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ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL Our Team Is Here for Your Family

To live an ideal life, a person needs three things: clean food, clean water, and clean air. Rol Air Plumbing & Heating provides two of those things. It’s a responsibility that our entire team takes on with passion and pride, and we’re proud to have brought our services to members of our community for the past seven years. But getting ourselves here didn’t happen overnight. I’ve been a plumber since I was 21 years old. I worked for a number of different plumbing businesses throughout my 20s and 30s, and with a lot of hard work and dedication to the craft, I noticed a pattern starting to emerge: With every new business I worked for, I managed to climb the ladder and find a way to fill a lead or management position. Being near the top was fulfilling because it allowed me to find more ways to serve more people. But after working a lot of years full of long hours, I finally realized that I could do so much more for the customers I wanted to serve if I stood at the very top of that ladder. My wife, Tabatha, and I founded Rol Air in 2013. At first it was just the two of us —me out in the field while she managed the office. But we quickly realized how important creating a stellar team is to the work we do. Now seven years later, we may be an operation of only nine people, but it’s the work we do, and the way we do it, that defines our success. We firmly believe that great service starts at the very core of a business, and the core of our business is our team. Each one of us, no matter the position we fill, operates under a collective goal and attitude of providing outstanding service with unfailing integrity. Our company culture is so important to us because it extends beyond our walls to create great culture with our customers too. Our “all for one and one for all”mentality reaches into every job we do. Rol Air works hard to provide outstanding residential services across the northwest Twin Cities area. We offer plumbing, drain cleaning, water treatment, air cooling and heating services, duct cleaning, and great indoor air quality. We take the work we do seriously because doing it right means providing a safe and healthy environment for you and your family. Before every job, we remind ourselves to think twice, act once. That’s because if we do our work right, we can provide clean water and clean air in your home. That means we’re giving you and your family safety, comfort, and peace of mind.

We may not be the biggest home service company in our area, but that’s not our goal. Our goal is to be the best, and being the best means a lot more than our bottom line at the end of the year. It means building relationships over building profits. It means doing the right thing every time. It means no one gets left behind, and that goes for our team and our customers. Everyone deserves clean food, clean water, and clean air. When we have the ability to provide even just one of those, we have the responsibility to provide it with the utmost care. This summer, I’ll have been working in the home services industry for 24 years. That’s over two decades of building experience, commitment, and a team you can trust. So reach out to Rol Air, and we’ll help you make your home the place of comfort and safety your family deserves.


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Practical best practices at home seem pretty straightforward: Lock your doors at night, keep your rooms clean, and save on utilities where you can. But did you know there are likely things you assume about your home that aren’t true at all? Here are three common household myths debunked. DO YOU REALLY KNOW YOUR HOME? 3 Common Household Myths Debunked Myth No. 1: Rinsing your dishes before running the dishwasher makes them cleaner. Many people habitually rinse each dish before placing it in the dishwasher to create cleaner dishes, but doing so rarely leads to that result. In fact, rinsing may do more harm to your dishes than good. Prerinsing not only wastes more than 6,000 gallons of water each year, but it can also damage your dishes. Without sufficient grime to clean, the high levels of alkaline in dishwasher detergents have more aggressive contact directly on your dishes, leading to cloudiness or scratches. Myth No. 2: Using space heaters instead of central heat saves money. Many homeowners assume the cost of using central heat to warm up an entire house on chilly nights is much higher than simply using a few space heaters in different rooms, but that’s not the case. Space heaters generally cost more in initial purchase and use more energy to provide the exact same amount of heat as a gas furnace. They can also be dangerous if used incorrectly. Raising the temperature on the thermostat, even for just a short period of time, can be much more efficient.


S pring has sprung and summer is on its way, which means now is the perfect time to exercise your green thumb! Gardening is a wonderfully engaging and relaxing activity, but if you’ve never gardened before, then it can be nerve- wracking. Just follow these simple steps for starting your very first backyard garden.

Plan Ahead

If you want to create a successful garden, then it pays to be prepared. First, decide what kind of garden you want. Will you grow flowers or food? Study the differences in maintenance for both and understand how they grow. Second, pick the spot for your garden carefully. Observe your yard for several days to determine where the sun falls and for how long. Check for windbreaks that will protect your plants. Finally, pick a relatively flat spot where you’ll enjoy your garden and be visually reminded to take care of it.

Start With Soil

Myth No. 3: Smoke alarms will sound before a fire starts. Most people assume that smoke alarms have the capability to alert residents of a fire before it actually starts, but the truth is that most detectors aren’t sensitive enough to emit a warning sound that soon. Some models can identify a fire in its early smoldering phase, but most will not start to sound

The next step is getting the soil ready for plants. Clear the ground of any old or unwanted plants, weeds, and sod. Next, improve your soil so that it becomes more fertile and pliable. If it’s too wet, poor, infertile, or acidic, then give it the boost it needs by adding a layer of organic matter like compost, decayed leaves, or dry grass clippings. Working the soil is the next step, and it is key because it allows the roots of your plants to move through the soil and access water and nutrients. Dig and till your soil only when it’s moist.

Plant Your Garden

Now your soil is ready for plants! Some great options for beginners are marigolds, sunflowers, daylilies, pansies, cucumbers, lettuce, peppers, and tomatoes. Read individual seed packets for information on proper planting depth and spacing. If you buy young plants that are already growing, then you can transplant them into your garden. Carefully remove them from their container, and if the roots have balled up, use your finger to gently untangle some of the outer roots before placing them into your soil. Pat the soil firmly around the roots, then soak with water.

the alarm until a fire is already blazing. That’s why it’s so important to have smoke detectors on every floor of your home and to change their batteries every six months. These debunked household myths are just a few of many, so take the time to get to know your home and potentially save money and energy. Always follow manufacturer recommendations for products you use in order to keep you and your family safe.

It’s that easy! You’re officially on your way to creating a beautiful garden and a lifelong hobby.

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THE LATEST HOME IMPROVEMENT TRENDS To Create Interest in a Down Market

Custom Features: When it comes to remodeling rooms like the kitchen or bathroom, luxury projects are slowing, paving the way for emerging brands to gain more market share. These brands are offering their own“luxury” services by way of custom features, like cabinets with custom sizing and soft-close drawers.

For the first time in a decade, the home renovation market is on the decline. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t find savvy ways to keep your home prepared to sell. Here are some top trends to consider if you’re looking to maintain — or even increase — the value of your home. Surfaces: Carpets, floors, paneling, and ceiling tiles account for the largest expenditures in home renovations year after year. Research shows that even though the industry itself is on the decline, this trend will not be changing. HomeWellness: Improvements that focus on wellness for the home’s inhabitants are on the rise. Things like nontoxic building materials, circadian lighting to improve sleep, and water and air purification systems are desirable. Money Savers: Homeowners aren’t expected to completely stop spending money on renovations, but you should be looking for and prioritizing cost-saving options. These include energy-efficient lighting, home insulation, and improved roofing. Big Impact: Similar to finding ways to save, you can also be more strategic with your purchases. Opt for smaller-scale objects that have a high visual impact, such as sleek sink fixtures instead of new cabinetry. Paint: Paint companies are projected to see growth amidst the decline. Painting walls may be time-consuming, but it can yield a big return when it comes to home value. Many rooms benefit from the sprucing of a single accent wall or wallpaper.

Home Tech: Homes only continue to get smarter.

Purchases of robot vacuums and smart lighting are on the rise, which leads homeowners to make even more intuitive smart-home purchases. Built-in smart-home security and thermostat systems are becoming more popular. Whether your goal is to create a home that’s ready to sell or to keep your home relevant and desirable down the road, knowing the latest trends and tips goes a long way.



Inspired by Bon Appétit


1/2 cup chili oil

2 heads garlic, cloves separated

1/3 cup oyster sauce

3 thumbs ginger, chopped

1/3 cup toasted sesame oil

1 cup hoisin sauce

5 lbs boneless pork shoulder, flattened

3/4 cup fish sauce

3/4 cup brown sugar

2/3 cup honey

1 tbsp molasses

2/3 cup rice wine



Using a convection plate on the grill, cook pork until the thickest part reaches an internal temperature of 140–145 F. In a large saucepan, simmer brown sugar, molasses, and reserved marinade for 6–8 minutes. Baste the pork with the brown sugar glaze for 2 minutes before serving.


In a blender, purée garlic, ginger, hoisin sauce, fish sauce, honey, rice wine, chili oil, oyster sauce, and toasted sesame oil until smooth.






Reserve and chill 1 1/2 cups for later use.


In a bag, add the remaining mixture and pork shoulder. Marinate for at least 8 hours.



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SMALL CHANGE, BIG IMPACT Simple Solutions for Sprucing Up Your Home

It doesn’t take a remodel or a style overhaul to create noticeable changes in your home. Here are four easy ways to implement small changes that cause a big impact.

Bedroom: Mirror You likely have some type of mirror in your bedroom already, but hanging a large decorative mirror can make even the smallest of bedrooms look much bigger. Bathroom: Accent Wall The bathroom is often designated as a “plain” or “neutral” space, which is why painting just one wall with a splash of color can make a fun statement.

Kitchen: Faucets These little details go a long way in determining the style of your kitchen. Replacing them with something different can create a whole new vibe. Living Room: Lighting Your living room likely has the same lighting as when you first decorated it. Swap your overhead lighting for lamps or change your white bulbs to yellow ones. Different lighting can freshen up the room and create a new feeling for the entire space.

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