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NG PLUS Feeding Tube with Flushing Stylet

WEIGHTED NG PLUS Feeding Tube with Flushing Stylet

Weighted NG Plus Feeding tubes have all of the same features as non-weighted tubes. Weight is in the distal tip. DESCRIPTION ITEM# 6Fr x 55cm (22in) - 1 Gramweight NGP622W 8Fr x 108cm (43in) - 3 Gramweight NGP843W 10Fr x 90cm (36in) - 3 Gramweight NGP1036W 10Fr x 108cm (43in) - 3 Gramweight NGP1043W 12Fr x 108cm (43in) - 3 Gramweight NGP1243W

• Use for decompression and feeding. • Can be left indwelling for days.

• Round, soft, atraumatic closed tip with side holes. • Flushing stylet pre-loaded in every tube to facilitate insertion and designed to allow easy wire removal in tight turns . • Testing for negative pressure can be achieved with a syringe attached to the end of the feeding tube's stylet hub after the tube has been positioned at the level of the thoracic inlet. • Dual port designed for funnel syringe and luer slip syringe. • Superior kink resistance . • Non-irritating, LOW FRICTION, clear radiopaque polyurethane with purple stripe, depth markings and two suture wings to secure the tube in place. • Color coded purple for safety. • OTHER USES - oxygen delivery, male canine urine catheter, surgically placed jejunostomy tube (see sterile items listed below). DESCRIPTION ITEM# 5Fr x 55cm (22in) sterile NGP522S 5Fr x 90cm (36in) sterile NGP536S 6Fr x 55cm (22in) NGP622 6Fr x 55cm (22in) sterile NGP622S 6Fr x 90cm (36in) NGP636 8Fr x 90cm (36in) NGP836 8Fr x 90cm (36in) sterile NGP836S 8Fr x 108cm (43in) NGP843 8Fr x 140cm (55in) NGP855 10Fr x 90cm (36in) NGP1036 10Fr x 90cm (36in) sterile NGP1036S 10Fr x 108cm (43in) NGP1043 10Fr x 140cm (55in) NGP1055 10Fr x 180cm (71in) NGP1071 12Fr x 108cm (43in) NGP1243

Feeding Tube Extension

• Color coded purple for safety, to indicate feeding. • Male luer fits the port of all MILA yellow and purple NG Tubes. • Total length 150cm/60in. ITEM# FTE60

N E W ★

UV Blocking Extension

• Amber tubing provides protection for light sensitive liquidmedications, reducing the risk of molecule crystallization and drug photo-degradation. • Mini-bore UV Blocking extension set with female luer, clamp and rotating male luer lock. • Set can connect to MILA Nasogastric tube for medication delivered enterally. • 152cm (60 inches); Priming Volume: 0.65ml ITEM# UVB60



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