2021 Root Candles Liturgical Catalog

The Rich Heritage of Mont La Salle Altar Wines

Beeswax candles are used for mass for a very important reason—they symbolize Christ. THEOLOGY OF A CANDLE

THE FLAME represents Christ as the Light of the World.

As the candle burns, it gets smaller and smaller, in a sense, it sacrifices itself, symbolizing how Christ sacrificed Himself on the cross of our salvation. THEWAX of the candle symbolizes Christ’s humanity which hides His divinity (symbolized by the wick). The wax itself is made by female worker bees who never mate (virgins) and further symbolizes Christ’s perfect purity. THEWICK symbolizes Christ’s divinity which is hidden by His humanity (symbolized by the wax).

In 1930, The Christian Brothers were looking for a site to relocate their winery that had been in operation since the early 1880’s. They constructed a mission style complex on the site and in 1932, christened it Mont La Salle after St. John Baptist de la Salle, the French priest who founded their religious order. The Brothers successfully marketed commercial wines for the next 49 years, under The Christian Brothers’ label with profits supporting their many schools, the formation program for new Brothers, and the care of aging Brothers. During this time, Brother Timothy Diener gained a name as one of the great winemakers of California and was cellar master for more than 45 years.

Mont La Salle, the oldest continuing producer of altar wines in the U.S., the most widely recognized and most preferred altar wine, a name you can trust.

Dry Wines 12% Alcohol by Volume Abbey White: Light straw-colored medium Chablis-type dry wine. Fresh, fruity taste. 750ML Abbey Red: A dry, full-bodied Burgundy- type red wine with a smooth and appealing taste. 750ML Haut Sauterne: Pale gold in color with a soft, f lavorful taste. 750ML 3L Rose: Light pink colored wine with a delicate fragrance and a touch of sweetness. 750ML 3L

Non-Alcohol Wines Mustum Grape Juice: Natural grape juice from Concord grapes, no sugar added. Displays a rich deep purple color. Endorsed by the National Clergy Council on Alcoholism. 750ML Wine AWAY Mont La Salle Red Wine Stain Remover Mont La Salle Wine Stain Remover is a powerful, yet gentle, red wine stain remover formulated to remove most red wine stains from carpets, altar linens and fabrics. It is made from fruit and vegetable extracts and has a fresh citrus scent. It contains NO bleach.

LIGHT Wines 12% Alcohol by Volume Chateau des Freres: Pale-golden color, rich and fruity. 750ML Concord: Dark purple, medium sweet taste. 750ML Rosato: Deep rose color with a rich mellow taste. Very popular. 750ML 3L St. Paul: A light, sweet red wine. Garnet red in color. 750ML 3L Pink Catawba: Bright pink color with a distinctive sweet taste. 750ML

Sweet Wines 18% Alcohol by Volume Angelica: Pale gold color, fruity and with a rich bouquet. 750ML 3L

La Salle Special: Light straw color with sweet, mellow f lavors. 750ML 3L

Port: Ruby-red color, naturally sweet, and f lavorful. 750ML 3L Tokay: Amber color, medium sweet, very soft f lavor. 750ML 3L

Special thanks to Rev. Gerald C. Saguto FSSP.


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