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Drum Long Line Catheter Catheter Through Catheter Introduction Style

Long Line Catheters Catheter Through Catheter Introduction Style

• L ong term r adiopaque catheter ma y be inserted in any v ein. • K ink-r esistant polyur ethane catheter can be cut to desir ed length. • F emale luer lock is placed onto long catheter after insertion into v essel, after the intr oducer catheter has been r emoved. • M oveable wing pr ovides method of secur e attachment. • K it includes catheter , intr oducer , moveable sutur e wing (not a vailable in LL2425), and female luer lock adapter . DESCRIPTION ITEM# 24Ga catheter adjustable up to 25cm (10in) LL2425 20Ga catheter adjustable up to 45cm (18in) LL2045 19Ga catheter adjustable up to 45cm (18in) LL1945 19Ga catheter adjustable up to 90cm (36in) LL1990 Pick & Peel Drape recommended for sterile field, see page 9.

USES: 1. A dminister vasopressor (i.e. norepinephrine) when a central line is not accessible. Feed the long catheter through the peripheral catheter. The peripheral catheter is included in the kit to ensure that its inner diameter is sufficient for a smooth introduction of the long catheter. 2. Drug administration to crashing diabetic patient. 3. Multiple blood draws. SCREWS onto the intr oducer catheter hub . NO MESSY TAPE. Since the intr oducer catheter remains indw elling, the long catheter can be easily replaced thr ough the same intr oducer , avoiding another needle stick. • L ong catheter material is r adiopaque , kink-r esistant polyur ethane embedded with a fluor o-polymer formula designed to aid in ease of placement. •  Recommended to prevent norepinephrine extravasation. • Kit includes catheter-o ver-needle intr oducer , a long catheter with stiffening wir e and a drum. • T he drum houses the long catheter and is an advancement system designed to minimize touch contamination. • I ntroduction technique: Long catheter thr ough intr oducer catheter . • T he INTR ODUCER C ATHETER REMAINS INDWELLING and the long catheter hub



22Ga x 20cm (8in) with 20Ga Introducer 20Ga x 20cm (8in) with 18Ga Introducer 19Ga x 25cm (10in) with 16Ga Introducer

LLD2220 LLD2020 LLD1925

Pick & Peel Drape recommended for sterile field, see page 9.


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