2022 MILA Product Catalog - International



Jackson Pratt Drain with Trocar

Spiral Drain with Trocar

• Silicone r adiopaque dr ain with full perfor ations. • L ength of dr ain ar ea = 20cm (8in), o verall length 80cm (32in).

• Silicone , radiopaque , round, spir al fluted dr ain. • Spir al design allo ws gr eater dr ainage ar ea. • A ll sizes include a double luer connector for connecting the dr ain to a suction gr enade . Item numbers SP0 7, SP1 0 and SP12 also include tubing with the connector . • L ength of spir al ar ea = 30cm (12in), o verall length 90cm (36in). Can trim both ends. DESCRIPTION ITEM# 7Fr (2.7mm) drain with 8Fr (2.7mm) trocar SP07 10Fr (3.7mm) drain with 11Fr (3.7mm) trocar SP10 12Fr (4.0mm) drain with 12Fr (4.0mm) trocar SP12 15Fr (5.0mm) drain with 15Fr (5.0mm) trocar SP15 19Fr (6.3mm) drain with 15Fr (5.0mm) trocar SP19 Select a suction grenade to complete the CLOSED system.

• I tem number JP4 includes an adapter to connect to a suction gr enade . All other sizes can connect directly to suction gr enade . • Can trim both ends. DESCRIPTION


4.5mmwith 8Fr (2.7mm) trocar and adapter


7mmwith 15Fr (5.0mm) trocar 10mmwith 15Fr (5.0mm) trocar 13mmwith 16Fr (5.3mm) trocar

JP10 JP13

Select a suction grenade to complete the CLOSED system.

Grenade – Continuous Suction for Drains

• C losed system for fluid collection. • A ttach to all dr ains - Blak e, Jackson Pr att and Spir al.

Push on Cap (G400 only)

Luer Lock Cap

• L uer lock cap for secur e closur e and syringe emptying on the 1 00, 150 and 200cc . 400cc has a push on cap. • L ow pr essur e design pr ovides continuous gentle suction and minimizes tissue tr auma. • Volume markings pr ovide easy measur ement. • I nternal anti-r eflux v alve to help pr event backflo w of fluid to the patient. • Metal clip for secur e attachment.

Luer Lock

• Silicone . DESCRIPTION


100cc suction bulbw/one-way valve 150cc suction bulbw/one-way valve 200cc suction bulbw/one-way valve 400cc suction bulbw/one-way valve

G100 G150 G200 G400


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