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Esophageal Balloon Dilation Feeding Tube

Use this one-stage esophageal balloon dilation feeding tube for palliativ e management of benign esophageal strictur e and for feeding of cats and dogs. This is an effectiv e single-pr ocedur e alternativ e to r epeated e xpensiv e balloon dilations and incorpor ates the esophageal feeding tube . DESIGN: The BE-tube has a double balloon surr ounding the tube . A compliant outer balloon co vers a non-compliant inner balloon for optimal, lo w pr ofile, long term, r outine , at home dilation of strictur es. • B E-tube is clear , non-irritating polyur ethane ideal for long term use . Late x fr ee. • L ater al ports minimize catheter occlusion. • Radiopaque line for x-r ay visualization aids e xact placement. •  Accessory kit contains tw o Hydrophilic Nitinol wir es with steer able tip (.035in x 80cm and .035in x 150cm), a Centesis V alve (#175450NB) and a stopcock (#2405). •  Items needed for placement and operation of the BE-tube are the accessory kit (#BE-ACC), peel-away or reusable introducer and inflation device (#BE-BIG60).


ITEM # BE1012 BE1415 BE1420 BE1825 BE1830

10Fr x 75cm (30in) Feeding Tube with a balloon 10mm diameter x 12cm length - Order with BE14PAI or BE18MI 14Fr x 75cm (30in) Feeding Tube with a balloon 15mm diameter x 15cm length - Order with BE14PAI or BE22MI 14Fr x 75cm (30in) Feeding Tube with a balloon 20mm diameter x 20cm length - Order with BE14PAI or BE22MI 18Fr x 75cm (30in) Feeding Tube with a balloon 25mm diameter x 25cm length - Order with BE18PAI or BE26MI 18Fr x 75cm (30in) Feeding Tube with a balloon 30mm diameter x 30cm length - Order with BE18PAI or BE26MI

Required: Choose Single Use Peel-Away Introducer OR Reusable Introducer

Peel-Away Introducer - Single Use Only 10Fr and 14Fr Tube use 24Fr x 13cm Sheath


18Fr Tube use 26Fr x 13cm Sheath

Reusable Introducer 18Fr Introducer for 10Fr BE Tube and 14Fr Esophagostomy Tube 22Fr Introducer for 14Fr BE Tube and 18Fr Esophagostomy Tube


26Fr Introducer for 18Fr BE Tube


Accessory Kit - Wires, Centesis Valve, Stopcock


Required and Reusable

Inflation Device

60cc Inflation Device BE-BIG60 USE: Once a BES has been diagnosed and traditionally balloon-dilated, the BE-Tube is placed similarly to a standard esophageal feeding tube (E-Tube) with some technical differences. The owner performs twice daily balloon dilations at home, in their unsedated pet, using predetermined air volumes. This tube can also provide supplementation of food, water and medications. While stricture dilation can be uncomfortable in humans, the initial stricture effacement would occur under the initial anesthetic episode so subsequent dilations would not be expected to be associated with discomfort. In between the daily dilation procedures, the balloon would be self-constrained permitting passage of normal food and liquid boluses. The BE-Tube is typically removed approximately 4-6 weeks later, often under general anesthesia, for repeat esophagoscopy to confirm stricture resolutions. It can also be removed in an awake patient.

See 2018 publication: http://www.milainternational.com/media/wysiwyg/BE_Tube_Publication_2018.pdf


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