2022 MILA Product Catalog - International




Female Luer And Rotating Male Luer Lock • M ini bor e female luer . • Mini bor e rotating male luer lock. • Select caps on page 17 or connect to an IV line . • I tem numbers 85 15, 8540, 854 1, 8544, 8545, FTE60 and UVB60 featur e a female luer and r otating male luer lock.

Stopcock • T hr ee-way stopcock with tw o female luer locks. • A dditional stopcocks on page 79. • I tem number 2408 featur es a stopcock and r otating male luer lock.


UV Blocking Amber Tubing • Amber tubing pr ovides pr otection for light sensitiv e liquid medications, r educing the risk of molecule crystallization and drug photodegr adation. • F emale luer lock and r otating male luer lock. • S ets can also connect to MILA Nasogastric tube for medication deliv ered enter ally (See page 36). • U se with bag co ver, item #UVB-B, for complete protection of light sensitiv e liquid medications. • I tem numbers UVB1 0 and UVB60 featur e UV blocking amber tubing. Feeding Tube Extension Set • C olor coded purple for safety , to indicate feeding. • M ale luer fits the port of all MILA y ellow and purple NG tubes (see pages 36-37). • T otal length 150cm/59in. • F eeding tube e xtension set is item number FTE60.

Item#UVB-B Bag Cover

Item#UVB60 Extension Set


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