2022 MILA Product Catalog - International

URINARY CATHETERS PERCUTANEOUS Balloon Catheter Kit for Cystostomy • Introduction uses Seldinger wire, followed by peel-away sheath. •  Open-ended silicone catheter with 20cc balloon, depth markings and r adiopaque stripe . • 2 0Fr x 25cm (1 0in) catheter with Y -port and fixation ring. • S hort catheter tip design r educes gastric mucosa irritation. • L ar ge funnel Y -port with locking caps. • A djustable fix ation ring pr events catheter migration. • K it includes catheter , catheter-o ver-needle intr oducers, guide wir e, peel-away sheath with dilator , 12Fr dilator , scalpel, dr ape, gauze , sutur e,


Locking Pigtail Catheter Kit (Nephrostomy)

• P ercutaneous cannula-o ver-needle placement facilitates contr olled, minimally inv asiv e catheter intr oduction. • F or emer gency nephr ostomy and abscess dr ainage . • S oft, fle xible , kink r esistant, r adiopaque polyur ethane catheter . • S ide holes positioned within catheter pigtail for effectiv e drainage . • L ocking string system prevents accidental uncoiling of the pigtail. • Pigtail (coil) helps r etain the catheter in place . • I ncludes cannula, dir ect punctur e needle , pigtail catheter , collection line and 600cc collection bag. DESCRIPTION ITEM# 6Fr x30cm(12in) PT625 8Fr x30cm(12in) PT825

syringe and clamp. • Ideal for goats.



Cystostomy Catheter

• SURGICALLY PLACED open-ended silicone catheter with 20cc balloon, r adiopaque stripe , fixation ring and Y -port. Clamp included. DESCRIPTION


20Fr x 25cm (10in) 24Fr x 25cm (10in) 28Fr x 25cm (10in)



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