Community Involvement Guidebook

Introduction The Community Involvement Guidebook (Guidebook) exists to help Redmond City staff and the community efficiently and effectively provide feedback, plan and implement meaningful community involvement. It is part of the City’s overall three-year Communications, Involvement and Marketing Plan. Community involvement goes beyond communications that simply inform the community about City and regional activities. Important outcomes from well designed and implemented community involvement include:

Elevated community awareness and involvement on City and regional issues

Informed, data-driven decisions

Diversified voices at the table

What We Heard from the Community and Staff experienced during the process of planning for community involvement. The content is informed by the analysis of feedback provided in June-July 2018 by community focus groups and online questionnaires regarding community involvement. This Guidebook was created to reduce confusion and bottlenecks commonly

Community members affected by a decision should have the opportunity to be involved in the decision-making process.


Community involvement should include awareness of and opportunities to participate in decision-making processes.


Community members should have input into the community involvement process, including input into strategies that could reduce or eliminate barriers to their participation.



Community members should recieve timely, objective, and useful project information throughout the duration of the project.


Community members should be made aware of how a project or proposal may affect their interests.

Community involvement in Redmond is based upon the following core beliefs to be reflected in Redmond community involvement plans.


Community involvement should influence and improve City decisions.

Community members should know how their input and feedback was used in the decision-making process.


Monitoring and mid-stream corrections should be made as needed during community involvement processes to maximize process effectiveness and positive outcomes.



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