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Mic-Key – Low Profile Gastrostomy Device

Jejunostomy Tubes ( J thru G)

• Balloo n style cuff which enables in ser tion an d

For SURGICALLY PLA CED J-tubes, r efer to STERILE Nasogastric F eeding Tubes on pages 36-37. • M ust be placed thr ough either a 16Fr or 20Fr MILA PEG tube (on pr evious page). • C ontinuous nutritional support via a jejunostom y tube positioned in duodenum or jejunum. • S ealed Tw oomey adapter permits e vacuation of stomach fr om side port and placement of J-tube through top port.

removal wi thout trauma after a stoma is for med. • Can be e asily r eplaced by the cl ient. • Kit includes patient care kit wit h 6cc & 35cc syringes, right angle feeding set , bolus f eeding set and caregiver guide. • Avai lable i n 12 Fr, 1 4Fr , 16Fr , 18Fr, 20F r and 24Fr diameters. L engths from 0.8cm up to 5. 0cm, a total of combinations. Length is measured from the proximal side of the balloon to the skin surface. Plea se r efer to the PDF below for a list of all available sizes. Special order item, allow 5 business days for delivery.

•  Grip tip on tube for gr asping with endoscope . • C olor coded purple luer lock to indicate for enter al nutrition only . DESCRIPTION



6Fr x 90cm (36in) - Order PEG16 or PGS16 8Fr x 90cm (36in) - Order PEG20 or PGS20 10Fr x 90cm (36in) - Order PEG20 or PGS20

J636 J836




Mic-Key - specify Fr size and length

Mic-Key M5555

Stoma Measuring Device

24in Right Angle Feeding Set - 5 pack


Bolus Feeding Set - 5 pack

Grip Tip

Gastrostomy Catheter

• S ur gically placed open-ended silicone catheter with 20cc balloon, r adiopaque stripe , fix ation ring and Y-port. Clamp included. DESCRIPTION ITEM# 20Fr x 25cm (10in), fits up to a 10Fr catheter CYGA20 24Fr x 25cm (10in), fits up to a 12Fr catheter CYGA24 28Fr x 25cm (10in), fits up to a 14Fr catheter CYGA28 Tuohy Borst Adapter for Large Bore Catheters CYTB

Use with Item#CYTB to prevent the backflow of fluid around the catheter or instrument inserted through the gastrostomy tube.

Ideal for J through G catheterization. Adapter connects toMILA Gastrostomy catheters and allows passage of MILA Nasogastric/Jejunostomy catheters.



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