2022 MILA Product Catalog - International



Suction Connector for Bilateral Chest Tubes

Chest Tube Adapter with Stopcock

IMPROVED - Longer length. This set connects bilater al chest tubes to a single v acuum sour ce. Luers allow easy disconnect and r econnect. Bubble tubing can be cut to accommodate v arious underw ater seal sets. Works w ell with items #175420 and #175425 (Chest Tube A dapter with Stopcock.) DESCRIPTION ITEM# 20Fr Suction Set 175800

• The leak proof adapter is assembled to include a three-way stopcock, clamp and barbed adapter for 18-34Fr tubes. • Fits most flar e-end chest tubes. • C an be used with a v ariety of patient tubes such as drains and nasogastric . DESCRIPTION ITEM# 16Fr x 17cm (7in) 175420 20Fr x 25cm (10in) 175425



Total length = 55 inches (137.5cm)

Chest Tube Adapter for Suction Systems

Secur ely connect female luer lock or funnel style chest tubes to suction systems fr om other manufactur ers (e .g. Pleur-Ev ac and Thor aseal). The set contains christmas tr ee adapters and bubble tubing that can be trimmed to fit the suction de vice. DESCRIPTION ITEM#

Male Luer Lock Christmas Tree & Dual Christmas Tree Adapter -

includes one luer lock adapter, two dual adapters and bubble tubing with clamp.



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