NakedLab Lookbook 2023

The NakedLab Dreamscape

At NakedLab, we believe sleep is at the core to a blissful life. Sleep well, rest well to set the foundation for your own good health and you can go out and live life to the fullest!


Niseko Snow inspired by the pure white snow that blankets everything to the horizon and beyond. It's quiet, calm and peaceful.

Byron Sand Imagine the lapping of waves and soft sand at your feet where new and exciting adventures await.

Hampton Rosé Inspired by elegant country house vibes, it's entrancing, inviting, light, bright and refreshing.

Manhattan Silver

It is total tranquility amidst the surrounding urban jungle where you can let yourself explore and experience life.

New York Nightfall Imagine as night draws in, stars come out, and the moon is bright and you're surrounded by serenity.

Midnight Dive Imagine diving into another world beneath the mysterious waves, which is new, exotic and beautiful.

Mediterranean Sky Inspired by long, sun-filled days of blue skies and happy holidays full of light, bright days at the sea.

Jaipur Sunset

Inspired by the relaxing twilight amidst the vibrant cultural city of royalty.

French Sage Limited Edition Inspired by the elegance of classic interior design meets 80s French décor. It's structured, stylish and always in vogue.

The Naked Lab Difference

BambooSilk utilises the wonderfully natural benefits of bamboo to help you get a better night’s rest. Our silky-soft weave is made of 100% bamboo fiber, resulting in a premium blend-free fabric.

NakedLab fabric is twice as soft as cotton, equivlent to 1400 threads Soft like Silk

This is the reason you sleep better with our bedding. Thermo regulating means you will not over heat and good sleeping hormones come when your body is cool. Thermo Regulating

One of the bamboo wonders of our bedding. This means less washing, less allergies, less acne. Anti Bacterial


We've used eco-friendly reactive dye to keep the colours deep and true. Doesn't Fade

Our bedding is soft, smooth and drapey, but when compared to silk, our bedding is not as slippery and sticky. Non-slippery

The breathability of our bedding makes it easier for air to move around your sleeping body. As air is allowed to flow through, your skin does not become as sweaty, adding extra comfort.

The long fibres present in bamboo means it's 100% durability. Strong and durable

Bamboo grows out of earth’s natural soils without the use of any harmful chemicals or pesticides, making it cleaner, safer soils Clean

Our bamboo is ethically grown and sustainably harvested, with consideration for the environment and its farmers Ethically sourced

Sustainable Packaging

100% Organic Bamboo

Peaceful sleep comes from knowing your sheets are luxurious, comfortable, ethically made and free of any animal-derived materials. Ethically made

All aspects of NakedLab products are thoughtfully designed, down to the reusable and biodegradable packaging, which are made from excess fabric. Sometimes we even produce hair ties from extra fabric

Bamboo is an amazing sustainable and renewable resource that requires no pesticides to grow, uses less water and land than cotton. Certified no harmful chemical, we ensure you enjoying all the benefits of bamboo.





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