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Elastomeric Pump

Eye Lavage Kit/SPL

• Four la yers of late x for stur diness. • Recoil of balloon pushes fluid thr ough tubing. • 100ml fluid r eserv oir. • Tw o flow contr ol tubes ar e included. FCT12 (0.8ml/hr) is attached to pump. The FCT4 (2.5ml/hr) is included in the pack age. • Accuracy rate + /– 15%. DESCRIPTION

• For upper or lo wer lid. • Single stick insertion method. • Soft, non-irritating disk and tubing. • A llows application of e ye medication a way fr om the site . • Easily used in clinical and farm setting. • K it includes 12Ga str aight or 1 0° angled tr ocar, catheter , eyelid lifter , extension tube , luer lock adapter , tongue depr essor , catheter for medication infusion and needle-fr ee port.


Elastomeric Pump

7100 FCT4

10ml in 4 hours – 2.5ml/hour 10ml in 12 hours – 0.8ml/hour


.2micron filter (10 pack)


• R epair kit (#66 15) includes tubing 20in long, cannula for connecting tubes, 20Ga catheter , tongue depr essor and needle-fr ee port. • U se the elastomeric administr ation pump (Item #7 100) for continuous infusion. DESCRIPTION

Instructions for use:

Eye medication solution:


Subpalpebral Eye Lavage Kit 60in catheter Subpalpebral Eye Lavage Kit Angled 10° trocar, 60in catheter


Courtesy of Dr.Meghan Mendoza and Dr. Katie Hayes, Hayes Veterinary Services

6613 6615

Repair Kit

For Ophthalmic Surgical Drape, see page 55.

Olive Tip Needles

LACRIMAL LAVAGE NEEDLE • Used to flush and la vage e yes and the lacrimal duct. • S tainless steel needle with small atr aumatic olive tip. • Female luer designed to fit an y syringe . DESCRIPTION ITEM# 30Ga x 2.5cm (1.0in) OT3025 23Ga x 2.0cm (0.75in) Stepped OT2320 23Ga x 2.0cm (0.75in) Curved OTC2320 23Ga x 3.0cm (1.25in) OT2330 23Ga x 3.0cm (1.25in) Curved/Stepped OTC2330





How to Insert and Manage a Subpalpebral Lavage System A nn E. Dwyer DVM Genessee Valley Equine Clinic - Scottsville, New York


Equine Subpalpebral Lavage (SPL) Installation Ann e Gemensky Metzler DVM MS DACVO Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine


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