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GETTING TO THE SOURCE To Become the Healthiest You

We knew our immune system would become stronger for the next time we came in contact with the virus, and our body would fight it off. Do you remember measles and chicken pox parties? These days, we tend to just react to every little symptom with an over- the-counter or prescription medicine. But doing this, we are just tricking our

Thirty-seven years ago on July 5, 1982, I sat on my front porch and watched as the mailman walked toward me carrying a letter that would tell me if I had passed my state chiropractic examinations. With my heart racing, I ripped opened the envelope and saw the words: “Congratulations, you are officially a ‘Doctor of Chiropractic’!” What a great celebration dance I had with my wife! It had taken a lot of time and effort to get my license, but now I could help people restore and maintain their health. I love being a wellness doctor! When I first opened my practice almost four decades ago, there weren’t as many sick and overmedicated people coming in with chronic conditions: peripheral neuropathy, autoimmune diseases, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, autism, leaky gut syndrome, dementia, and more. Many people are caught in a serious downward health spiral and don’t know where to turn because they understand medications are not the answer. They come to us for education and answers on how to pull themselves up and out of a premature death spiral. Did you know the United States takes 80% of the world’s medications but is only 5% of world’s population? Wow! We are also ranked 37 — out of 37 countries the World Health

Federation studied — on the health of our country. Have you ever thought about how unhealthy our country is and how it continues to get worse? Think about it: The U.S. has the most doctors, hospitals, medications, and specialists in the entire world, but we are still the sickest country!

We keep coming out with more and more medications to

body into thinking we are healthy. There’s a time and place for medications, but they were never meant to be abused and chronically used long-term. Never stop working

combat the symptoms that arise in patients. Are we getting

healthy because of this?

Absolutely not! Medications were originally

on improving your health and try not to use medications to fix everything.

designed to treat disease and illness for a short period of time.

When medications have a role to play in your health, take action to fix the internal underlying problem, which is what you are doing when you come to

This is called acute care. Now, if you are near death and about to die, our health system is No. 1 in reviving, but what we lack are the protocols and programs to teach people how to stay healthy and how to fight off disease through natural means. Do you remember when it was actually good to get sick and let the body fight off infections naturally?

our center. We are here to restore your health and quality of life.

–Dr. Steven Alff, D.C.

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3 Free Apps to Help You Catch Those Z ’ s INSOMNIACS UNITE

afterward. The inability to stay asleep throughout the night can stem from a multitude of factors, but snoring tends to be the most common. The Snore Report app records through the night to detect any snoring sounds and then provides the user with an overview of the previous night’s recording, including an index to determine snore intensity. Using this app might not help you fall asleep faster, but it could offer helpful information about why you aren’t able to stay asleep. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock Instead of setting an alarm to jolt you out of sleep at a specific time, choose a window of time to wake up with the Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock. The app will sense your sleep movements and ring an alarm when you’re in the lightest stage of sleep. This way, you’ll wake at the optimal time, feeling refreshed rather than groggy.

Everyone with a smartphone has heard time and time again that looking at your phone before bed is a bad idea. According to the

National Sleep Foundation, “The use of electronic devices in the bedroom further disrupts the natural pattern of the sleep-wake cycle” primarily because of the blue light emitted from the screen. While most scientific data pertaining to sleep recommends you place your phone in another room overnight, those who toss and turn regardless of phone location might benefit from using technology rather than tucking it away. Here are three FREE sleep apps that might help you get to dreamland faster.

binaural beats, and an embedded algorithm generates a slightly different track each time you use it. Snore Report Many troubled sleepers who are able to fall asleep are jolted awake shortly

Pzizz While there are many apps that claim to help people fall asleep quicker, very few are programmed to prevent sleepers from growing bored of the same monotonous soundtracks. Pzizz combines music, sound effects, and

I Can Enjoy Retirement Like I Planned What Our Patients Say

Dr. Alff’s clinic and went to talk to him. I have read how electrical currents can ‘wake up the damaged nerves and help the nerve healing process’ and how successful it can be. The tests he performed on me showed me just how out-of-balance my body chemistry was, and I began treatment with him. “I’m at the halfway point in my treatment program, and the results are so amazing that my balance has improved and resulted in muscle memory recovery. The neuropathy has all but subsided entirely! I am sleeping and walking better, and doing yoga is a joy. I would like to thank Dr. Alff and the staff for their compassion and understanding of my situation and their willingness to work with me.

“This is a thank-you letter for all that you and your warm, caring staff have shown me throughout my coming to terms with Type 2 diabetes and neuropathy symptoms. “Not being able to participate in family functions was frustrating and belittling, and not being able to climb bleachers to watch my grandson’s basketball games was weighing on me. Pain was wearing me down emotionally. “I researched treatments and found that my current health provider, Kaiser Permanente, did not offer any treatment whatsoever for my neuropathy, so I was forced to go looking for an alternative treatment. After much reading on the internet and Facebook, I discovered

“Though once a skeptic, I am a skeptic no more! I’m going with my wife to Utah to walk, hike, and fish from streams once I’ve completed the neuropathy program. At 64, I can enjoy my retirement like I planned.”

- Alec, Camarillo 2


If You Do, Then Read This

Age is a frame of mind; it really is. You can always improve your health and get in better physical condition, no matter how old you are. Now, I’m not crazy either. Age certainly can slow down progress, but it doesn’t mean progress cannot happen. Progress can always be made as long as you have these things: a well-prepared health program, good nutrition, proper rest, and a well-aligned spine for the nervous system to function optimally. Furthermore, just because you have reached your 60th or 70th birthday doesn’t mean you can expect the rest of your life to be painful in some way. Too many people assume that pain is inevitable and something they must live with. It is not! Pain and dysfunction can be dealt with no matter your age. Change your attitude. Look around and realize there are plenty of people older

There is a bad myth out there that says age goes hand-in-hand with pain, dysfunction, and lack of real progress. All the time, I hear things like: “At my age, I’m just lucky if I maintain some of my strength,” and, “I am not looking to improve much at my age, I just want to keep my strength up, so I can live out the rest of my life more comfortably!” Those are real quotes from real people. Age does not mean you cannot progress. Age does not mean you are finished. Age does not mean you can’t enjoy life to its fullest. I work with a lot of people in this office on a daily basis. I work on patients of all ages, from infancy to 100 years old (the oldest patient I’ve ever seen up until now). Some of my greatest success stories have been with my older patients.

than you who are working with intensity and are in great condition. Why can’t you be one of those people? Find help. If you have conditions that you feel are age- related, tell one of the staff, so we can help you reach your health care goals and live pain-free. Find your motivation. My son is cycling across Europe right now with a 71-year- old man. They travel about 50-100 miles a day on bicycles. What keeps that man young and in great condition? His mental outlook. He never once used age as an excuse. Find your motivation and use it to fuel your own fire.




• 1 small shallot, thinly sliced • 4–5 medium tomatoes, preferably heirloom, seeded and cut into wedges • 6–10 medium basil leaves, cut into ribbons

• 1 tbsp aged balsamic vinegar • 1 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil • Salt and pepper, to taste


1. Place shallots in balsamic vinegar for 15 minutes. Drain and pat dry using paper towels. 2. Assemble tomatoes on a plate, top with basil and shallots, and season with salt and pepper. 3. Drizzle olive oil over top of salad and serve immediately.

Inspired by Nom Nom Paleo

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For Your Next Road Trip

Even though road trips offer you a break from the monotony of your office, the stiffness in your muscles and joints that comes from sitting in one position for too long can follow you onto the road if you’re not careful. Whether in front of a laptop or behind the wheel, taking the opportunity to stretch and exercise on your summer road trip is a great way to prevent the soreness from following you back to the office. Here are a few stretches to keep in mind for the next rest stop. For the Neck Reach your left arm over the top of your head and touch your right ear. Then, gently pull your head to the left and hold it there for 15 seconds. Repeat this process with your right arm.

For the Hips While you’re driving, a good way to prevent sore hips is by making sure your knees are slightly elevated above them in your seat. Once you have the opportunity to stop, try doing some hip flexors. Kneel on one knee, slowly push your pelvis forward, squeeze your shoulders back, and open your chest. Hold this position for 15 seconds, then repeat while kneeling on the other knee. For the Legs To stretch out your hamstrings, place your right heel on a small step. Extend your arms upward, and then lean your upper body forward. You’ll feel a pull in the back of your upper leg. Once you’ve done this for about 15–30 seconds, repeat the process with your left heel. The road may be long, but that doesn’t mean you have to feel it in your muscles. If you stop every couple of hours and take some time to limber up, your body will thank you.

For the Chest Stand in front of a door frame with one hand pressed on either side and your elbows at 90-degree angles, then lean forward. This will cause your chest muscles to open up. Hold this position for 15 seconds. You can do a similar stretch by bending downward while keeping your hands on your car door in front of you, stretching your entire upper body. 4

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