2022 MILA Product Catalog - International


EZIO - Intraosseous Catheter Kit

PICC - Silicone Catheter Kit Catheter Through Peel-Away Introducer

• P ICC - Peripher ally Inserted Centr al Catheter . • May be inserted in an y v essel. • S ilicone material for long term use of 30 +da ys. • R adiopaque catheter can be cut to desir ed length. • I nsertion method via peel-a way intr oducer . • C atheter has a stylet wir e to facilitate advancement. • K it includes catheter with wir e stylet, peel-a way intr oducer and tape measur e. DESCRIPTION ITEM# 2Fr (23Ga) x 40cm (16in) Single Lumen 3240 3Fr (20Ga) x 60cm (24in) Single Lumen 3360 4Fr (18Ga) x 60cm (24in) Single Lumen 3460 5Fr (16Ga) x 60cm (24in) Single Lumen 3560 5Fr x 60cm (24in) Double Lumen (2-18Ga) 3565 Pick &Peel Drape recommended for sterile field, see page 9.

• E mer gency deliv ery of fluid, medications and blood products dir ectly into the v ascular system within seconds, via bone marr ow. • R eusable stainless steel two-part needle . Consists of outer cannula with depth marks and forked tip. Solid sharp inner cannula. • V ery gentle . No bone splintering as with competitiv e systems. • T raining needles ar e non-sterile. Sterilize with cold sterilant, autocla ve or EO gas. • Power driv er has lithium sealed battery . DESCRIPTION ITEM# Power Driver - G3 EZPD-3 Needle - 15Ga x 1.5cm EZ1515 Needle - 15Ga x 2.5cm EZ1525 Needle - 15Ga x 4.5cm EZ1545 Training Needle - 15Ga x 1.5cm EZTN15 Training Needle - 15Ga x 2.5cm EZTN25 Training Needle - 15Ga x 4.5cm EZTN45 Carrying Case - Soft Sided EZC-S Pick & Peel Drape recommended for sterile field, see page 9.

"We have found the EZIO very useful for patient care in our Emergency and Critical Care Department. It is easy to use and we train students, staff, house officers and faculty on clinical indications." Steven L. Marks BVSc, MS, MRCVS, DACVIM Clinical Professor of Internal and Emergency Medicine North Carolina State University


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