Community Involvement Guidebook

Design Process •What key messages and statements about this project should drive all messaging and collateral?

•What are the appropriate communication outreach tools? (check all that apply) • In what sequence will the tools be used?


Print/Graphics Poster Flyer

Interactive eNews letter Designed email Social media

Board/commissions Interest groups Form stakeholders Event/promotion Open house Door-to-door In person poll/survey

Fact sheet, brochure Ads Focus magazine Direct mail Signage

Video/photography Poll or questionnaire Press release

Inclusive Outreach

• How will you ensure that the community involvement process is inclusive of people of diverse races, cultures, languages, socioeconomic status, abilities, etc.

Implement •Does this plan provide for timely access to useful information?

•How will you provide opportunities for the community to give feedback? •How will you demonstrate how community feedback will influence decision?

Monitor, Evaluate and Adapt • How will you collect and evaluate data? • How will you share outcomes with the community? • What triggers will you use to determine whether there is a need to adapt the process?

• What criteria and metrics will you use to evaluate your success in implementing the community involvement process? • Remember to evaluate lessons learned from the process for future projects.


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