neha Kamat


Neha Kamat - Consultant, Atyaasaa Consulting Pvt. Ltd., has a post graduate diploma and is a Gold medalist in the field of Human Resources. She is also a DISC certified behavioral analyst. She uses her analytical skills to apply management knowledge in dynamic business context and facilitate people to bring out the best in themselves. She aspires to gain expertise and contribute in all facets of HR.

Managers require more than technical skills to become successful in the corporate world; they should master the management fundamentals and practice certain behavioural competencies. Expertise in technical skills only helps managers’ perform the routine functional task with highest efficacy. However, the behavioural competencies are essential to drive results through people and be able to work under challenging ambiguous situations. Thus, even the best techies need to augment their management knowledge, people skills and success competencies to evolve as proficient managers in the organization. Atyaasaa presents a specially designed Management Development Programme (MDP) to ensure that you can manage and lead teams/departments in the organization proficiently. This programme is divided into various modules to ensure step wise learning and retention. The first few modules focussing on self development and communication ensure that you exude personal effectiveness. The modules on teams, basic management, result orientation and customer focus makes you proficient in delivering value though people. The last couple of

modules inculcate the leadership and coaching ability, to ensure that people capability is nurtured to create success for you and the organization. MDP has been designed taking into cognizance the adult learning principles and developed to be highly experiential in nature. Programme pedagogy is a fusion of e-learning modules and classroom sessions encompassing multimedia tools, case studies, group activities, etc. The duration of this programme ranges between six months to a year. This intensely rigorous programme helps you discover, develop and nurture the managerial success attributes. Thus, it is recommended for all the technical people who currently are or aspire for management positions in organizations.

A psychometric profiling tool on seven highly researched professional competencies. It aids in exploring your latent strengths and weaknesses and maps your competencies around your personality type. This is a standardized tool validated across multiple geographies and cultures. PSYCHOMETRIC PROFILING

Find the link to this tool here: http://psychometricprofiling.atyaasaa.com/

BEAN STATEMENT “An increased speed of response and critical thinking is the need of the hour”

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