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info@voltea.com www.voltea.com +1.469.620.0133 How can we help your winery? Bottle Washing CapDI tunably deionizes wine bottle rinse water (spot-free rinse) to ensure quality of your brand. Industrial Equipment Feedwater Our systems remove hardness from your process feedwater to guarantee system performance and longevity. TDS Removal for Wastewater Treatment CapDI recovers up to 90% of effluent with minimal pre-treatment requirements and low chemical and power usage. CapDI © Technology: The Wine Industry Voltea’s CapDI Systems provide clean, pure water through tunable deionization for an array of applications within the wine industry. Irrigation Water Treatment Tunable TDS removal allows the optimal selection of sodium and minerals for your crop’s irrigation water.

The wine industry, as any agricultural based industry, is a large consumer of water. Water is used in many parts of the wine-making process and opens the industry up to vulnerability during times of water scarcity, and the problem is only set to become worse. It is a globally recognized threat that access to clean water is becoming scarcer as well as more expensive. Therefore, many are investing now in water reuse solutions to help reduce their water footprint and make them less dependent on outside factors, reducing the risk to their business.

From the vine to the bottle, water is used in all parts of the wine-making process. q Vine Irrigation 16-92 gal/bottle of wine ..

Growing grapes requires a large volume of water, varying significantly depending on the location and grape variety. It has been reported that anywhere between 16 and 92 gallons of irrigation water is required to produce one bottle of wine. During the production of wine, water is used as process water as well as for washing and cleaning. It is estimated that the use of water is four times the amount of wine produced. It is in this area that there has been great interest in implementing wastewater treatment technologies to allow the reuse of the water. Once wine has been produced it must be packaged. Many may not consider it, but water is also used heavily in this stage for washing, cleaning, and spot- free rinse for quality branding purposes.

q Winery q Bottle .. . .

4:1 water to wine Process and cleaning

1000’s gal start-up/ shut-down sanitation 100’s kgal/year for barrel rinsing

Benefits of CapDI for the Wine Industry: • Low fouling potential • No chemicals required • Built-in remote monitoring and control • No additional discharge permits required

• Automated cleaning-in-place; minimal maintenance • Dramatic OpEx savings from low energy consumption • Tunable desalination- choose your desired removal rate • Up to 90% water recovery; reduces impact to municipal water sources and aquifers • Modular systems allow easy expansion to meet increased water demands

Industrial Series 12 (IS-12H) System

CapDI is the enviromentally responsible solution to water reuse and desalination for the wine industry!

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