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No one wants to hear these three words: “You have cancer.” It’s a bone- chilling diagnosis that has unfortunately hit many people and families. When it comes to helping patients with cancer at The Livewell Clinic, we often see them when they’ve already received a diagnosis. They come in wondering how they can address the disease, but at our clinic, we want to address their current circumstances and help them reach their optimal health. The best way to fight cancer is to actively work to prevent it. You should feel free to live the best and happiest life you can without worrying constantly about cancer, but part of living your healthiest life is creating a proactive plan to sustain your body. At The Livewell Clinic, we help patients set up plans for healthy stress management, food consumption, and lifestyle changes, and while this won’t ensure a 100 percent chance you’ll avoid cancer, all of these tactics can be vital in helping you stave off the diagnosis. I often think of health like a timeline, and on that timeline, there are black boxes of diagnosable diseases. Those boxes manifest differently and with varying severity in each person, but each diagnosis has the potential to alter your life. Cancer is one of those black boxes; it’s definable and what medicine works to treat. However, cancer can be prevented. According to research, about 80 percent of cancers are preventable by simply avoiding consumption of certain materials in our air, water, earth, and food. Granted, some of this is unavoidable, but you are in control of what you put into your body. We encourage patients to come to us for a lifestyle change to aid in this prevention, so we can work to catch them before they enter those black boxes. Our goal is to prepare and equip them with the proper tools to fight off infections and inflammation the best way they can. Your health may have different components, but each piece is connected. Changing the way you eat and maintaining a proper work-life balance can improve your

overall health, making your body stronger. The goal of our treatments is to be proactive rather than reactive.

For our patients with a cancer diagnosis, we work with them to find the weak spots in their body’s strength, the strategies it’s using to fight back, and what areas we can improve. At the clinic, we also offer a vitamin C treatment, aimed at squelching the progression of cancer. This treatment has shown great success in studies. We also offer the IvyGene Test to help patients better monitor their health for early cancer detection. The test has been widely studied and can detect cancer early. Learn more about the test on the inside of this month’s newsletter. Keep in mind that we’re not a cancer treatment or cure center; rather, we’re a health clinic. Some of our patients come in looking for help in their fight, while others are looking for comfort and happiness after receiving devastating news. No matter what your situation is, we can help you fight to lead a healthier, happier life.

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