2022 MILA Product Catalog - International



Dispensing Pins

• B EST PRA CTICE – Pr eserv e integrity and sterility of medication in vial. • Save time and mone y. • P unctur e bag stopper or vial only once for multiple withdr awals or injections. • All ar e needle-fr ee. • Operate with an y style syringe . • P IN1 clamps onto the vial, eliminates pulling against a v acuum, and e xtends the life of the vial medication because all incoming air is filtered . Use on 20mm and 28mm vials. • P IN3 gr eatly speeds up the process of filling syringes from a bag . The bag is punctur ed only

•  Two ‘D’ shaped lumens for optimal, high blood flow rates. • S oft polyur ethane catheter designed to minimize catheter kinking. • F lexible tip design for ease of placement and to minimize risk of v ascular tr auma. • S ilicone e xtension lines for impr oved dur ability during r epeated clamping. • S tagger ed exit ports designed to r educe recirculation. • M oveable clamp allo ws for anchor age at the incision site , regardless of catheter indw ell length. • Rotating sutur e wing. DESCRIPTION ITEM# 7Fr x 16cm (6.3in) HDL716 8Fr x 16cm (6.3in) HDL816 12Fr x 16cm (6.3in) HDL1216 12Fr x 25cm (10in) HDL1225

once with the spik e, ther eby extending the life of the fluids when withdr awing fr om the bag through the needle-fr ee adapter , rather than through a needle . DESCRIPTION


ClampingVial Spike with Needle-FreeValve and Filtered Inlet Vent Vial Spike with Needle-FreeValve IV Bag Access with Needle-FreeValve





Vented Vial Adapter

• 9 9.99% pr otection against aer osols and v apors. • L ow r esidual. • Multi-use with drip-fr ee connector . • V ented with dual pathw ay non-coring plastic spik e and pr essur e equalization with 0.2 micr on one w ay filter . • 0 .10ml priming v olume. DESCRIPTION

Unique blend of thick er walls combined with a double D cr oss section allows for maximum flo w rates with significant resistance to kinking.


13mmvial 20mmvial 28mmvial


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