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Dr. Walter L. Wilson


T here are so many wonderful and interesting things found in the Word of God, such as the statement in Isaiah 64:6, “We all do fade as a leaf.” We know from nature that leaves don’t fade unless the tree is dying, or going through a change of seasons. Each tree does it in a dif­ ferent way. Some fading leaves are more beautiful than others. There are those which look drab and unin­ teresting. How much leaves are like people! As we get older, the bloom of youth disappears. Our step loses its spring and our vigor abates. The devil doesn’t have much pleasure to offer older people. While we buy cosmetics to keep us from fading, yet there are tell­ tale marks which leave no mistake. When I was a boy I could run up six or eight flights of stairs without any problem. Now every new height, however, has its problems. It seems that “my get up and go has got up and went.” Why is it that some people, when they get old, seem to be so cranky? They are wretched with themselves and others. Nothing pleases them. It is so sad to see a person like this. I t doesn’t have to happen that way, however. I t has been well said that we will be what we are now becom­ ing. In other words, a person who is nothing but cynical in his old age didn’t get that way just because of advancing years. The seeds of bitter­ ness were sown in his heart when he was much younger.

How is your leaf fading? Is it beautiful, or is it just something peo­ ple disdain, like the worthless leaves to be raked up and burned? I love to be around elderly people who en­ joy talking about their Saviour and Lord. They never tire of praying or reading the Word. I t is a rich bless­ ing to them and they in turn are rich blessings to others. They may have ailments and afflictions, and yet they occupy their time praising God for the many bountiful mercies He heaps upon them. Although you may not be able to sing with a professional voice, the Lord delights for you to make a joy­ ful noise unto Him. That makes the fading days of your life much more beautiful. Sometimes I used to come home from work weary and burdened with the problems of the day. I’d hear my sweetheart in the kitchen singing, “He Is So Precious To Me,” or “The Morning Cometh with No Clouds in the Sky.” She would sing all of these lovely old hymns. It soon brought me out of the doldrums. The Lord wants us to fade loving­ ly and beautifully. At the end of our journey what will folks say about us? You know, there’s such a thing as living a life of misery to others. You make them feel sorry and sad that you are around. May God help us to fade beautifully, sweetly, and graciously, earnestly devoted to our lovely Lord so that we will still be a blessing to those around us. God grant that it may be so with each of our lives. 3

Dr. Walter L. Wilson

JOHN 3:16

can do that but the Lord. Even if you wanted to be a different kind of a person, you would have no power to do it. No religious leader can give you new life. Do you know any children in your neighborhood who are problems? Would you want them in your fam­ ily? Think how many times we must have brought grief to the Lord and yet He still wants us to be His chil­ dren. How marvelous this is! God reveals Himself to us in John 3:16. F irst we can know that there is a God. He is not dead by any means. He is especially interested in They cannot shell God's temple, Nor dynamite His throne, Or atom bomb His city Nor rob Him of His own. They cannot take Him captive Nor strike Him deaf or blind. Starve Him that He surrender Make Him to change His mind. They cannot cause Him panic, Nor cut off His supplies; They cannot take His kingdom Nor kill Him with their lies. Some may say that, "God is dead," And try to teach the same, In their modern colleges; Father— is still His name. Tho' we face persecution, And feel their goad and rod, Above all this confusion There always will be God. — 'William C. Dahlke you. He knew every human being on earth would need a Saviour and so He provided the Lord Jesus Christ. This didn’t come about by some scheme of man. God Himself did it. He is omniscient and omni­ potent and can do what He pleases. Think of Him giving life to a dead sinner, an enemy of His, making THERE A LW A Y S W IL L BE GOD

P erhaps the best known verse in the entire Word of God is John 3:16. Let us never think it too com­ mon for us to receive a rich bless­ ing from a study of it. After all, we go to an old cow to get fresh milk, to an old tree to get fresh apples, to an old spring to get clean water. There are things here to enrich our hearts as we seek the Holy Spirit’s leading. Think, first of all, how lavish God is in loving the entire world, includ­ ing you and me. We couldn’t do that. We have a hard time even car­ ing for our own relatives. I’m sure that there are a lot of people you’re glad you’re not married to. How liberal the Lord is in giving. Nothing could be greater for Him to give than His only begotten Son. Can you imagine how the Father felt on the throne in heaven when He saw men nailing His own Son to the cross? Here was the only Man in all the world who did only good. Think, too, how gracious God was in His invitation. The call is for "whosoever.” That omits nobody. It doesn’t make any difference what kind of life you may have lived in the past or whether you have money or social standing. The gracious pro­ vision is available to all. The Lord is powerful in preserva­ tion. Those who tru st the Saviour will never perish. Think of the mil­ lions we spend preserving roads in our country; of the fortune for flood canals to save the ground from being washed away. A tremendous cost is involved for man to prevent things from damage and destruction. (This is not to mention the millions we spend on our faces to keep us look­ ing young.) When the Lord saves us, it is for all*of time and eternity. He gives us everlasting life. No one

him a friend and adopting him into His own royal family! Since the Lord is omnipresent, no matter where we are, He is always there. The moment we tru st the Lord Jesus, immediately we are saved. The only way we can have fellow­ ship with the Lord is first to have His life in us. Then we can under­ stand and walk with Him. We must have something besides human life, for otherwise we would only care for human things and not those which are divine. There are five great miracles in this verse. The first is the miracle of God’s universal love. Then there is the miracle of the universal gift. While my wife and I had eight chil­ dren, I couldn’t give the same kind of present to all of them. When the youngest was bom, my oldest was 18 years of age. The two weren’t in­ terested in the same things. Do you see that this miracle is a gift to suit everybody, rich or poor, blind or ignorant, helpless or wicked? It meets eveiy person’s need perfectly. I have never known anyone who has received- the Lord to say later that he was sorry or disappointed. He truly satisfies every human heart. Next is the miracle of universal faith. The only thing everybody can do is to believe in God. If salvation required walking twenty feet, lame people couldn’t do it. If salvation cost as little as a quarter, some couldn’t pay, for there are millions of people who have never seen any money at all. If salvation came by singing a song lots of folks, who can’t sing a note, would be left out. How simple God makes it, “whosoever will may come,” “not willing that any should perish.” After this, there is a universal preservation. What do you know about you which isn’t in a state of deterioration? Shoes, automobiles, medicines, books, even people are perishing. Trust the Saviour and He will preserve you until it’s time to take you Home.

This is universal life in Christ which binds us all together. Have you appropriated it for your own life? Make Christ yours by faith just now! PARAPHRASE OF I CORINTHIANS 13 Though in the glamour of the public eye, I sway the emotions of men by my oratory or by my silver-tongued singing, or by my skillful playing, and then go home and gripe because sup­ per is late or because my clothes weren’t made to suit me, I am become as sounding brass or a tinkling cymbal. And though I am able to impress others with my vast knowledge of the deep things of the Word of God, and though I am able to accomplish mighty things through faith so that I become famous among mpn as a remover of mountains, and have not the love that reads the deep longings of the hearts around the family circle and removes the barriers that grow up in shy and tender hearts, I am nothing. And though in the glamour of public praise I bestow all of my goods to feed the poor, and though I win the name and fame of a martyr by giving up my body to be burned, and yet close up like a clam at home or behave like a snapping turtle, knowing nothing of the glory of giving myself in unstinting self-denying service to those nearest and dearest, it profiteth me nothing. Love is never impatient, but kind. Love knows no jealousy; love makes no parade, gives itself no airs. Love is never rude, seeks not her own nor fights for her own right; is never resentful, never imagines that others are plotting evil against her, never broods over wrongs, never exults over the mistakes of others, but is truly gladdened by goodness. Love suffers silently, is always trust­ ful, always cheerful, always patient. Within the household is the add test of the truly yielded life. Now abideth the business, the church and the home, the most important of which is the home. “For if any provide not for his own, and especially for his own house, he hath denied the faith and is worse than an infidel.” * * * It's often true that a big head is often a sign of a small man. 5

by Dr. Walter L. Wilson


is His precious blood. I t is interesting to note that everyone can make a noise. How long O U R W O N D ER FU L LORD Whatever Christ touched was trans­ formed by His love— The manger, the cross, and the tomb; The Light of the World turned sin's night into day, And death has been shorn of its gloom. The multitudes fed on the bread from His hand, The lame leaped for joy at His word; The blind saw His beauty, and shouted His praise, The leper was healed by the Lord. The sinner was cleansed and went forth uncondemned, The thief on the cross was reclaimed; One touch of His love, and the heart was made pure, Oh, many His power proclaimed! One wonderful day His great love touched my heart, And then, by His mercy and grace, The darkness all fled as His love- light shone in Transformed by His tender embrace. Today how the world needs the touch of His hand, To heal the deep wounds of despair; For men need to hear Christ's blest message of love, A love with which none can com­ pare. Then let us speak forth the glad tidings anew, And words of salvation proclaim; For still He Is mighty to save and to keep, Through faith in His marvelous Name. — 'Albert Simpson Reitz has it been since you gave a positive testimony for the Lord Jesus Christ? God doesn’t want us to be idle, only 6

H ave you ever thought how won­ derfully and p r a c tic a lly the 100th Psalm fits into our everyday experience? F irst of all, we see our happy occupation which is to “Make a joyful noise unto the Lord.” God knows that everybody can’t sing with beautiful tones. If it had been specified that we all sing, some who can’t read music would be left out. The urging is to “all ye lands.” No one and no area is overlooked. The admonition comes in that we are told to “serve the Lord.” God is a good Paymaster. _He never forgets that which you do for His honor and glory. He tells us to come into His presence with gladness. Are you al­ ways conscious that He Himself is with you? Verse three wants us to “Know ye that the Lord He is God.” This is a settled assurance. I t is not some­ thing we have to guess at or wish for. There is no need for doubt. The Bible says that “He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.” What a happy affirmation is the fact that “He hath made us.” This suggests His ownership by redemp­ tion as well as by original creation. Knowing all of this should be ample cause for us to “Enter into his gates with thanksgiving.” We can come in boldly and with gratitude. Is this the way it happens in our lives? The consummation is that “the Lord is good.” That means in the absolute sense, not like man’s promise—only in the relative. All His gifts, His plans, His wisdom for me are good. We are told that “His truth en- dureth to all generations.” As we think of His everlasting mercy, we realize this bountiful supply will never run dry. Any time you have trouble or face problems, the Lord is there to apply the remedy which

taking in His blessings and never giving out. You can’t possibly really know the Lord unless you study your Bible. If we like to hear the kind words of appreciation from those we love, think how much more eminent­ ly deserving of gratitude is our per­ fect Lord for all of His goodness to us. Tell those you know about what you have found in Christ. You can hardly be a good advertisement for Him if you are constantly dour and moumful-looking. Whenever I brought a baby into the world, and it’s happened endless times through the years, as a doc­ tor, I wanted to hear it cry and make a sound. If it didn’t right away, I would slap it to get air into its lungs. Sometimes the Lord has to chasten us so that we can make a joyful noise unto His glory. This is such a universal Psalm. Notice the use of the word “all.” Every believer is given a specific talent or g ift that can be used for the glory of His name. God shows no favorites among His servants. All are treated alike in His mercy and grace. Any nationality, any age, any race—all may receive God’s gift of salvation. A fellow told me he was going to commit suicide by jumping off a pier. I suggested which one he should use in order to make certain. There the water was deepest. I further sug­ gested he wait until about two in the morning when nobody would be around to rescue him. As one final idea, I told him to fill all his pockets with rocks or lead and then, just be­ fore jumping, take several drinks of carbolic acid. “For after all,” I rea­ soned, “anything worth doing is worth doing well.” Can you imagine? He hung up on me. The next night, however, he came to the church where I was preaching and the Lord saved him. His problem was that he had been looking a t his troubles, sor­ rows and griefs rather than seeing the proper perspective of life.

There are specific rewards the Lord gives us for service, such as that for soul-winning. How He de­ lights to enrich those who belong to Him! He feeds us as “the sheep of His pasture.” We can just rest as a baby in His care. As we do, He gives us the peace that passeth human understanding. He invites us, with the Word of God, to experience the joy of personal and intimate fellow­ ship. The only way to love Him more is to draw near to Him. God doesn’t May I be a little smaller (In my own eyes make me so) That I may see Thee, Lord, only. Thy majestic Presence know. May I always be submissive, And do all my tasks with joy; Be a humble, yielded servant Whom no trifles can annoy. Jesus Christ! M y great Example! Thou the Holy One of God That from all of heav'n's glory Came, this sinful earth to trod; Gladly came to live and die for Poor, unthankful, stumbling men; Make me conscious of my smallness And of every secret sin. Cleanse me, oh, dear Father, cleanse me Through the blood of this, Thy Son, That I may be truly, humbly, Yielded to that Holy One. Use me Lord; I am thy servant; Thy desire my pleasure is. May I say, whate'er the duty, "T h is is but a task of H is." shut anybody out, regardless of the tribe or nation. There are many ways of serving the Lord. God wants us to look to Him for the way in which we are best qualified or talented. We are to enter into His gates with thanks­ giving. Think of the fact that we can dwell in the secret place of the Most High even here and now. Make God your home and live with Him for time and all eternity. 7 PRAYER OF A HOU SEW IFE — Gwen Congdon


"L e t's go to Sunday school," those childish days are o'er. And, now that daddy's growing old, when life is almost through. He finds time to go to church, but what does daughter do? She says: "O h daddy, not today, I stayed up all night, And I've just got to get some sleep. Besides, I look a fright." Then daddy lifts his trembling hand to brush away the tears, A s again he hears the pleading voice distinctly through the years. He sees a small girl's shining face upturned with eyes aglow, A s she says, " It 's time for Sunday school! Please, daddy, won't you g o ?" an extra copy of this publication, please pass it along to a friend so that he may also enroll in the Plan and receive these helpful monthly features from the broadcasts. Since all materials from the Biola radio programs are included in the BROADCASTER, publica­ tion is generally completed near the end of the specific month. Your patience is greatly appreciated. □ I would like to become a mem­ ber of the Biola Fellowship. Biola Fellowship Members re­ ceive a packet of envelopes (24 to expire in two years for monthly contributions). I am enclosing $............................... this month, and would like to send $..................................... monthly for the ministries of Biola.

A little girl with shining eyes, her face aglow. Said, "Daddy, it is almost time for Sunday school, let's go! They teach us there of Jesus' love, of how He died for all, Upon the cruel cross to save those who on Him will call." "Oh, no," said daddy, "not today; I've worked hard all week, And I must have one day of rest. I'm going to the creek, For there I can relax and rest, and fishing's fine, they say. So run along, don't bother me, we'll go to church some day!" Months and years have passed away, but daddy hears that plea no more, If you are not receiving copies of the BROADCASTER monthly, you may have them come to your home or office automatically by be­ ing a member of the Biola Fellow­ ship. This is a group of faithful donors who invest monthly in the distinctive m i n i s t r i e s of Biola schools and colleges. Specific monthly amounts are not set; this is a matter between you and the Lord. In maintaining this 58-year-old work for the Saviour, we have found that faithfulness on the part of God’s stewards is the important thing. You are invited to become co-la­ borers with us in this vital testi­ mony. The investment you make will bring you this publication monthly, hereafter, without your request. If you are already a member of the Fellowship and have received

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Q. Toppenijh, Wash. — “Will you •please explain Ezekiel 1U:1-21. I be­ lieve it pertains to the Jew only and was fulfilled when Christ came. A friend of mine, however, disagrees A. There were certain elders of Is­ rael who came to Ezekiel realizing he was God’s spokesman. They listened to him with respect. They had de­ parted from the Lord. They had tak­ en idols into their hearts and had be­ come stumbling blocks of iniquity. God’s great message then as it is to­ day was “Return.” The people had thoughts above the Lord’s. It does not seem to refer to Christ’s com­ ing. The message of grave warning is for the day in which it was writ­ ten. Certainly there are some won­ derful spiritual applications which can be made here for our challenge and inspiration. Q. Harlowton, Montana — “I have a Christian friend who says he believes all the Bible but he’s puzzled by one thing: if Christ, God, and the Holy Spirit are one, and yet triune, why is God the only one of the three who knows when the end will be?” A. The mystery of the Trinity is one of infinite comprehension. We cannot fully understand the nature and person of God with our feeble minds. I t is interesting to consider Matthew 24:36 and Acts 1:7. Christ also testified, “I and my Father are one.” When here on earth He sub­ ordinated or subjected Himself to the will of the Father. While the Saviour divested Himself of His glory to take upon Him the form of a man, yet He was still very God of very God.

Q. Pasadena, Calif. — “WiU you please explain Hosea 6:2?” A. In this first of the minor proph­ ets, we find a tremendous message concerning the love of God which was spurned by faithless Israel. She is symbolically portrayed as the faith­ less wife. For a proper background to your question go back to 5:15. God the Son was revealed to Israel, and then returned to His place. They said, “We will not have this man to reign over us.” In a coming day, fol­ lowing the Rapture of the Church, they are going to acknowledge their transgressions. They will be sorely afflicted during th e T r ib u la tio n . Many expositors believe that when Israel comes to that place, Hosea 6:1, 2 are the very words they will utter in their confession. Many peo­ ple take the two days mentioned here as a thousand years each. It is, how­ ever, only a symbolic concept. What he means is that after a compara­ tively short time God will revive Israel nationally. The third day is that of resurrection. Q. Fullerton, Calif. — “Can you give me help on Matthew 22:11, where Jesus said, ‘Many are called, but few are chosen’? Does this mean that many who accept the Gospel are not chosen to eternal life and will finally be lost?” A. No, it does not mean this a t all. All who receive the Lord Jesus Christ as Saviour will be eternally saved. The problem may arise over the word “called.” The Amplified New Testament gives the meaning as “invited.” This shows the free will 9

of man. It is also a distinct refer­ ence to the sovereignty of God. There are both factors involved in the Word of God. It is “Whosoever will may come.” These are those who are “elect before the foundation of the earth.” Q. Sacramento, Calif. — "Please har­ monize verses two and five of Gala­ tians 6. One says, ‘Bear ye one anr other's burdens’ and the other de­ clares, ‘Every man shall bear his own burden.’ ” A. Whenever there seems to be a contradiction, be sure to watch the context closely. Sometimes one will need to check the original language. This is true here for the word bur­ den in verse two is different from the one in verse five. The first refers to things in which we can help oth­ ers. This does not necessarily mean taking care of the individual or his family all through life. We can cer­ tainly assist in the area of prayer in­ tercession. Verse five indicates that there are some specific things each person must bear himself. Sometimes this falls in the area of physical af­ fliction and suffiering. It is a won­ derful principle of the Christian life to be looking out for those places where we can lighten the heavy bur­ dens of a brother or sister in Christ. Q. Phoenix, Ariz. — ‘‘To what age should children obey their parents? The Bible tells us that they should, but when is this commitment fin­ ished?’’ A, There are two factors involved here. One is that children should be obedient; the other is that parents should be careful in their demands. Throughout our lives, regardless of our age, our parents can be sought for wise counsel and instruction with real spiritual profit and benefit. If our parents know Christ, they speak out of a wealth of practical experi­ ence. As long as a youth is under 10

the household roof, he should be obedient to the will of his parents. Nobody loves you with such a pure and unselfish love as do your par­ ents. When you establish your own home, taking on family responsibili­ ties yourself, you will want to be very careful in giving advice. Q. Tuc*on, Arii. — "Jesus said, ‘What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.’ Are sin­ ners included in this? I f sinners are divorced, are they not free to marry again?” A. Our Lord Jesus was emphasizing what God joined together. We are committed to the sovereignty of God, realizing that He also permits cer­ tain things to take place in the lives of sinners. It is not to two unbeliev­ ers joined in marriage to which our Lord has reference. The joining was of their own volition. We do not be­ lieve, however, that even sinners should be fast and loose about the matter of divorce. There should be sanctity and permanence in the mar­ riage bonds and relationships. It is true that divorce never condemns a person to hell. The damning sin is unbelief in the Lord Jesus Christ. Q. Denver, Colo. — “What does James 1:8 mean in speaking of the ‘double- minded man’?” A. The Amplified New Testament gives this as “an uncertain, unstable, unreliable man.” Here is a person who lives without point, purpose or reason. God is not in all his think­ ing. “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” Q. Bellingham, Wash. — “Are Romans 12:19 and Ephesians 1:26 related? The first says, ‘Avenge not your­ selves, but rather give place to wrath.’ The other tells us, ‘Be ye angry, and sin not.’ ” A. Certain concepts here do go to­ gether. We must be careful, however,

not to relate things that are unre­ lated. The passage from Romans comes from Deuteronomy 32:35. God is telling us not to take it upon our­ selves to get even with others. When we do, we bring ourselves down to their level, for it is written, “Ven­ geance belongeth unto Me, saith the Lord.” The Lord will take care of the judgment. In the other verse it sug­ gests that it is possible to be angry and not sin. This is when anger does not arise out of the flesh, seeking personal vengeance. We sometimes refer to this as “righteous indigna­ tion.” Some people have carelessly interpreted, "Let not the sun go down upon your wrath” as meaning that they should keep an eye on the clock so as not to be angry after sundown. This is not it at all. To be righteously angry for the glory of God is not sin. We are to leave wrath and vengeance to the Lord. Q. Kansas City, Kans. — “What is meant by the words, ‘Then shall I know, even as also I am known?’ ” A. This is found in that wonderful hymn of praise concerning love, I Corinthians 13. The Apostle Paul tells us that when we see the Lord, we are going to be conformed to Him in every way. I John 3 :2 tells us that we will be conformed to Him spirit­ ually as well. When we come into His presence, there will not be anything of which we will be ignorant. God will give us supernatural knowledge. This doesn’t mean that we will be divine. There always will be a dif­ ference between God and redeemed man. The Bible tells us that, “Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them who love Him.” Q. Grants Pass, Ore ---- “The Bible teUs us that sinners are to be judged. How do I understand Psalm 1:5 stating, ‘Therefore the ungodly shall not stand in the judgment, nor sin­

ners in the congregation of the righteous?’ How can they be judged if they are not standing in the judg­ ment?” A. To be understood properly, the passage in Psalm 1 :5 should include the word justified following the word stand. In the Amplified Bible we read, “Therefore, the ungodly shall not stand justified in the judgment, nor sinners in the congregation of the righteous.” Sinners will stand condemned in the presence of Al­ mighty God. This wonderful Psalm concludes, “The Lord knoweth the way of the righteous, but the way of the ungodly shall perish.” Q. San Francisco, Calif. — “When P eter preached at the house of Cornelius, did he use one of the keys to the Kingdom that Jesus promised him in Mattheio 16 and 17?” A. Yes, we believe that he did. These were the keys to the Messianic King­ dom of which we see a phase now. It is sometimes referred to as, “The Kingdom of Heaven in mystery form.” The King is gone. The ad­ ministration is left to His trusted servants. A key expresses authority. The Lord Jesus Christ gave Peter authority to preach that if anyone trusted the Messiah by faith, he would enter into the Kingdom. One of the keys was used with the Jews in Acts 2 at Pentecost. Another was when he preached to the Gentiles in the home of Cornelius. Ever since, Jews and Gentiles who trust Christ are bom again. Q. Seattle, Wash. — “Can God forgive an unmarried mother? Also, I would like to know how I can face the peo­ ple 1 know when I get out of the home fo r unmarried mothers." A. This is a very touching question and one which has received our prayerful concern and consideration. Be assured that there is forgiveness. F irst of all, you need to make cer

tain that you are born again. Then seek cleansing as is promised in I John 1 :9. We do not minimize the sin in any sense. All iniquity is hein­ ous in God’s sight. It is sinful, too, for people in self-styled piety to talk about such a scandal. The sin of adultery is to be condemned, but so are gossiping and even letting the mind dwell on it. God came to save sinners, those who have committed all manner of iniquity. You now claim His blessed promise of forgiveness. Once you have done this, put the matter be­ hind you. Don’t brood over it or you will be remorseful continually. Rec­ ognize that God has forgiven and forgotten. According to His prom­ ise, He will hold it against you “no more forever.” Again, this does not mean to treat the sin lightly. It will be difficult to face people you know when you get out of the home for unmarried mothers. Christians can sometimes be very cruel by what they say, or even by the lack of their saying anything. You cannot change the human nature of others. All you can do is face it, admitting your sin and mistake which you have con­ fessed to Almighty God, and that you are trying only to look ahead to do that which will please the Lord. To those of you who know similar situations, be as kind, loving, and gracious as possible. These peo­ ple need your help and prayers. You are not condoning their sin when you seek to be a source of spiritual strength to them. Q. Spokane, Wash. — “7 know that angels are mentioned in the Bible, but do people believe in them today?" A. The Bible teaches some wonder­ ful truths concerning angels. Those who know and love the Word of God certainly believe in angels. These people who do not believe are most inconsistent. They will look at a lit­ tle child and say, “Isn’t she just an angel?” Just as the atheist who said,

“I don’t believe in God, but God for­ bid that I should ever laugh at any­ one who does.” Because of the wave of anti-supernaturalism today, there are many, unfortunately for them, who do not believe in the existence of angels, of Satan and demons. Any careful study of the Word will yield a fruitful understanding of this marvelous subject. For the believ­ er, we can rejoice in that wonderful promise, “He shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.” Q. San Jose, Calif. — “7 have been living in immorality for some time, but 7 have seen that this was de­ stroying me. God has forgiven me, I believe. My problem is this, I have met a fine Christian man and he wants to marry me. Is it right for anyone who has lived as I have to marry?” A. It is interesting to see how the Spirit of God sends conviction. We gather from the letter that the in­ dividual by faith has been bom again. This, of course, would be the first step and required for salvation. When we confess our sins, the Lord does forgive us. This is a settled proposition. His forgiveness is ab­ solute. Now, if the Spirit of God has convicted you of your sinful life, giving the assurance of forgiveness, certainly you are prepared now to forsake your former ways by the power of the Lord. There is no rea­ son why you are not free to marry this man. Live daily in the light of gratitude for what the Lord has done. Make certain that by the pow­ er of the Holy Spirit you make this fine Christian man the very finest Christian wife possible. Q. Kansas City, Kan*. — “7 have been told that the Christian life is by faith, but I have no faith. What is faith, and how does one get it?” A. It is true, that the Christian life 12

is by faith. Romans 1 :17 tells us that it is “From faith unto faith.” Of ourselves we do not have faith. Sav­ ing faith is given of God. Very care­ fully read Ephesians 2:8 and 9. It is faith that God gives us by His matchless grace. You see, faith is taking God a t His word. I t is simply relying on what the Lord has said. You cannot work it out in your own way. As someone has defined faith, spelling it out as an acrostic, it is “Forsaking All, I Trust Him.” Ro­ mans 10:17 tells us that faith comes by hearing. The way to have faith grow, therefore, is to read the Word. As you study your Bible, your faith will increase. Knowing God better, you will be trusting Him more. God will enable you in your faith to do His will. Q. Portland, Ore ---- "J became a Chris­ tian by reading the New Testament. Is it necessary for me to join the church? I f so, how can I choose the right one?” A. It is certainly not absolutely nec­ essary for anyone to join a church in order to be saved. Salvation is by the simple personal act of acceptance by faith of the Lord Jesus Christ as Saviour. At the same time, it is certainly extremely desirable for a person to join a church, and in doing so to make sure he selects the right one. Be fully persuaded that the Gos­ pel is being preached in the power of the Holy Spirit. Be certain that the pastor proclaims the whole coun­ sel of God. Sometimes you can deter­ mine the soundness of a minister’s doctrine as much by what he omits as by what he says. The question is still, “What think ye of Christ; whose Son is He?” If the minister talks about the Bible as being the Word of God but never says any­ thing about its being the only in­ fallible rule of faith and practice, minimizing the inspiration of the Scripture, the rest of what he says can hardly be trusted. He must be­

lieve that the whole Bible is verbally inspired. Do not hesitate, if there is a question, to ask the pastor if he believes the Bible is the inerrant Word of God. If he begins to equivo­ cate and present excuses, look out! One who believes the Bible will be glad to declare himself. * A man can go to hell in hit own way, but he can only go to Heaven by God's way. * * * TAKING OUR PLACE Have you ever heard of Willie Leer whose tombstone may be seen to this very day at Palmyra, Missouri? A young single man, he lived during the Civil War. A group of Southern sol­ diers had been sentenced to death by a Northern firing squad. They were lined up blindfolded in a little clearing in the woods. As rifles were raised, bushes parted and Willie Leer came through to ask, “Who’s in charge of this de­ tail?” Irritated, an officer replied, “I am, and you’d better get out of the way!” Without heeding the warning, young Leer interrupted, “Standing at the end of that line of condemned men is the father of ten children. If you kill him today, you’ll make orphans of those little ones. Do you believe in a person taking the place of another?" The stem officer growled, “Sure, if he’s fool enough.” So, Willie Leer volun­ teered and took the man’s place, ex­ plaining that he was alone anyway, without any family. So, standing blind­ folded with the others, in a moment it was all over for Leer. Shots rang out and the men fell in the bloody dust. It wasn’t too long after the war that the grateful father headed toward a little military cemetery where he erected a tombstone which bore the epitaph, “Here lies the body of Willie Leer, the man who died for me." While this was a brave act indeed, it cannot begin to compare with the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ, God’s only begotten Son, who died in our place, the Just for the unjust, that He might bring us to God. Yes, He who was rich, for our sakes became poor, that we through His pov­ erty might be made rich. 13 * *

POSITION FOR PRAYER "The proper way for a man to pray," Said Deacon Lemuel Keys, "The only proper attitude Is down upon his knees." "No, I should say, the way to pray," Said Reverend Doctor Wise, " Is standing straight with out­ stretched arms And rapturous upturned eyes." " It seems to me his hands should be Devoutly clasped in front, With both thumbs pointing toward the ground," Said Reverend Doctor Blunt. "Last year I fell in Hodkins' well Head first," said Cyrus Brown, "W ith both my heels a-stickin' up, M y head a-pointin' down. " I made a prayer right then and there, Best prayer I ever said. The prayingest prayer I ever prayed Was standing on my head." LORD, LET ME NOT FORGET Lord, let me not forget this pain, For it has come to be A tide which bears me on its crest, Closer, dear Lord, to Thee. Lord, let me not forget this grief, Because from day to day I learn how tender is the hand Which wipes my tears away. Lord, let me not forget how weak I am, but how Thy strength Is all-sufficient, and supplies The need of each day's length. Let me forget not that my sin Cost Thy last drop of blood A s though 'twere shed for me alone, O, blessed Son of God! Remembering these, the day I stand And look into Thy face, It may be I can faintly glimpse The measure of Thy grace! — Martha Snell Nicholson

YESTERDAY Yesterday He helped me when my load was hard to bear And yesterday He lifted my heavy weight of care. When with lagging footsteps, I fal­ tered on my way And in His arms of mercy He bore me yesterday. Shall I fear the pathway today my feet must tread? Shall I fear the journey that lieth on ahead? He who led me safely through all my yesterdays, W ill guide my steps tomorrow in paths of truth and praise. So resting on His mercy and trust­ ing in His love, I go my way rejoicing toward heav­ en and home above. What though my way be stormy, what though my path be steep, The hand that ne'er has failed me unto the end will keep. MY CUP RUNNETH OVER Sometimes a very flood of joy Sweeps over me; How safe, how rich I am for ah Eternity! Sometimes the singing in my heart W ill not be stilled, And all the shadows in my soul Are glory filled. Sometimes He sends a peace more deep Than I can tell, Because my loved ones are with Him, Joyful and well. Sometimes— nay, every precious hour Of every day. M y hand is warm within His own, M y Light, M y Way. Sometimes I try in vain to count M y goods and store; Joint-heir with Christ the Lord! M y cup Is running o'er! — Martha Snell Nicholson


E xperiences of others are usually the best examples for our own spiritual growth and admonition. As we examine Scripture, we can gain many wonderful applications to life from that of the Apostle Peter. He is often characterized as an individ­ ual who was an expert at doing the right things in the wrong way. So often we are confronted with the fact that Peter seemed to be full of mistakes. Yet, on the other side of the ledger, he was one of the few men through whom God began to turn the world upside-down. What tremendous power and influence he exerted for the Lord Jesus Christ! Most of us are probably fully con­ scious of our own mistakes and in­ adequacies. We perhaps long fo r the Lord to use us in some mighty and significant manner. Study carefully Peter s experiences and then realize that the One who did it 1900 years ago can certainly do it again through our own lives. One day John the Baptist was standing with two of his disciples. The Lord Jesus came walking to­ ward them. The clear-cut testimony was, “Behold the Lamb of God that taketh away the sin of the world.” The two followed Him, one of whom was Andrew, Simon Peter’s brother. The first thing he did, as soon as he found the Lord as his Saviour, was to seek out his brother Peter to 16

tell him the good news. He seemed insistent that Peter go and meet the Saviour for himself. I t is thrilling to see in Scripture how that those who find the Lord immediately get on the job of introducing others to Him. We ought to teach every Christian convert hojv to be a soul winner right after he is saved. When my wife was converted (be­ fore she became my wife), she was attending college. Because of her bad behaviour they threatened to dismiss her. A short time later she was so ill that they had to put her into a hospital. The girl in the bed next to her died. I t was probable that my wife had the same disease. In the next bed to her, on the other side, was a Christian girl. My wife gave her a rough time. The Christian girl didn’t give up and one day she led my wife to Christ. Right after that my wife got better. The one who was used to lead her to Christ urged her, “When you come to see me next week, bring along the first person whom you ve led to the Lord your­ self.” She did this, and it has made all the difference in the world in her ministry. Our job as Christians is to bring others to the Saviour. Simon Peter, as is true with all of us, from the human point of view, owed his experience of faith to quite a few people. No doubt in your life there were quite a number of in

unto God. How fa r have you allowed the Spirit to proceed in your life? How much do you hinder Him? These are questions of vital impor- TH E JEW Scattered by God's avenging hand, Afflicted and forlorn, Sad wanderers from their pleasant land, Do Judah's children mourn; And e'en in Christian countries, few Breathe thoughts of pity for the Jew. Yet listen, Gentile, do you love The Bible's precious page? Then let your heart with kindness move To Israel's heritage; Who traced those lines of love for you? Each sacred writer was a Jew. And then as years and ages passed. And nations rose and fell. Though clouds and darkness oft were cast O'er captive Israel, The oracles of God for you Were kept in safety by the Jew. And when the great Redeemer came For guilty man to bleed. He did not take an angel's name, No, born of Abraham's seed, Jesus, who gave His life for you— The gentle Saviour— was a Jew. And though His own received Him not. And turned in pride away, Whence is the Gentile's happier lot? Are you more just than they? No! God in pity turned to you— Have you no pity for the Jew? Go, then, and bend your knee to pray For Israel's ancient race; A sk the dear Saviour every day To call them by His grace. Go, for a debt of love is due From Christian Gentiles to the Jew. tance to each of us. If we are ever going to be what the Lord had in mind for us, we must allow Him to do and work out His own divine pur­ poses and grace in our lives.

dividuals who were instrumental in your being led to the Lord Jesus Christ. How few of us fully appre­ ciate that we are intended to be links in the chain to bring others to sal­ vation by grace. Each of us ought to be ready and available to the Lord so that He might work out His own wonderful purposes through us in bringing other people to Himself. Do you think any people thank God that you were used as a link in the chain in leading them to eternal life? When Peter was introduced to the Lord, Christ said something rather remarkable to him. He declared, “Thou a rt Simon the son of Jona; thou shalt be called Cephas, which is being interpreted, A stone.” Jesus told him what he was and He told him what He was going to make him. In the same way He looks at us. Too often, however, we limit Almighty God. We read in the Old Testament how God planned to bring His peo­ ple out of Egypt and usher them into the promised land. Because of un­ belief, however, they spent 40 years in the wilderness. When the Lord Jesus went back to His home town, He had every in­ tention of doing great things there. Because of unbelief, however, He did no mighty works. The Holy Spirit will never violate the free will of man. We are the ones who limit Him. Have you allowed Him to ac­ complish all He purposes for you ever since the moment you came to know Him? No doubt Peter was confused by the words of the Lord, having ab­ solutely no idea what the experience was all about. The process of devel­ opment now began. Here was the raw material which, by the power of the Holy Spirit, the Lord would transform Peter into one mightily used of Himself. Even so it is with each individual believer. When the Lord Jesus looked at Peter, He didn’t see merely one great big hunk of fisherman; He saw a man who was going to be mighty


■ by D. Stuart Briscoe women who will be vital Christians in ordinary places of work. One day the Lord Jesus came to them while they were on the job. He said straightforwardly, “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.” The first part is actually a command, while the second half is a promise. Christ didn’t plead, beg or wish. He exhorted, “Follow Me.” Sometimes the Lord has to speak very forcefully to us before we will listen. He has every right to com­ mand us. He wants us to move into a new experience where we are con­ tinually following Him. Our salva­ tion was not just so that we could go to heaven when we die. He didn’t save us just so that we might have our sins forgiven. He has ordained a life of discipleship, and fellowship with Him. You see, salvation is not merely one blinding experience of coming to know Christ, but also a daily experience of abundant victory, communion and fellowship. Have you heard the Lord say, “Follow Me” ? Have you been faithful in doing it? Many people have different ideas about Christianity. There seem to be many versions of the Gospel. Yet too many ignore and neglect the One who founded Christianity. Do you ever take time to read the Gospel according to the Lord Jesus Christ? Have you seen Christianity as He saw it? Christ said, “He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me. And he that lov­ eth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me. And he that taketh not his cross and followeth after me is not worthy of me. He that findeth his life shall lose it, and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it.” To follow the Lord doesn’t mean that we look only at His example, trying to imitate Him.

FOLLOW ME T here is so much for us to leant concerning the life of the Apos­ tle Peter. He was a man who was very ordinary. When the Lord Jesus Christ got a grip on him, however, he did the most extraordinary things. When the Saviour starts working in an ordinary person's life, you can expect something fa r beyond human comprehension to result. Our prob­ lems come in when we limit the Holy Spirit. Anything less than an or­ dinary life is not God’s kind of Christianity. Victory comes when the power of the risen Christ is let loose in every phase of our daily existence. This is the reason for studying the life of Peter. We want to find out how these miraculous things came to pass in his life. Have you carefully evaluated your life, seeing if you are a link in the chain of bringing people to know the Lord Jesus? When the apostle met the Lord, the process began of changing one who was an object of failure into an individual who would be mighty unto God. In Matthew 4:18 we read about the call, “And Jesus walking by the sea of Galilee, saw two brethren, Simon called Pet­ er, and Andrew his brother, casting a net into the sea: for they were fishers. And he saith unto them, Fol­ low me, and I will make you fishers of men. And they straightway left their nets.” Some people see a con­ tradiction in these two passages. There seem to be two different ac­ counts of the same occurrence. Per­ sonally, I believe them to be two separate incidents. On the first occasion Andrew brought Simon to the Lord Jesus. After they had both come to know the Lord, they went back to their ordinary jobs of fishing. This shows that God desperately wants men and

as you seek to broaden your prayer ministry. S. Begin humbly, letting experience enlarge and guide you. Make your be­ ginning prayer, “Lord, teach me to pray.” 4. Form the habit of letting God im­ press upon you the things for which to pray. He will do it. Keep a list of those people and causes you do not want to forget. Pray for them regular­ ly and by name. 5. Write often to the missionaries telling them of your faithful remem­ brance. Ask them for other specific re­ quests. Share the information with others among your acquaintance. 6. Remember that not many words are needed. Take much time in waiting upon the Lord. In silence let Him speak to you asking that only His will be done. With the world shut out and in quietness we can draw very near to God. 1. Since we know not how to pray as we ought, let us seek to have “the Spirit himself make intercession for us.” Study the prayers found in the Bible and see the victories of those who were so engaged. Remember that we are taught that man ought always to pray and not faint. THE BIOLA HOUR OTHER STATES Albuquerque, New Mexico KARA 1310 8:00 A.M. MTWTF Caldwell-Boise KBFM 94.1 (FM) 8: KBFM 94.1 (FM) 7; KBGN 910 8: KBGN 910 7: Denver, Colorado KLIR 30 A.M. MTWTF 30 P.M. MTWTF 30 A.M. MTWTF 30 P.M. MTWTF 990 12:00 Noon MTWTF

This won’t be difficult; it will be im­ possible. Not only does Christ give us an example; He also gives us Himself and His Holy Spirit to work and to live out His example in us. We must live in a very special re­ lationship with the Saviour. This is described as loving Him more than anything or anyone else. The won­ derful fact is that if you love the Lord more than those nearest and dearest to you, you will discover that your love for them is even richer and deeper. What do you understand about taking up the cross? Some people refer to it as an illness or a family situation, or financial difficulties. They sigh very heavily and treat it as the heaviest weight in the uni­ verse. Remember that taking up your cross isn’t putting up with the un­ avoidable. The Lord Jesus took up His cross knowing full well what it meant. Joyfully and willingly He did it. He identified Himself with His Father’s will. This is what the Sav­ iour was requiring of Peter. Christ wanted him to be prepared to love Him more than anything or anyone else. He wanted Peter to be identi­ fied utterly and completely with His will. We are all to subject our will to His. We must make our lives ex­ pendable for the Lord. Ask yourself this important question, “Am I ready to follow Christ?” * People are really an enigma: they want to lire a long time, and yet no one want* to get old. * * * HOW TO PRAY FOR MISSIONS As we consider the missionary call of the world, let us not overlook the important opportunity and privilege we have as intercessors. 1. Decide that your prayer fellow­ ship will need to he consistent, as a binding duty. The problem is, “We have not because we ask not.” * *

Florida :00 P.M. MTWTF 9:00 A.M. MTWTF 7:30 A.M. MTWTF 9:00 A.M. MTWTF 9:00 A.M. MTWTF 9:00 A.M. MTWTF 9:00 AAA. MTWTF 8:30 A.M. MWF 8:00 A.M. MTWTF 12:30 P.M. Sun.

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2. Select fixed days, hours, and times, making sure that they take the’ precedence over all other engagements


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