Jamaica Money Market Brokers - October 2018

DONE IS BETTER THAN PERFECT How One Simple Concept Can Change Your Business Forever

The Devil Is in the Details When you obsess over a given task, it’s usually not something foundational to the success of the project. It’s more likely that you spend your time in the weeds of what is relevant to the consumer. Trying to find just the right shades of blue in an email or type of lightbulb for your office isn’t going to drastically alter the course of your business. Spending a disproportionate amount of time on menial tasks that do not move your company forward is counterproductive. Pull the Trigger There comes a point in every project where you’ve reached the threshold of quality work. The measure of a great leader is knowing when this moment has arrived and marking the task as done. Every minute spent beyond this moment is time not spent on other important responsibilities — and that’s money down the drain. ROI on Perfection To see if your business needs a boost in productivity, try running an analysis on where the time in a specific project goes. You’ll find that the more time you spend chasing perfection, the less profitable that project is. Done is better than perfect because it’s efficient and cost-effective, but most importantly, because it’s done.

In the modern realm of business, you’ll find attention to detail and high standards are required for businesses to be successful. With multiple markets oversaturated with similar products, marketing and services, the quest for quality has turned into a necessity for survival. But somewhere along the line, the focus put on providing superior amenities becomes more of a hindrance than an assurance. The pursuit of perfection in daily tasks creates a paralysing effect on productivity. The concept of “done is better than perfect” has rapidly circulated in business over the last couple years. Current times require on-demand delivery of knowledge; paralysis by analysis can make a company less relevant if they can’t keep up. This fixation on the minutiae of a task not only hinders customer engagement, but it also has a negative effect on a business’s bottom line. Isn’t Perfect Always Better? Detractors of the “done is better than perfect” mantra suggest that going the extra mile makes all the difference in a client-based relationship. And they’re right, but their interpretation of this philosophy is wrong. “Done is better than perfect” is not about churning out mediocre work. It’s about not wasting money.

JMMB at a Glance

Meet Alana Lawrence

Alana Lawrence is one of our two Senior Capital Market Analysts. She joined the JMMB team in January of this year.

closeness that, as Alana puts it, “allows me to see some of the most brilliant minds being utilised.”

And in life and work, there is one Chinese proverb that Alana takes to heart: “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” As individuals, Alana points out, we often delay making the move to achieve a goal, whether financial or otherwise.

The role of Senior Capital Market Analyst brings a

unique set of challenges, and as Alana says, “These challenges allow me to discover capabilities within myself that were not initially apparent to me. I constantly grow and work to improve on weaknesses.” And the role isn’t the easiest to define, either. “I assist in conceptualizing and executing capital raise transactions,” Alana says. “I do this for medium- and large-sized corporations while providing investing options to investors. These investors include pension funds and other collective investment schemes.”

Why is this? Alana suggests it may be because that goal appears unachievable or we believe we do not have the resources necessary. “However,” Alana says, “I have learnt that this initial step places us well on the way to realizing our goals.”

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Like many members of the JMMB team, Alana looks forward to each day with optimism. There’s a closeness among the team and clients. It’s this




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