2022 MILA Product Catalog - International




Safe , Simple and Economical. The MILA CLOSED S YSTEM TRANSFER DEVICE is designed to fully pr otect veterinary healthcar e personnel fr om exposur e to hazar dous drugs. The system allo ws for safe handling of hazar dous injectable drugs while optimizing safety , simplicity and the cost of car e. The use of a closed system transfer de vice in conjunction with other safety pr ecautions is a pr oven w ay to incr ease safety le vels when

preparing, tr ansporting, administering and disposing of hazar dous drugs. The system includes a Closed Vial A ccess A dapter , Closed Male Luer Valve, Closed F emale Luer V alve and Infusion A ccess De vice Spik e and meets the follo wing standar ds: • US FDA 5 10(k) clear ance under ONB Pr oduct Code (Closed System Tr ansfer De vices) • Mechanically pr ohibits the r elease of drugs in v apor, aerosol or liquid form during pr epar ation and administr ation. • Prevents the intr oduction of micr obial and airborne contaminants into the drug or fluid path. • Substantiated to pr event micr obial ingr ess for up to 7 da ys.

Closed Vial Access Adapter • Functions as a pr essur e equalization de vice, utilizing a sealed e xpansion chamber that establishes and maintains neutr al pr essur e when air or diluent is injected into or aspir ated fr om the vial. • C onnects to 13mm and 20mm vials. P ermanently locks on to the vial to pr event disconnection and reduces e xposur e. • U se an y luer lock syringe to access the vial. No

Closed Male Luer Valve

• Connects on to an y luer lock syringe . Permanently locks on to the syringe to pr event disconnection and reduces e xposur e. • Passiv e safety system that locks and closes the fluid path upon disconnection. • Drip fr ee disconnection • S imple permanent locking featur e prevents disconnection and r educes e xposur e. • 0 .06ml priming v olume. • S ingle Use . Item#12-007

Next generation product is yellow to indicate hazardous drugs combined with pending advanced efficacy claims in accordance to USP800. need to prime syringe with non-filter ed air . • D rip fr ee connection • Multi-use • 0 .10ml priming volume.

Item#12-009,13mmvial Item#12-010,20mmvial

Closed Female Luer Valve

• N eedle-fr ee female luer connects onto an y butterfly needle or catheter . Designed to r educe e xposur e after drug infusion.


• Drip fr ee disconnection. • 0.06ml priming v olume. • Single Use .

Non-Vented Closed Vial Access Adapter - 13mm

Infusion Access Device Spike with Closed Female Luer

• C onnects to 13mm vials. • L ow r esidual.


• U se with standar d IV bags, glass bottles and other rigid containers. • IV spik e with closed female luer for adding chemo drugs to bag or bottle . • D rip fr ee disconnection. • S ingle Use .



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