Voltea CapDI For The Wine Industry

CapDI © Technology: The Wine Industry

Voltea’s CapDI systems provide clean, pure water through tunable deionization for an array of applications within the wine industry. Irrigation Water Treatment Tunable TDS removal allows the optimal selection of sodium and minerals for your crop’s irrigation water.

TDS Removal for Wastewater Treatment

CapDI recovers up to 95% of effluent with minimal pre-treatment requirements and low chemical and power usage.

Industrial Equipment Feedwater

Our systems remove hardness from your process feedwater to guarantee system performance and longevity.

info@voltea.com www.voltea.com +1.469.620.0133 How can we help your winery? Bottle Washing CapDI tunably deionizes wine bottle rinse water (spot-free rinse) to ensure quality of your brand.

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