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Epidural Pain Management Kit

Diffusion Catheter/Soft Tissue Incision Catheter

• Epidur al catheter with wir e stylet. • 2 0Ga catheter is 90cm/36in, 24Ga catheter is 25cm/1 0in. • Closed end with side holes. • Cut to desir ed length - catheter will not crush. • K it includes catheter with wir e stylet, tuoh y intr oducer needle , loss of r esistance syringe , 0.2 micr on bacteria filter , luer lock catheter clamp, sutur e wing, blade , drape and tape measur e. DESCRIPTION ITEM# 24Ga catheter - 20Ga x 4.5cm (1.75in) tuohy needle 9243 20Ga catheter - 18Ga x 7.5cm (3in) tuohy needle 9203 20Ga catheter - 18Ga x15cm (6in) tuohy needle 9206

• 16Ga x 30cm (12in) radiopaque polyurethane cathete r with micro ports in th e distal end to evenly disperse fluid over 2 inc hes, 4 inch es, 6 inches, 7.5 inches or 9 inches. • Placed deep within tissue to deliver local anesthetics to the surgery site for several days . • Surgically place in the deepest layer of closure, or by usin g a 5Fr (#420 5 or 42 05.5) peel-away introduce r for wounds. • Ideal for amputation incisions, traumatic wounds, mammary s trips, total ear canal ablation and thoraci c/st ernal sur gery. • Use wit h MILA admini strati on pump (see page 66), a syringe or IV pump for contin uous inf usion. DESCRIPTION ITEM# 2in (5cm) Dispersion Area Catheter length = 11cm (4.5in) DIFF2 4in (10cm) Dispersion Area DIFF4 6in (15cm) Dispersion Area DIFF6 7.5in (18cm) Dispersion Area DIFF7 9in (22.5cm) Dispersion Area DIFF9 .2Micron Filter (10 pack) Individually packed / sterile 2420 Emily McCobb DVM MS DACVA Tufts Veterinary Treatment and Specialties - Walpole, Massachusetts Diffusion - WoundDiscussion and Dosages Emily McCobb DVM MS DACVA , Alicia Z. Karas DVMMS DACVA Lois Wetmore DVMDSCDACVA, Cheryl A. Blaze BVSc PhDMBADACVADVA DiffusionCatheters - Protocol/Illustrations

Placement of anEpidural Catheter for PainManagement Shane BatemanDVM, DVSc, DACVECC

Stimpod 450X

Univ ersal handheld system designed to pr ovide functionality for nerv e location, with add-on cables for nerv e mapping and neur omuscular blocking agent monitoring. See page 50 for details.

Opioid free soft tissue painmanagement.


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