2022 MILA Product Catalog - International




360°Spinner Luer Lock* •  360°spinning luer lock hub resists twisting and kinking of the catheter during patient movement. • H elps prevent catheter disconnects by allowing the extension line to spin freely 360°when connected to a catheter. Avoids accidental unscrewing. • A llows extension set to attach to catheter in any position while leaving the suture wings flat against the patient. • I tem numbers 8518M, 8530M, 8550M, 8590M, 8700 and 8718 feature the 360°spinning luer lock hub. Neutral Displacement Injection Port (Stasis Valve) • P revents blood reflux into the catheter when connecting and disconnecting syringes/lines. • C lear, closed, NEEDLE-FREE valve with a swabable top for easy disinfecting. • Does not require clamping to control valve induced reflux. • S aline flush option reduces risk, cost and time associated with Heparin use. Heparin not required. •  Higher flow rate than Microclave.® • I tem numbers 8518M, 8530M, 8550M, 8572M, 8575M and 8590M feature the stasis valve.

Normally Closed Valve • T he valve is needle-free and bi-directional for infusion and sampling. • High-flow tubing. • Select caps on page 17 or connect to an IV line. • I tem numbers 8518, 8572, 8575 and 8590 feature the normally closed valve.

Large Bore Female Luer • Item numbers 8700 and 8718 feature the large bore female luer. Rotating Male Luer Lock • Large bore. • I tem numbers 8518, 8590, 8572, 8572M, 8575 and 8575M feature a rotating male luer lock.

*Patent Pending


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