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Foley Catheters with Wire Stylet in a Procedure Kit

Foley Catheters with Wire Stylet

• Kit includes radiopaque silicone foley catheter, wire stylet, suture wing, suture pack, female luer lock christmas tree, needle-free cap, lubricating gel packet, gauze and syringe. • Water activated lubricant on inside of sizes 5, 6 and 8 facilitates wire removal. • Balloon cuff retains catheter in the bladder. • The stylet provides rigidity to save time and reduce the risk of trauma. DESCRIPTION ITEM# 4Fr x30cm(12in)with1ccballoon– NEW UC412 5Fr x30cm(12in)with1ccballoon UC512 5Fr x55cm(21in)with1ccballoon UC521 6Fr x30cm(12in)with1.5ccballoon,suturewing UC612 6Fr x60cm(24in)with1.5ccballoon,suturewing UC624 6Fr x90cm(36in)with1.5ccballoon,suturewing UC636 8Fr x30cm(12in)with3ccballoon,suturewing UC812 8Fr x60cm(24in)with3ccballoon,suturewing UC824 8Fr x90cm(36in)with3ccballoon,suturewing UC836 10Fr x30cm(12in)with5ccballoon,suturewing UC1012 10Fr x45cm(18in)with5ccballoon,suturewing UC1018 10Fr x90cm(36in)with5ccballoon,suturewing UC1036

• Radiopaque silicone foley catheter with wire stylet , suture wing, female luer lock christmas tree and needle-free cap. DESCRIPTION ITEM# 12Fr x30cm(12in)with10ccballoon UC1212 12Fr x55cm(21in)with10ccballoon UC1221 14Fr x23cm(9in)with10ccballoon UC1409 14Fr x55cm(21in)with10ccballoon UC1421 16Fr x55cm(21in)with20ccballoon UC1621 16Fr x63.5cm(25in)with20ccballoon UC1625 18Fr x55cm(21in)with20ccballoon UC1821 20Fr x55cm(21in)with30ccballoon UC2021 22Fr x55cm(21in)with30ccballoon UC2221 24Fr x42cm(16in)with30ccballoon UC2416 24Fr x150cm(59in)with30ccballoon UC2459 Ideal forMARES Ideal for STALLIONS

Foley Catheters without Wire Stylet

• Radiopaque silicone catheter only, no stylet . Includes suture wing, female luer lock christmas tree and needle-free cap. DESCRIPTION ITEM# 12Fr x30cm(12in)with10ccballoon UC1212C 12Fr x55cm(21in)with10ccballoon UC1221C 14Fr x23cm(9in)with10ccballoon UC1409C 14Fr x55cm(21in)with10ccballoon UC1421C 16Fr x55cm(21in)with20ccballoon UC1621C 16Fr x63.5cm(25in)with20ccballoon UC1625C 18Fr x55cm(21in)with20ccballoon UC1821C 20Fr x55cm(21in)with30ccballoon UC2021C 22Fr x55cm(21in)with30ccballoon UC2221C 24Fr x42cm(16in)with30ccballoon UC2416C 24Fr x150cm(59in)with30ccballoon UC2459C Ideal forMARES Ideal for STALLIONS

Foal/Horse Foley Catheters and Foal Urine Collection Kit 8Fr to 24Fr foley catheters (on this page) recommended for Foals/Horses. Customizable Foal Urine Collection Kit on page 27.


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