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As I write this column during the Easter season, I wanted to write something positive about the great education I received in my early life. I often read in the press or hear in discussions with others how nuns were “mean” to them in Catholic grammar school. Let me give you my perspective. I was a spoiled brat when I attended St. Paul’s Catholic Grade School … and I mean spoiled . As a little kid in school, did I appreciate Sr. Mary, Sr. Rosemary, Sr. Philomena, or the other Dominican Sisters who taught us reading, writing, arithmetic, and religion? Absolutely not. One of the most important things the nuns taught me was this very simple fact: The world did not revolve around me. The sisters taught me that life revolved around God and others. How did they teach this? By the daily witness of their lives. I learned discipline from those dedicated and wonderful women. I can tell you it was a rough journey. I remember one time, I simply left school and went home because I didn’t like being disciplined. However, one thing always stuck with me about these nuns: They believed in their hearts that no child was “disposable.” No matter how many mistakes I made, they never gave up on me. The sisters I knew believed that every child, no matter how intellectually or behaviorally challenged (i.e., me), was a gift from God and their job was to push each child to reach their potential. I wonder if nowadays our community needs a little more of that attitude. Those of you who have known me my entire life completely understand: I continue to be spoiled, selfish, and self- centered. However, now I know that the above conduct is wrong, and I should strive to do better. Plus, I know that the sisters have not given up on me! I am thankful for these Dominican sisters for teaching me how to be a better person. Would it have been easier for them to be “friends”

with us and be easy on us? It sure would have been, but I am thankful for the great education they gave me. Sisters, if you are reading this, thank you from the bottom of my heart. While I’m on the subject of nuns, it seems the whole world has been enchanted by Sr. Jean Dolores Schmidt, BVM from Loyola, as the Ramblers made their incredible journey to the Final Four. What a great story! But there’s more. There’s a new wave of nuns who have taken social media by storm. Do you want a completely unique and wholesome perspective on a daily basis? Follow these nuns on Twitter: Sr. Helena Burns, FSP @SrHelenaBurns, Sr. Miriam Jones @onegroovynun, Sr. Bethany, FSP @SrBethanyfsp, Sr. Andrew Marie @SrAndrewfsp, Sr. Carly Paula @SrPaulafsp, and Sr. Theresa Alethia @pursuedbytruth. For example, check out the tweets that were flying during the Super Bowl. If you like what the nuns have to say, retweet. Also, if you want to watch some powerful YouTube work by these very interesting women, watch the YouTube videos from the nuns above as well as Sr. Bethany Madonna, SV. It’s great stuff.

–Joe Shannon

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