PIPT: Helping Arthritis Pain



GETTING TO KNOW OUR LIGHTFORCE LASER Laser Therapy is an FDA cleared modality that reduces inflammation and ultimately results in painreduction.Thismakes itawonderfulmodality to address arthritis pain and inflammation. Laser treatment can be confusing because there are multiple types of lasers available. At Partners, we have tested many of them. The verdict from our staff and patients is that the Lightforce Laser is the one that knocks the laser competition out of the park. It is fast, feels amazing, results are reported inminutes and there are no side effects. It is somuch fun to see the change when people in pain come into the office and then the surprise on their face when the pain drops dramatically. Feel free to call for a demo and see for yourself!


• Orthopedics • Manual Therapy • Sports Rehab • Edema/Lymphedema Management • Geriatrics • Vestibular & Balance Rehab

• Pediatrics • Women’s Health • Wellness and Fitness • Pilates • Weight management • Mental health • Stress management



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