2022 MILA Product Catalog - International


Introducer Sheaths with Hemostasis Valve

Veincath Catheters Catheter Through Needle Introduction Style

• I nnovativ e replacement for the V enoCath.™ •  Protective pouch to adv ance catheter with stylet. • A fter catheter is placed, the needle is safely discar ded befor e easy attachment of the female luer .

• V ascular access intr oducer sheath with hemostasis v alve. • C omplete hemostasis during insertion and withdr awal of de vices. • A dvanced material impr oves fle xibility without gapping or kinking. • Q uarter-turn-scr ew dilator locking system ensur es the smooth tr ansition fr om dilator to sheath, preventing the pull out of the dilator . • I ncludes sheath, dilator , and 45cm h ydrophilic coated Nitinol wir e with angled tip.

• R adiopaque . • Economical. DESCRIPTION

ITEM# V2030

20Ga x 30cm (12in) catheter with 18Ga introducer Pick & Peel Drape recommended for sterile field, see page 9.



4Fr x 4cm (1.6in) - .021 wire 5Fr x 5cm (2in) - .021 wire 6Fr x 7cm (2.8in) - .035 wire 7Fr x 7cm (2.8in) - .035 wire 8Fr x 7cm (2.8in) - .035 wire 9Fr x 7cm (2.8in) - .035 wire


Blood Filtration System

Pick & Peel Drape recommended for sterile field, see page 9.

FILTER • S tainless steel filter designed to filter particulate within blood components do wn to 18 micr ons. • U sed for the filtr ation of stor ed blood components and other fluids indicated for filtr ation. • L uer locking hub allo ws the use of a standar d syringe without a needle . • 5 0cc filter capacity for whole blood and 20cc filter capacity for all other blood components. DESCRIPTION ITEM# Hemo-Nate Blood Filter - 18Micron BF18 SPIKE • H emo-Tap bag spik e with needle injection port. DESCRIPTION ITEM# Hemo-Tap Bag Spike BF15

Arterial Catheter

• R eliable guide wir e intr oduction technique . • 2 2Ga x 6cm (2.5in)

• C onstructed of PTFE with fle xible sutur e wing. • S et includes 22Ga needle , wir e and catheter . ITEM# AR2206 Pick & Peel Drape recommended for sterile field, see page 9.


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