Community Involvement Guidebook

Emphasis on Equity and Inclusion The City of Redmond is committed to inclusive community involvement that reduces language and accessibility barriers (e.g. vision, hearing, mobility) in printed and digital materials, community involvement tools and techniques, and event venues. We are committed to community involvement processes that are equitable (‘level the field’) and inclusive (provide opportunities to learn about and have ‘a seat at the table’) and actively embrace the social, economic, generational and cultural diversity of Redmond.

Guidebook Uses This Guidebook walks through the process of planning and implementing project-level community involvement and provides guidance on best practices. For our purposes, “project-level” refers to project, program, and policy- level problem solving or decision making. Among other benefits, the Guidebook helps the user to:

• Assess whether the project would best benefit from “community outreach” or “community involvement,” (See page 5-6) and what level of community involvement would be most appropriate. (See chart on page 4) • Plan the community involvement strategy with a Community Involvement Worksheet that is a step-by-step guide to successful community involvement. (See page 7–8) • Implement the community involvement strategy with tools, techniques and additional resources. • Understand community involvement purposes, processes and practices, including the roles and responsibilities of City staff, the Communications division and City leadership.

Community involvement planning and implementation is context- specific. While this Guidebook provides a process and tools, it’s important to remember that each situation is unique. Timely consultation with Communications staff will help ensure successful outcomes.


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