2022 MILA Product Catalog - International


Airway/ET Tube Exchange Catheter

Atomizer/Throat Sprayer

Deliv er topical anesthetic to the nose , thr oat, hypopharynx, v ocal cor ds, larynx and tr achea prior to airw ay manipulation such as intubation, endoscop y, rhinoscop y and soft palate e xam. The benefit is a r educed gag and sensation, r educed pulse and blood pr essur e response to intubation. • A tomize medication into a fine mist of particles 50-80 micr ons. • 1 5Fr (4.7mm) tip x 6.5 inch (15cm) malleable , conformable tube for tar geted deposition of medication. • 5 cc syringe is r ecommended for accur ate dosing and pr oper pr essur e. • P riming v olume is 0.2ml. • U se a 3ml syringe for a minimum for ecast distance of 100mm upon e xiting the spr ayer tip under 25Kpa pr essur e to form an ar ea of diameter of no less than 7 0mm. ITEM# 5380 “The device makes endoscopy work

• I ntended for uncomplicated atr aumatic endotr acheal tube e xchange . • U seful for o xygenating during fluor oscopy. • 1 5mm adapter for tempor ary o xygen deliv ery, NOT for v entilating the patient. • 1 5mm adapter is r emoved to slide ET tubes out and in. • C entimeter markings for alignment with endotr acheal tube markings. • P olished, atr aumatic , open-ended catheter with side holes. DESCRIPTION


8Fr x 80cm (32in) 10Fr x 80cm (32in) 10Fr x 150cm (60in) 15Fr x 80cm (32in)

ETE0880 ETE1080 ETE10150 ETE1580

within the nasal cavity, soft palate, larynx and pharnyx much easier by distributing a fine mist of lidocaine or lidocaine/ phenylephrine.” “We also use the device to distribute same mixture in hard to reach surgical areas such as otic canals, wound flaps,

urogenital tracts, and to atomize topical local anesthetics and hemostatic agents to bleeding tumors and derm biopsy sites.” Andrea Looney, DVM, DACVAA, DACVSMR Anesthesia Services, IVG Hospitals,Woburn, MA

Double Swivel Tracheal Tube Connector with Capped Port, 15mm N E W ★

Designed to facilitate intr oduction of fiber optic bronchoscope during mechanical v entilation. • S ilicone port with cap allo ws easy passage of fiber optic scope for br onchoscop y. • A llows for suction catheter without disconnecting from ventilator . • M aintains seal ar ound scope during br onchoscop y procedur e. Seal accepts br onchoscope diameters from 3.4 to 5.9mm. • 360 º Double Swiv el Featur e: Both the male and female 15mm connectors allo w gr eater patient maneuv erability betw een endotr acheal tube and anesthesia cir cuit. ITEM# SC15MM

Port for Bronchoscope

Connect to Anesthesia Circuit

Connect to Endotracheal Tube


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