2022 MILA Product Catalog - International



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Quicky Cath™

Fenestrated Centesis Catheters

• T eflon catheter-o ver-needle . • R adiopaque . • R ecommended for less than 24 hour use . • No sutur e wings. • F ilter v ent plug pr events blood loss during insertion and can also be used to tempor arily cap the IV catheter prior to securing an e xtension set. DESCRIPTION ITEM# 16Ga x 8.25cm (3.25in) QC163 16Ga x 14cm (5.5in) QC165 14Ga x 8.25cm (3.25in) QC143 14Ga x 14cm (5.5in) QC145

• C atheter-o ver-needle style with smooth tr ansition from needle to catheter that aids in placement. • F enestr ated with 3 side holes at the distal end. Item #12 12F has 4 side holes. • I deal for tapping pericar dial effusion in dogs.


ITEM# 1804F 1604F 1404F 1412F 1212F

18Ga x 9cm (3.5in) 16Ga x 7.5cm (3in) 14Ga x 9cm (3.5in) 14Ga x 13cm (5.25in) 12Ga x 13cm (5.25in)








Pick & Peel Surgical Drape


Use for maintaining a sterile field for catheter placement. Each dr ape allo ws the user to select a 3.75cm (1.5in) or 6.9cm (2.75in) fenestr ation. Drape size 60cm x 60cm (24in x 24in). • A dhesiv e apertur es. • Sterile , impervious, tr anslucent film. • P rovides superb tr anslucent pr otection fr om fluids with optimal dr apeability . • Helps k eep patient w arm. • C an be used for small animal DENT AL pr ocedur es. Put animal snout thr ough the apertur e. ITEM # PPD ITEM # (10 Pack) PPD10


Peel here for 6.9cm (2.75in) fenestration to expose the blue and green areas.

Peel here for 3.75cm (1.5in) fenestration to expose the green area.

Additional drapes on page 55


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