2022 MILA Product Catalog - International


Long Term Polyurethane Catheter Kits

INDICATIONS: The Long Term MILACATH™ is indicated for venous administration of drugs or fluids, blood sampling, TPN and blood pressure monitoring. Optional silver zirconium phosphate throughout the catheter body , including the inner and outer surfaces of the catheter, is designed to inhibit bacteria growth without bacterial resistance . When ordering catheters with silver zirconium phosphate , please look for the ‘A’ at the end of the item number, indicating ‘ANTIMICROBIAL ’, eg #LA1611-A. RECOMMENDED INDWELL TIME: 1-30 days indwelling. The catheter is non-kinking and non-thrombogenic . SELECT FROM THESE FEATURES TO DETERMINE ITEM NUMBER NEEDED ON PAGES 6–8:

1) Insertion Technique - Guidewire Introduction or Peel-Away Introduction. 2) Animal Size - Large Animal/Equine or Small Animal/Dogs and Cats. 3) Number of Lumens and Length - Single, Double, Triple or Quad Lumens at various lengths. 4) Catheter Type - Standard or Antimicrobial. 5) Preferred Extensions - Pre-Attached Extension Lines or Non-Attached Extension Lines.

ALL KITS contain: Catheter, scalpel, introducer (depending on insertion technique), needle-free ports, suture wings, both curved needle with suture and straight needle with suture, drape and gauze . Those that have extensions include

clamps. NOTE:

SMALL ANIMAL KITS include a fenestrated drape, 3-0 nylon suture with a straight needle and a curved needle. LARGE ANIMAL KITS include a larger introducer and 2-0 polypropylene suture with a straight needle and a curved needle.

Double Lumen Triple Lumen Quad Lumen

Single Lumen Catheters - Available with pre- attached or non-attached extension tube. The 14Ga catheter has a side and distal exit port.

Multi-Lumen Catheters - Separate lumens with separate exit points.

Double Lumen

Triple Lumen




Quad Lumen


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