King's Business - 1925-01

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T he K ing ’ s B usiness Motto: “ I, the Lord, do keep it; I Will water it every moment: lest any hurt it, I will keep it night and day." Isaiah 27:3. PUBLISHED MONTHLY BY AND REPRESENTING THE BIBLE INSTITUTE OF LOS ANGELES

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TH IS MAGAZINE stan d s fo r th e Infallible W ord of God, an d for its g re a t fundam ental doctrines. . . t a ca u ain t ITS PUR PO SE is to stren g th en th e faith of all believers, in all th e w orld; to s tir th e ir h e a rts to engage in definite C h ristian w r k , to acq u ain t them w ith the v a rild w ork of th e Bible In stitu te of Los A ngeles; and to w ork in harm ony an d fellow ship w ith them in m agnifying the person and w ork of o u r L ord Jesu s C hrist, a n d th u s h a ste n H is com ing. _________________ _ ____________ ________ __ Volume XVI January, 1925 Number M M I j H

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Editorials Record Reflections .......................-.......................................................... Loyalty to our Lo rd .................................................................................. A rmoured and A rm ed ................................... -........................................ The P reacher and the . People....................................... .................... Best Books vs. Baneful Books.............................................................. The City of T adm o r............................................................... -................. Lads and Lassies.............. ............:— Contributed Articles Educating Moral Idiots (Reprint from the Los Angeles Times) The Mouse in the Meal— Dr. Charles Roads............................-....... The Importance of Bible Doctrine— Dr. F. E. Marsh...................... The Language of a Layman on the O ld-Fashioned Religion — James J. Davis ............... ............... -........;........ -...........-........... Titles are Sometimes Misleading—-W . A. Fisher............................. The Fundamentals— Dr. David Jam es Burrell............................... Vulnerable Points in the Evolution Theory (P a rt II) —-Dr. Leander S. Keyser ........................................... .................. Pulpit Notices Old and New— Rev. J. Ernest Jones.................. Fine Gold (A Serial S tory) Josephine Hope W estervelt........................ Current Comment ..................................................................................... -....... Our Bible Institute in Hunan Province (C h in a ).......................................... Evangelistic Departm ent (Interesting Soul Winning Stories from Real Experience).................................................... Pointers fo r Preachers and Teachers (Hom iletical H e lp s ).................. The Fam ily Circle (F o r Fellowship and Intercession).......... ........-------- Practical Methods of Personal W ork (F o r “Defenders of the Faith” ) Comments on the Christian Endeavor Topics............................................. Children’s G arden .............................................................................................. Outline Studies in the Book of Ju d e .............................................................. Bible Institute Happenings............................................................................... The Chosen People, the Land and the Book............................................ A Captive Delivered .........................................................................................


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RECORD REFLECTIONS Nineteen Twenty Four is gone—twelve months— three hundred and sixty-five days! You have meditated upon it. Looked over your books. Know how much you have made—how much you have saved—how much you have lost.

hearted, fully separated life to His praise and glory. We may profit from the mistakes and failures of 1924, and make 1925 a glorious year, by devoting lip and life to the one great object for which He has saved, separated, and set us apart. Let The King’s Business Family join hands and hearts, and by prayer and praise, with the old Bible

•You have bidden fare­ well to the Old Year, and now you face the New Year. B u t—have you over­ looked one thing? God keeps books. His record of your year is closed. You cannot change that record, neither can He. The blood of Christ cov­ ers our sins, but cannot change the record. Every believer’s work for 1924 must be tried by fire of what sort it is. This is an unchangeable law,—wood, hay, stub­ ble; gold, silver, pre­ cious stones,^the day shall declare it. There is nothing more seriously solemn in all the world than this. Is there, t h e n , no atonement for the past year’s failures and fol­ lies? None! Is there no way to change the mis­ taken investments we made for the L o r d ? None! No way to redeem the wasted time and op­ portunities ! None! If we seek forgiveness, w i l l He not forgive ? Yes! Will He not, then,

as our sword, fight the good fight of faith in defense of its funda­ mental truths, rescuethe perishing all arouttd us, and by every and all means possible make this year a J u b i l e e Year for our loving Lord. LOYALTY TO OUR LORD What do we mean by this term? Just what t h e definition of the word “ loyalty” implies, which is;“ constancy and faithfulness in any rela­ tion : implying trust or confidence; true devo­ tion.” • We are loyal to our country when, we defend its constitution. When “ The S t a r Spangled Banner” is sung, we rise to our feet and voice our heart’s devotion. How much more should these hearts of ours s u r g e with intense love and adoration of Him who made t h i s country of ours “ the land of the free” ! There is no virtue in

“The King's Business” W r itte n e sp e c ia lly fo r T h e K in g ’s B u sin e ss b y W illiam O lney, E n g la n d . Of what King? Not of Self, for we served it too long, And its service a slavery is: Not S atan ,-^h is “ business” is ju st doing wrong, And would surely deprive us of bliss: Not the World,— for its servants alike testify That its wages are poor a t th e best; In th e h eart of its g reatest attraction s th ere lie D isappointment and failure confessed; We allow, to be kings, these make out a claim, But th e ir service is sin, and th eir wages are shame, The King, whom we serve, was once cruelly crowned W ith a woeful encircling of thorn, Of men, whom He died to redeem, was disowned, And His limbs w ith th e ir iron were to rn : W ith Blood of our King, th a t was shed on the cross, He redeemed us, His servants to be; His “ business” our every though t must engross, F rom all o th er m asters set free: O Thou, who a rt King both of suffering and love, Our service is Thine, both on earth and above! Thy “ business,” our King, soon as ever we wake, Day by day is to own we are Thine: A whole-hearted, w illing su rrend er to make F o r Thy work,-—Thought, Speech, Action, combine. Thy principal “business” is our holiness; To m irror Thy likeness around; And th e wandering world w ith our witness to bless, ' T h at low a t Thy feet it be found: Our business for Jesus is ever to bring The sinful and strayed to the Cross of our King.

change the record? No! The Book is closed and sealed, and it will be opened when we stand in His presence. If, in place of the gold of service we turned in hay; if, for silver we rendered wood; and, instead of pre­ cious stones, brought stubble,—the record must stand. We are sad when we consider the waste of wealth and time,—and we should betS-but what is the lesson we should learn? Redeem the time! We may live another year, by His grace. We may be spared for His service. We may make it a good year for Him,—bringing in sheaves, building up others in the faith, bestowing our gifts for soUl-saving service, living a clean-cut, single­

half-hearted loyalty to any cause. Men who salute the flag because it is the custom to do so are not patriots; they are parasites. There is no sincerity in such- a salute. But when the hat is lifted, and the heart pulses strong, and the voice is raised in glad acclaim, these are the expression of true, patriotic ardor. How is it in reference to our loving Lord? Does your heart warm when you hear His name ? Does your heart beat faster? Does your soul lift its voice in praise? Does every fibre of your being thrill with tumultuous joy when He is lifted upff-when He is magnified?, Does your will yield to the will of the Holy Spirit when He desires to take the things of Jesus and show them unto you?


January 1925

TH E K I N G ’ S


which overcometh the world. “ The helmet of salva­ tion ’ife^the hope of our salvation. “ And the sword of the Spirit”—God’s Word. Here is the picture of the child of God as a warrior and the armor( fully described. Clothed from head to feet,—a ll the powers of the mind covered by the helmet of salvation; the loins girt with truth; the heart pro­ tected with the righteousness of Christ; standing and walking with Gospel shod feet; holding the shield of faith to break the fiery darts of the wicked one; in his hand the Word of God—a mighty sword; with lips breathing out a holy prayer and eyes open to the needs of a sin-sick world and to the demons of hell alive and alert to hinder,—God’s warrior, fully protected within and without, strong in the Lord and in the power of His might, seeking to save the lost, fighting the good fight of faith, loving and praying for all of God’s children everywhere! What is more inspiring? What is more needed? THE PREACHER AND THE PEOPLE For some years we have been seeking reliable infor­ mation concerning the scholastic status of our Sunday School teachers, believing from long experience that the greater proportion of them had not had anything beyond a High School education. We now have gov­ ernment statistics which will throw light upon the gen­ eral educational status of church members in the United States and will help to answer the question of whether or not we have had a wrong conception of the training required by prospective preachers in order to prepare them to minister to the needs of the average church membership. “T hat only one out of every 100 hoys entering the graded schools goes th rough college Is th e ra th e r sta rtlin g state­ m ent made by the U. S. Bureau of Education. The Bureau states the situation in a nutshell, as follows: 100 boys in th e F ifth Grade dwindle to 82 in th e Sixth. They sh rink to 71 in th e Seventh. This leaves bu t 63 to complete the G rammar School, or E ighth Grade. Economic conditions'are such th a t only 34 sta rt th e first year in High School; 24 finish the year as Sophomores; Note that ONLY ONE out of every ONE HUNDRED boys entering the graded schools goes through college. What proportion, think you, of our ordinary congrega­ tion have ever been even college students? Over sixty per cent of children of school age never enter the High School; eighty-seven per cent of those who enter High School never graduate; only seven out of the hundred enter college. Is our church membership, then, largely composed of the—so-called—common people? If so, what is the great essential for those who are to minister to them the Gospel? Is it not a knowledge of God’s Word? What is the purpose of the church gathering? Is it to listen to an essayist deliver a message which belongs to the lecture platform? Has there ever heen any change in the constituency of the true church assem­ bly? Has it n 6 t always been composed of those whom the Bible speaks of in Mark 12:37: “ And the common people heard Him gladly” ? 18 qualify as Jun io rs; 13 secure a diploma; 7 of these en ter College; 5 re tu rn and finish the second year; 3 are able to qualify for th e senior year, and 1 out. of th e original 100 is g raduated from College.”

Is it “ hat off—head up—heart pulsing” when He gives the marching orders and says, “ Follow Me and I will make you fishers of men?” Is there a spring in your .steps, a smile on your face, a glad response in your heart as you sing, “ Where He leads me I will fol­ low ; what He commands I will do ?” He gave His life for you. Have you a holy willing­ ness to give your life to Him? What is included in loyalty to Christ?. Is it the supreme surrender to the privilege of being with Him, like Him, for Him always and everywhere? Loving Him, living for Him, laying down our lives—if need be—in His behalf? Are we His loyal disciples? Then let us enter into the year before us,—strong, sturdy, separate soldiers. Let us wait on Him, listen to Him, work for Him, and welcome Him—if He comes. 1 ARMOURED AND ARMED In Paul’s wonderful epistle to the Ephesians, in the sixth chapter, we have three suggestive pictures! First—a family scene, with a message to children and parents, designed to insure a healthy, happy home, Children, be loyal to your parents; obey the law of the home. Parents, teach your children the Word of God: compel obedience, but also cultivate a loving fel­ lowship in the Lord. The home is the foundation:of good citizenship. The second-scene is that of a busy business life—of the employer and employee. Servants, recognize the authority of your employers; cut out the ‘‘eye service ’’ so prevalent and substitute for it the “ single-eye ser­ vice”, working in harmony with those who are in authority over you to bring about the best possible results. Employers, do the same with your employees. If you consider their interests you will promote your own and command the blessing of God. Parents and children, employer and employee, are on a common plane in God’s sight and all must give account for their life service, whatever and wherever it may be. Finallylpgrouping all together, the admonition for all, as a household of faith, is “ Arm yourselves for life ’s battle”,—for life must be recognized as-a con­ flict. The devil was alive in Adam?s day, and the beauty and splendor of Eden was the:; battle ground. The evil one worked his wicked devices to spoil God’s new creation, as he had done with the original creation. He was alive in Noah?s day and God was compelled to wash out the evil of the world with a flood and purge it for another trial with Noah and his family. But God did not destroy Satan and Noah and his fam­ ily were subject to his alluring, enticing, insidious operations which have never ceased. The devil succeeded in hanging the Son of God upon the cross, and all of the powers of his Satanic mind, together with all the efforts of his host of followers, are now directed to the business of spoiling the lives of those who follow Jesus Christ. That is why Paul gives the command to the soldiers of the cross, “ Put on the prepared (whole) armour of God for the con­ flict of life.” These are evil days. We know it. Therefore, gird your loins with truth. Christ says, “ I am the Truth.” Put on the breastplate of righteousness. You have none of your own, for “ there is none righteous; no, not one.” Christ is our righteousness. “ Feet shod with the gospel of peace”—the peace message to a lost world. “ The shield of faith.” Faith is the victory


TH E K I N G ’ S


January 1925

that our Book Room has had a great mission and through it we have reached thousands throughout the world for we have what is recognized as the largest retail exclusively religious book store in the country. We covet the prayers of our friends in behalf of this ministry. LADS AND LASSIES How: we love the lads and lassies! God bless them! We love to see them. We love to talk to them. We love to tell them the story, so strange yet so sweet to their ears, that Christ Jesus was crucified upon the cross for them, and to see their faces brighten as they listen, and hear their voices say.“ yes” to the invitation to receive Him as their own Savior. But there are so many of them who have never been told of His wonderful love for them. Christ said, ‘‘Suf­ fer them to come unto me, ’’—but fathers and mothers do not obey the command, and allow Satan, to snare them, poison their young minds, and wean them away from the path that leads to pastures green and beside the still waters. • Do you know,- parents,, that Satan has his servants at work as never before in our own beloved land? Do you know that they are selling children in the grade schools candy and chewing gum which contain dope, thus creating an appetite that dooms them, body and, soul, to destruction? It is so, but' fathers, and mothers are so occupied with so many things that there is no time for home life with their children. We often wish that we had a “ loud speaker” and/ through it could reach the whole land with the warning, “ Parents! beware! your chil­ dren are in danger!” . Some kinds of dope will do more in a week’s time to despoil the body and degrade the mind than a century could, cure. “And, ye fathers, provoke n o t your children to w rath , b u t bring them up in th e n u rtu re and adm onition of th e Lord.” How we wish that every little lad and lassie in this land could be under the tutorage of Mrs. Meader, the wise and efficient editor of “ The Children’s Garden” .(Page 25). If your child is not already interested in it, read it for yourself and get a vision of what it is possible to do in the .way of interesting children in Bible study. THE CITY OF TADMOR We have on our desk an attractive little pamphlet by Dr. W. B. Hinson, Pastor of the East Side Baptist Church, Portland, Oregon, containing a sermon with a text: “ And Solomon *** built Tadmor in the wilderness.” (2 Chronicles 8 :3, 4.) A sermon? Yes, a poem—a sketch—a landscape— full ■of beautiful scenes—-enticingH-exhilarating,—yes, and sterling and strong also. Words are woven into a story inspiring for the sinner and inspirational to the saints. Only one criticism: Too short. We wanted to stay in that wonderful city awhile longer! Pastors—give it to your people. Sunday School Superintendents—give it to your teachers. Teachers— give it to your scholars for Christmas. Order from Biola Book Room.

There is room and place for more than all of the college graduates in the various walks of life, but if the church is to be the specific place for worship and is to be. built up and strengthened in the Word of God, is it not the definite work of the minister to know and declare that Word? Is the weakness of the ministry today a lack of Bible knowledge, and is there hope of better things for the Church without a more specific training of young men and women in the ONE ESSENTIAL,—God’s unerring and unchangeable'Word? Do not these statistics constitute an appeal for a larger ministry of the Word of God in our assemblies and le ss' effort to gratify the supposed intellectual tastes of the people rather to satisfy their souls’ needs? “ Back to the Bible!” and “ Back to the principles and practices of the early church!” should be the church’s cry. “ Back to the simplicity of faith!” “ Back to.a sincere love for the Lord and His Word!” “ Back to a sacrificial life of effort to spread the Gospel so that-hungry-hearted people everywhere may have the Bread of Life!” ■ “ Give YE them to eat.” (Matthew 14:16.) BEST BOOKS vs. BANEFUL BOOKS All so-called “ religious books” are not religious in the true sense of the word. Neither are they necessar­ ily “ good books,’! and many of them are very far from being “ best books.” Some are, indeed, bad books. As we have been in the book business for a number of years, we have been compelled to make a study of this subject and are confident that our . statement is true. Solomon said: “ Of making many books there is no end” , and John said, “ And there are also many other things which Jesus did, the which, if they should be written every one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that should be written. ’’ Certainly the flood is at high tide now. Times have changed conditions and books have changed. We have had an increasing, volume of trade and as the volume increases we are compelled to use more and more care in. reviewing the books offered for sale. Some writers are good men but they do not ring true to the funda­ mentals, and we cannot carry any book which is in any way tainted, because our obligation to our statement of doctrine demands it, and because it is so often the case that a bit of poison injected into the mind produces a heart affection which results in a ruined life. There were never before so many subtly pernicious books, but there were never so many valuably good books. The call has been so clear and definite that many men have been constrained to respond and are meeting the need with productions which are construc­ tively true, clear cut expositions of Bible truth, cover­ ing every possible demand upon the part of pastors and people. We started our Biola Book Room in a humble way with the slogan “ Best Books” and have consistently striven to maintain that standard. Mr. Revell once told the writer that a retail religious book business would never pay a profit or even meet expenses, and we hafe found this to be true; but we' have also found



t.---------- ii.

j “T T TE ARE LIVING in a day in which extremes in religious thought Y Y and teaching are very prevalent. It requires heavenly wisdom to maintain a sound, safe and sane balance. On the one hand there is the extreme of modernism, with its denial of our historic fundamental truths, and on the other, the extreme views concerning Divine healing, tongues, and the baptism with the Holy Spirit taught by many who are otherwise fundamentally sound. “The Bible Institute of Los Angeles has never stood for extremes unless it is extreme conservatism. We have sought always to be Scrip' tural in our presentation of the Word. While we desire to be construe' tive in our work and teaching, there are times when a word of warning may be a duty. “Therefore, because of the widespread discussion concerning Divine healing, tongues and the baptismwith the Holy Spirit, as evidenced by ‘McPhersonism 1 and other extreme teachings, and because many of our friends are confused along these lines, we desire to state our position as follows: “x. Divine healing. We have always taught it and many times practiced it, but we do not approve of wholesale public healing meetings where large numbers of infirm people are necessarily sent away dis- appointed. “ 2 . Tongues. We find no Scriptural basis for the present day mani­ festation of the so-called gift of tongues, which is usually accompanied by intense emotionalism which renders its devotees less fit, physically at least, for Christian service. “ 3 . Baptismwith theHoly Spirit. We most heartilybelieve in andteach that the Third Person of the Trinity is. the One who empowers the Christian to live a life of victory and service. Whether His empowering be called a baptism, an infilling or an enduement is not essential. The essential thing is that He should thoroughly control the life of every Christian. “In some religious gatherings, meetings are held in which the people tarry and pray for the gift of the Holy Spirit. It is commonly reported, however, that in some of those meetings those present have been guilty of disorderly conduct unbecoming Christian people, and having a tend­ ency to bring the religion of Jesus Christ into disrepute. We therefore believe that all Christians should be warned against these practices as being without any Scriptural basis to support them. “We would therefore urge our fellow-believers to stand fast in the faith, to hold without compromise the essential doctrines of Christianity, and to avoid becoming entangled in these extreme practices which tend to lead off into by-paths.” tr J

The foregoing statement is printed in pursuance of a resolution adopted at a regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the Bible Institute of Los Angeles held November 7th, 1924.


TH E K I N G ’ S


January 1925




C o n t r i b u t e d A r t i c l e s n n n n n c S Hîlq?q?TOgff^q?S?q?q?TOq?q?q?q?TOq?S?S?-?q?q?1?1i?li?gSB5g5B5g5g5g5g5g5E5g5HSg5H5H5;5B5E555BSH5g5B5E5g5S5B5g5g5g5ag5g5g5E5HSH5B5g52Sg5;555B5g5g5B5E5BSg5Z5H5a Educating Moral Idiots I t is enlightening sometimes to look a t world conditions from th e viewpoint of th e secular press. The following editorial which appeared in th e “Los Angeles. Times” contains much food fo r though t in connection w ith th e p resen t wave of crime and lawlessness in our land, p articu larly among th e young.

terrib le deed would have been impossible.” Is the mere breeding of a boy th e end of a m an’s responsibility in a home? Why should not a fath e r as well as th e m other teach his child the high sanctities and responsibilities of life? The factor of money in our civilization is to be measured by th e wholesome influence it has on hum an life. Does it make its possessor more law-abiding? Does it make him a

LL the • decent m inds of th e country have been sta rtled and sickened by an unim aginable crime comm itted by members of the stud en t body of a g reat university. Two b rillian t idiot students for more th an a year made a “ study” of th e most b ru tal method of comm itting m urder on a harm less and inoffensive boy. Notw ithstanding th e ir attainm en ts in chem istry, th e ir facil­

better neighbor? Does it make him more use­ ful to th e honorable business in stitu tion s of his community? Does it make him a more reliable American cit­ izen? If it does not do one or all of these things it is a deadly peril. Money is like any other g reat power, such as fire, electricity, or w ater. If m isap­ plied it is a menace. There is a h ea rt hun­ ger which m o n e y never satisfies. As proof, w itness th e list of suicides of m illion­ aires’ sons and daugh­ ters. Out of respect for th e innocent we w i t h h o l d n a m e s w h i c h we k n o w . Babson is surely rig h t in his constant insis­ tence th a t rich men and w o m e n do a w rong and dangerous th ing to th e ir sons and daughters in tu rn ing over indiscrim inately/ riches w h i c h these children h a v e n o t earned. Few such sons a n d d augh ters a r e either wise enough or unselfish enough to

ity in s e v e r a l lan­ guages, and th e ir so- called scholastic a t­ tainm ents, none b u t a moral idiot could have though t th e beastly th ing they d i d was sm art. This sickening tra g ­ edy would not be wor­ thy in itself so much consideration if it did not throw th ree of the g reatest factors of civ­ ilization u p o n t h e screen. These th ree factors are home train ­ ing, money, and educa­ tion. When righ tly adm inistered they are so im po rtan t as prop­ erly to be called pil­ lars of civilization. A nurse who had spent about two years in the home of one of the m urder monstrosities said th a t he did not lace his own shoes till he was 14 years of age. She also testified th a t he had a wonder­ ful mother who, pre­ sumably, died while he was yet a child. She said he was sm art mentally, b u t was al­ lowed to grow up with th e dom inant idea th a t

Protected by Óèótge MatthewAdattisi

make proper use of such wealth. Doubtless noble and wise sons and daughters of wealth could be pointed out. But th e re are others. Their records are in th e news pages. II. We have arrived at a tim e when th e word “ education” must be definitely qualified. Of w hat kind is it? In what

somebody must constantly be in his service and m ust be ex­ ploited fo r his own selfish pleasure. Was th ere any fath er in th a t home during those years? Or was th e man who sired him simply a business man who came and went? Did he try to show his child th e difference between rig h t and w rong? The nurse says: “ If th e boy’s mother had lived the

January 1925

T H E K I N G ’ S



though t in it which would underm ine C hristian citizenship? Prof. Todd’s book belittled th e social teaching of Jesus as compared w ith th a t of certain German propagandists. On certain of our high school buildings is w ritten in con­ spicuous letters: “The education of th e youth is th e foun­ dation of th e S tate.” Well, th a t altog ether depends on how and in w hat they are educated. If you mean education in honor, in principles of justice, in th e square deal, in kind­ ness, in neighborliness, in a clean conscience, in righteous­ ness, in patriotism , in first-class Christian citizenship, then, and not otherw ise, will “The education of th e you th” be “th e foundation of th e S tate” . W hat avails chem istry w ithout character? W h at use has mathem atics w ithout manhood? Who can tru s t th e sharp m entality of a moral idiot? We have all had our pity stirred by Dr. H ale’s story of “The Man w ithout a Coun­ try ” , bu t the man w ithout a conscience is worse. IV W anted: Schools th a t teach th e essential worth of the hum an soul. W anted: Colleges th a t pu t first in importance conscience and character. W anted: Universities th a t regard g reat souls as of more importance th an g reat sprinters. The citizens who support these educational in stitu tion s have the moral, th e financial, and th e civil rig h t to expect from them “F irs t things first” . Real people are getting tired of education, so called, th a t stops sh o rt of th e rea l thing. And education th a t stops sho rt of conscience, char­ acter,. and courageous citizenship is not th e real thing. It is even a dangerous thing. The duller th e knife in the hands of a fool th e better. It is dangerous to fu rn ish an idiot w ith a loaded gun. L et the guardians and th e con­ servators of our Christian American civilization beware of th e educated moral idiot and of any in stitu tion th a t fosters conditions to produce him— or, her.

direction does it lead? W hat is the stud en t going to do w ith his sharpened weapons? Is he going to wreck a bank? Is he going to hold up a train ? Is he going to set fire to a city? Is he going to m urder his neighbor? Is he going to dynam ite a g reat news p lan t th a t stands for a square deal in the labor world? W hat does it mean to be. “ educated” ? Let some diction­ ary man speak out. Let some university president tell us w hether it means to respect the Constitution of th e United States, or to sneer a t certain p arts of it which you do not personally like. The supporters of our schools, colleges, and universities have a reason and a rig h t to ask th e presi­ dents and in stru cto rs in these in stitu tion s w hat they really mean by education. We know th e etymology of th e word. We m ust have something b etter th an th a t. We know it means “ lead o u t” , “ lead fo rth ” . But Chicago and th e rest of th e country are asking now w ith a new emphasis: “What is it th a t th e university is going to lead out— a moral idiot or a sane citizen w ith a conscience?” If sensible men are to be asked for m illions to endow th e Chicago University and other schools, these men are going to ask w ith fresh in terest and emphasis: “W hat so rt of citizens are you going to tra in in your university? Are you going to lay more stress on chem istry th a n you do on ch aracter?” “Are you going to fan th e cen tral fires of th e universe called God and the hum an conscience, or are you going to have sneering professors who make ligh t of these everlasting v erities?” The men who give money to educational in stitu tion s have a rig h t to ask these questions. And it is th eir duty to demand a satisfactory answer. III. Do we not know th a t a book w ritten by a professor of one of our no rth ern universities and distributed by th e thou ­ sands since th e World W ar began had patches of poison

Us Us Us

Tke Mouse in the Meal R ep rin t of an ed ito rial by “C. R .” (Dr. Charles Roads) in “The E astern M ethodist” of which Dr. L. W. Munhall— th e sta lw art old Methodist w arrior— is editor. B T was a Modernist theological professor who shouted in a recen t speech: “ I don’t believe in heresy hunting, nor in calling men to account for theological beliefs. I t is like getting an expensive ploited them— such heresies are not whispered in corners now nor vociferated in infidel clubs, bu t orated from Meth­ odist, Baptist, and P resbyterian pulpits, and given in set lessons from college and sem inary chairs.

It is Voltaire, Tom Paine, and Octavius F ro th ingham ru n ­ ning banners of th e ir unbelief to th e m asthead of th e old ship Zion. They have run them up in foreign missions so th a t Moslem newspapers rejoice in th e su rrend er of such m issionaries to w hat was always, they say, Mohammedan belief about Jesus. Such m issionaries now also say th a t Mohammed, Confucius, Buddha, and Jesus are all g reat prophets! W hat then about heresies displacing th e Gos­ pel itself— heresies him ting Christians— and runn ing them out? Are tru e and m artyr-spirited believers in Christ to lie down under all th a t? To care nothing when Christ is dis­ honored and put to shame? The professor is too near-sighted. It is no t a mouse in th e meal simply soiling its pu rity ; it is a noxious reptile making of it a deadly poison. The pure meal of th e Gospel teaching about th e n atu re of Christ is th a t “He was con­ ceived by the Holy Ghost, born of th e V irgin Mary,” and if th is is corrupted to mean born of Joseph or Mary or worse, th is altern ative concerning Jesus Christ is too blasphemous (Continued on page 46)

cat to chase a mouse in the meal.” This is a typical stupid Methodist illu stratio n ; for, the mouse being in the meal, w hat would th e professor do w ith it? Cultivate his ta ste to eat mousy meal? Shut his eyes to its existence and imagine it is b etter meal th a n the orthodox b arrel free from a mouse? This he really is doing. And worse, th is meal being— in any clear application of his little parable— th e only meal he has, what a fine mess it becomes w ith no re stra in t a t all on th e sportive mouse! And w ith actually a whole nest of o th er mice in it. There is no dis­ puting tastes, bu t the orthodox man has none for th a t. Let him who will, like it. Did th is easy th ink ing professor, roam ing w ith Modern­ ists in th e superficialities, know th a t th ere is no need a t all of heresy hunting today? In all th e g reat denom inations it is heresy “ flaunting” th a t shocks th e believer. To continue th e professor’s parable, th e mice are running in droves in and out of the precious meal. Heresies— th a t is, w h at th e Church so regarded when the Unitarians ta u g h t them , and Tom Paine and Ingersoll ex­


TH E K I N G ’ S


January 1925

The Importance of Bible Doctrine By Dr. F . E . Marsh, London, England

We count ourselves indeed fo rtu n a te to be able to offer ou r readers th is splendid series of articles— one each m on th of 1925— from th e pen of Dr. Marsh, ed ito r of “The P rophetic W itness” , au th o r of many books, and one of th e ab lest expositors of S cripture of th e p resen t day. Some of th é aspects of th is subject which w ill be discussed by Dr. Marsh w ill be “Divisions of B ible Doctrine” ; “The Scriptures are Complete in Their S tructu re ; “The Scriptures a re United in Their Testimony” , etc. Bead every article and th u s provide yourself w ith th e necessary ammunition fo r th e fight in defense of th e faith. S MONG the many wise and weighty injunctions of P au l to Timothy are these: “Take heed to thy ­ self” , and “Take heed to thy doctrine” . There is an intim ate and v ital connection between the

feeder such as the pigeon. Holmgren reversed th e experi­ m ent by feeding pigeons for a lengthened period on a m eat diet, w ith the resu lt th a t th e gizzard b ecam e'tran sfo rm ed into a carnivorous stomach. Mr. A. R. Wallace mentions the case of a Brazilian parro t which changed its color from green to red or yellow when fed upon the fat of certain fishes. I have seen canaries w ith a red hue about th eir yellow feathers, and on asking th e cause of it was informed th a t it was the resu lt of giving cayenne pepper to th e canar­ ies w ith th e ir food, when they were moulting. W hat is tru e in th e n atu ra l world finds its correspondent in th e sp iritual realm . We become like the thing upon which we feed. An in teresting advertisem ent of a certain cereal was seen a lit­ tle while since, which announced th e words “Tell me w hat you eat, and I ’ll tell you w hat you are” . The tru th of God is; holy in its contents, powerful in its utterance, living in its constituent, pure in its character, righteous in its stru ctu re, Christ-honoring in its revelation, inspiring in its operation, consecrating in its influence, and God-glorifying in its aim ; and as the Word lives in us and operates through us, we shall be holy in natu re, effective in testimony, living in God’s purpose, pure in h eart, righteous in action, Christ-honoring in life, inspired in service, conse­ crated to God, and well-pleasing to Him. 2. DOCTRINE IS DIVINE IN ITS ORIGIN. It is called “ th e doctrine of the Lord” (Acts 1 3 :1 2 ), and Christ, in speaking of th e necessary condition to know God’s tru th says: “My doctrine is not Mine, bu t His th a t sent Me. If any man will do His will he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God” (John 7:16 -17 ). Those who practice w hat Christ commands will soon be convinced of th e Divine character of what He teaches. Behind every objection to accept Christ as God’s revelation will be found, like bad blood beneath a fair skin, a moral reason for the unbelief; whereas as Godet says “F a ith is formed in the soul as the conclusion of a moral experience: the man believes because his h e a rt finds in Jesu s the only effectual means of satisfying the most legitim ate of all its w ants, th a t of holiness” . 3. CHRIST IS THE SUBSTANCE OF DOCTRINE “The doctrine of Christ” (2 John 9:10 ) may mean one of two things, or both, namely: th e teach ing -abou t Christ, or Christ’s own teaching. We may use the sentence as indi­ cating th a t Christ is the substance of th e Word, even as the life in the tree makes it what it is, and is what it is. There was once an a rtist who made a wonderful shield, and worked his own name so cleverly into it, th a t1it could not be removed w ithout destroying th e shield. The Bible is like th a t shield: Christ is so identified w ith it, th a t He can­ not be taken away w ithout destroying th e whole. The W ritten Word reveals the Living Word, and the Living Word makes known th e Living God. The W ritten Word and the Living Word are both called “ th e Word of God” (Luke 5 :1 ; Rev. 1 9 :1 3 ), “ a F ire ” (Jer. 23:29; Zech. 2 :5 ), and “wonderful” (Psa. 119:129; Isa. 9 :6 ). Both a re said (Continued on page 31)

Christian life and the Word of God. Unless the tabernacle of th e life is formed by th e p attern found in the mount of God’s tru th , th ere will be no glory brought to God’s name. It was afte r th e tabernacle had been bu ilt “ as the Lord com­ manded Moses” (Ex. 39:42-43; 40:16, 19, 21, 23, 25, 27, 29, 32) th a t “ the glory of the Lord filled the tabernacle” (Ex. 4 0 :3 5 ). R igh t th ink ing and holy living are the p illars of Christian character; bu t th ere can be no holy living unless th ere is rig h t thinking for, “ as a man th ink eth in his h eart so is he” (Prov. 2 3 :7 ). To th in k righ tly God’s thoughts afte r Him, is to walk in His ways in obedience to Him. When the wick of our being is held by th e lamp of tru th and fed w ith the oil of th e Spirit, then th e ligh t of a Christly character is manifested. Dogma and doctrine are not one and the same thing. Dogma is often th e self-assertive utterance of man’s opinion about tru th , bu t the doctrine which is from God is the S pirit’s teaching and Is tru th . When we approach the burning bush of God’s Word, then we need to take th e shoes off the feet of our own thoughts, if we would see th e flame of Deity, and hear the voice of Him who dwells th erein (Ex. 3:1-6; Deut. 3 3 :16 ). The Greek word “D idaskalia” , rendered “ doctrine” , is derived from the word “Didaskalos” , which means a teacher; hence its significance is teaching or instruction. Doctrine therefore is the sum to tal of what one has been taugh t. The w o rd . “D idaskalia” is rendered “teaching” in Rom. 12:7. The word which indicates th e act of teaching is “Didache” . It is rendered “been ta u g h t” in T itus 1:9. These words are generally rendered “ doctrine” . “The doctrine of God” (T itus 2 :10) is seen in vivid con trast and opposition to the “ doctrine of demons” (1 Tim. 4 :1 ) and th e windy “doc­ trin e s of men” (Eph. 4 :14 ; Rev. 2:14, 15, 24). We do well to ponder what the .Word says about doctrine as to its importance and use. I. DOCTRINE IS HEALTHFUL IN ITS NATURE The doctrine of God is designated as being “good” and “ sound” . The meaning of th e word “ sound” is health fu l, as th e margin of th e Revised Version gives it in 1 Tim. 1:10; 2 Tim. 4 :2 ; T itus 1 :9 ; 2:1. The word is rendered “whole” and “h ea lth ” in calling atten tion to a state of h ealth in con­ tra s t to sickness (Luke 5 :31 ; 7 :10 ; 3 John 2 ), and “whole­ some” in con trast to th a t which is unwholesome (1 Tim. 6 :3 ). It is a scientific fact th a t animals and insects become like o r change th e ir organs according to the food they eat. Sea-, gulls, if confined and fed upon grain, have had th e ir stom ­ ach s entirely changed. H unter, for example, in a classical experiment so changed the environm ent of a sea-gull by keeping it in captivity, th a t it could only secure a grain diet. The effect was to modify the stomach of the bird, norm ally adapted to a fish diet, un til in tim e it came to resemble in stru ctu re the gizzard of an ordinary grain-




January 1925

Tke Language of a Lawman on tke Old-Faskioned Religion By Jam es J. Davis, U. S. Secretary of Labor I t is good indeed to have a government official of th e United States sound o u t a clear, clean-cut message in defence of th e Bible and th e fa ith of th e fath ers. The message below was given by Secretary Davis in th e little Welsh B ap tist Church where, as a boy, h e recited his Sunday School lessons. ■ HOLD a deep and abiding faith in the firmness of th e foundation of tru e religion, and I can see b u t little in the fu tu re for those who seek to te a r down th a t foundation. To my m ind tru e science w ith one of th e tim bers which has gone into its building. Let him follow th e example of Roger W illiams, who estab­ lished in th is, country the religion which this church rep re­ sents. When he disagreed w ith a m ajority of his creed he got out.

and tru e religion can march forw ard hand in hand, and science need no t seek to destroy th a t for which Christmas stands. In these days of many strang e and weird beliefs we m u st hold fast to our faith in God, else neith er indi­ vidual nor nation can endure. I will tak e my religion in the old fashioned way. We are becoming so modern in everything th a t some of us are even try ing to modernize God. I hold no sympathy w ith th e individual, w hether he be clergyman or layman, who, because his lim ited vision will no.t perm it him to believe, seeks to destroy th e beliefs of others. To my m ind th e man who finds himself a t odds w ith th e religious faith he has embraced has bu t one course before him, if he cannot by legitim ate means change the principles of th a t faith. T h at is to abandon th a t creed and to set up a creed of his own. There can be no excuse for th e schismatic who seeks to pu ll down a whole religious stru ctu re because he finds fau lt

I like the old fashioned preacher whose sermon comes from his h ea rt and soul as well as from his mind. H is is no coldly statistical religion, charted by m ental engineers and analyzed by theological chemists. He rests his faith on the Bible, th e g reatest book the world has ever known, and he does not read his Bible hypercritically. The world never needed th e Bible more th a n it does now. The faith th a t lives today will never die. The old fash- ioned religion, w ith its belief in God, is strong er now, despite all attacks, th an it has been a t any tim e in th e two thousand years since the mother of th e newborn Christ w rapped Him in swaddling clothes and laid Him in a man­ ger. The sp irit th a t came from the little stab le in Bethle­ hem has enveloped th e whole world. Those who oppose it may well beware, for, in th e words of Paul, “ Be no t deceived; God is not mocked.”

â à ÊÈ Êè

Titles are Sometimes Misleading The following p ertin en t and tim ely comment is from th e pen of Mr. W . A. IJisher, th e able associate of Mr. A lbert H averm ale in th e m anagem ent of B iola P ress, and largely responsible fo r" ih e p rin ting of The K ing’s Business.. We are glad to give it to our read ers th a t they may know th a t Mr. F ish er is n o t only an expert along pub­ lishing lines, b u t competent to p resen t S cripture tr u th in clear and concise term s as well. (T. C. H .) 0 T would seem th a t th e title “D. D.” m ight be in ter­ preted in many cases today as standing for “Dam­ nable Deceiver.” This may appear to some as being ra th e r strong language, bu t it surely is ju s­ tified in view of th e prophetic utteran ce of 2 P eter 2:1. (m arginal rendering) for th eir sin.” And in verse 24: “ If I had not done among them the works which none other man did, they had not had sin; bu t now have th ey both seen and hated both me and my F a th e r.”

We have a sincere purpose to “ live peaceably w ith all men” , in accordance w ith P au l’s injunction to the Romans in chapter 12, verse 18, “ if it be possible.” But we are rem inded of the grave responsibility resting upon the chil­ dren of God to “ earnestly contend for th e faith once for all delivered to th e saints. F o r th ere are certain men crept in unawares.—ungodly men— denying th e only Lord God, and our Lord Jesus Christ” (Jud e 3,4). And John tells us in his second epistle, verse 8, th a t “Whosoever * * * abideth not in th e doctrine of Christ, h ath not God.” And (verse 11 ), “ he th a t biddeth * * * (such an one) God-speed is p ar­ ta k er of his evil deeds.” How can a child of God do otherw ise th a n denounce those “who have trodden under foot th e son of God, and counted th e blood of th e covenant * * * an unholy th ing ” ? (Hebrews 10 :19 ).

Here the apostle speaks of th e ir denial of “ the Lord th a t bought them ” as th e climax of “ dam nable” heresy in these “ false teachers” , to whom P aul refers in 2 Timothy 3:13 as “ deceiving and being deceived.” A large charity is enjoined upon us by some well-mean­ in g Christians toward those w ith whom we do not see eye to eye. We subm it th a t Christ himself differentiated between those who were igno ran t of the tru th and those who, knowing the tru th , deliberately set themselves to oppose it. He said to th e Pharisees, as recorded in John 9:41: “ If ye were blind, ye should have no sin; bu t now y e say, We see; therefore your sin rem aineth .” And in chapter 15, verse 22: “ If I had not come and spoken unto th em , they had not had sin; bu t now they have no excuse



LOVE’S PURPOSE By F re d Scott Shepard

The Lord of love Came from above To earth, T h at lost mankind In him m ight find New birth.

He died to win F rom power of sin The lost; On him was laid Man’s gu ilt; he paid The cost.

In heaven he lives And pow’r doth give .To all, And grace bestows Freely, to those Who call.

Gracious and good, He ever would Be friend, S trengthen, endue , And guide unto The end.

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