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Foley Catheters for Female Canine Guidewire/Seldinger Insertion

• Guidewir e inserted fole y catheter for female dogs. • Foley catheter with balloon cuff. • Stainless steel guide wir e with J tip, 7 0cm in length. • Water activ ated lubricant facilitates wir e removal. • Introducer with depth markings and fle xible tip. • Radiopaque silicone material. • K it includes catheter with balloon, guide wir e, dilator , drape, lubricant, sutur e, sutur e wing, female luer lock christmas tr ee, needle-fr ee cap, gauze and syringe . DESCRIPTION ITEM# 6Fr x 35cm (14in) with 1.5cc balloon UCG610 8Fr x 35cm (14in) with 3cc balloon UCG810

“I strongly believe this improvement will help enormouslywithamuch easier and safer placement of a urinary foley catheter in female dogs. Andmost importantly, it will offer better control of hygiene during catheter placement.”

Developed in cooperation with Joris Robben,Associate Professor in Emergency and Intensive CareMedicine at the Small Animal ICU of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Utrecht University

N E W ★

Retropulsion ™ Urinary Catheters (RUC) for Male Canine

The R etropulsion™ Catheter is a short-term urinary dr ainage catheter for sampling and dr ainage of the bladder in male dogs. The catheter allo ws for compr ehensiv e retrograde hydropulsion of lodged ur ethr al calculi into the bladder . The catheter can pr ovide r apid, easy e xchange to a long-term fole y using an open-ended silicone fole y and guide wir e. • R adiopaque polyur ethane catheter with a taper ed, soft, fle xible tip designed to be atr aumatic and safely pass the urethr a into the bladder . The rigidity/stiffness is a h ybrid betw een polypr opylene and r ed rubber . • M ultiple side holes with end-hole for maximum v elocity saline v ortex r etrograde h ydropulsion. • B lue color catheter ideal for accentuating the ur ethr a during ur ethr ostomy. • E nd-hole at catheter tip allo ws passage of a guide wir e (up to 0.035") for r apid over-the-wir e catheter e xchange .

Minimum guide wir e length of 173cm is r equir ed. • C entimeter markings for pr ecise depth placement. • L uer lock end for easy connection to dr ainage bag or syringe . DESCRIPTION



RUC855 RUC1055

6Fr x55cm(22in) 8Fr x55cm(22in) 10Fr x55cm(22in)

RUC655 RUC855 RUC1055


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